PATHWAY: Cohort 2                                                                                beginning
The Outcomes: Capacity. Cohesion. Change.
1.    Capacity Building: Increased capacity of a diverse        4. Recognition: ...
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Citizen Schools Pathway Cohort 2


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London Citizens is recruiting now in 13 London boroughs for the second cohort of its unique Citizen Schools Pathway - which aims to build in schools the capacity to effect community change, build community alliances and make learning more relevant and compelling... all through the art of community organising.

Head teachers from interested primary or secondary schools should contact Ben Hammond, Citizen Schools Co-ordinator at London Citizens by Monday 15th March 2010 to set up an initial exploratory meeting: / 0772 33 780 44.

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Citizen Schools Pathway Cohort 2

  1. 1. PATHWAY: Cohort 2 beginning June 2010 A community organising & London Citi development opportunity The Aim: Capacity building between schools and their local communities; building the capacity of school communities (teachers, senior leaders, parents, governors and students) to effect change with community allies, facilitate community cohesion & make learning relevant and compelling. The Method: Community organising 1 Recruiting Through one-to-ones, professional London Citizens schools and borough organizers work under the guidance of your head teacher to identify and recruit Leaders leaders for the course, representing teacher, senior leader, parent, governor and May – July 2010 student constituencies. This team meets two times by July 2010. The recruited team meet regularly, are trained in key principles of community 2 Team & organizing (one training takes place at a partner school in the borough), and Community conduct a listening campaign in and around the school to determine which Alliance Building issue(s) to tackle. As such, the team builds key relationships with key July – December community organizations (including 1-2 other schools from its borough) to 2010 increase its power. The school is recognized as a new London Citizens member at the Autumn Assembly. Continuing to meet regularly, the team decides its issue(s) and creates a plan of 3 Focusing, action to effect change. Specialist schools organizers work with the team to Entitling develop opportunities to extend the project to whole cohorts of students January – April through curriculum time. 1-2 team members attend Citizens UK 5-day 2011 community organizing training; the team is represented at London Citizens borough and chapter meetings to report on progress and build allies. The team works with the school, its community allies and other London Citizens members to negotiate the desired change with specific power players (local 4 Acting council, businesses, public services) as appropriate. The team co-ordinates May to July 2011 subsequent actions and commitments to see the change through, and ensures its voice is heard and considered in London Citizens decision-making. 5 Evaluating & The team evaluates the year and plans for future action and London Citizens’ involvement, based on lessons learned. With greater capacity and many more Planning stakeholders engaged in the school, the school can look towards internal Winter Term development and to taking advantage of the many opportunities available to 2011 London Citizens’ member schools. The Remaining Places: 3 primary/secondary schools per area Brent Croydon Ealing Hackney Hammersmith & Fulham Islington Kensington & Chelsea Lambeth Lewisham Shoreditch Southwark Wandsworth Westminster
  2. 2. The Outcomes: Capacity. Cohesion. Change. 1. Capacity Building: Increased capacity of a diverse 4. Recognition: High profile publicity in school coalition to build community alliances, educational and regional media analyse and build power, negotiate and effect 5. Parental/community engagement & inclusion: change. Increased parental and community 2. Community Cohesion: Quantitative evidence engagement with the school showing whole-school delivery on the duty to 6. School linking: Strong relationships with 2-3 promote community cohesion partner schools from your borough; 3. Curriculum Development: creating showcase collaboration with a wider network of compelling learning experiences for full cohorts of secondary and primary schools. students; increasing motivation and engagement 7. Power networking and leverage: Better links to learn and participate in school life to local government and public service bodies The Return: From day one… Membership of and stake in London Citizens, a Three in-school community organizing network of civic organizations united for trainings per term (rated 95% excellent or very change across London, offering countless good by our 2009 cohort): centered around opportunities for leadership development and power, self-interest, building allies through active citizenship, for example our City Safe relationships, negotiation, media skills; Youth Games, Migration Conundrum teaching A schools organizer specializing in helping & learning resource, General Election resources teachers create engaging curriculum learning & ‘Money Mentors’ financial literacy opportunities as an entitlement for all students; programme – all for free; Free 2- or 5-day community organising A dedicated London Citizens community leadership trainings for Pathway participants; organizer working in your borough to connect A comprehensive community organising your school to partner community groups and reading list and course guide. train leaders; The Inputs: For a secondary school with 1000 pupils*… £1200 for 6 1 hour per week for Curriculum time as Total Cost Year 1 £1000 membership dues Pathway leaders 1 member of staff required by school £2200 Year 2 £1000 1 hour per week for 1 member of staff Curriculum time as required by school £1000 onwards membership dues *Secondary Schools membership dues are £1 per pupil on roll per year; Primary schools a £600 flat fee. The 2009 Cohort: An alliance of diversity and quality, including… Barking Cardinal Central Charter Drayton George Abbey Wiseman Foundation Girls Manor High Greens Hackney Free Hounslow & Parochial Hendon Manor John Roan Lampton Lilian Baylis Little Prendergast Ravens St Angelas Ladywell Fields St Bonaventures Thomas Tallis Ilford College Wood Ursuline The Next Step: Head teachers should contact Ben Hammond, Citizen Schools Co- ordinator at London Citizens, by 15.03.10 for an initial meeting / 0772 33 780 44