An Introduction to the Migration Conundrum...

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  • 1. Welcome...
  • 2. The Migration Conundrum is a resource for schools, teachers and students to support the learning and teaching of a most real and controversial issue of our times...
  • 3. Migration.
  • 4. In our globalised age we believe every young person should be entitled to experience a high-quality, evidence-based exploration of this topical & timely issue.
  • 5. We believe every child should have the chance to know the people behind the headlines . And take action to make a difference if they decide to. .
  • 6. Please explore our work. The resource will launch in June 2010 during refugee week . .
  • 7. Here is a taster of the resource...
  • 8.  
  • 9. Daughter This Is Zoya Phan Freedom Activist Director & Co-ordinator Negotiator Author Refugee Public Speaker
  • 10. Daughter This Is Lorin Sulaiman Ambition to be a Solicitor University Student Syrian Kurd Sister Refugee
  • 11.  
  • 12. 10 Minutes to Get Out 1. The Push/Pull Section Phase Activity An experiential/simulation activity to get students thinking about their course of action should they be forced from their country.
  • 13. The Beach 3. The Reaction Section Phase Activity An activity to encourage critical thinking and enquiry. Students are given a photo stimulus and work together to establish what has happened.
  • 14. © Arturo Rodriguez
  • 15. Lost at Sea 3. The Reaction Section Phase Activity An experiential/simulation and discussion-based activity to get students thinking about how they would treat people coming to their country, using the scenario of a ship and a small boat wanting to come on board.
  • 16. You will be put in an imaginary situation. It is serious: people’s lives could be at stake. You must respond to the situation and decide what should happen to the people involved... IMAGINE
  • 17. You are in the middle of an ocean...
  • 18. On a large ship... YOU are the captain.
  • 19.