Product life cycle


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Product life cycle

  1. 1. Project Name: Product Life Cycle of BisleriGroup No : 4Batch No : 25
  2. 2. THE PRODUCT LIFECYCLE• The stages through which individual products develop over time is commonly known as the Product Life Cycle.• The Product Life Cycle is an attempt to recognize distinct stages in thee sales history of the product.
  3. 3. DIFFERENT STAGES OFPLC• Introduction : The product is promoted to create awareness. If the product has no or few competitors, a skimming price strategy is employed. Limited numbers of product are available in few channels of distribution.• Growth : Competitors are attracted into the market with very similar offerings. Products become more profitable and companies form alliances. Advertising spend is high and focuses upon building brand.
  4. 4. DIFFERENT STAGES OFPLC• Maturity : Those products that survive the earlier stages tend to spend longest in this phase. Sales grow at a decreasing rate and then stabilize.• Decline : At this point there is a downturn in the market. For example more innovative products are introduced or consumer tastes have changed. There is intense price- cutting and many more products are withdrawn from the market.
  5. 5. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE m at ur it y h o wt grSALES de c lin ion e uct od intr TIME
  6. 6. GLIMPSE OF BISLERIFounded : 1965.Headquarters : Andheri (E), Mumbai.Key People : Felice Bisleri (Founder) Ramesh J. Chauhan (Chairman - Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.).Products : Bottled Water.Parent Company : Parle Bisleri Ltd.
  7. 7. INTRODUCTION OFBISLERI• In 1965 Bisleri introduced in Mumbai in two varieties i.e. bubbly and still.• In 1969 Parle buys Bisleri bottled water from an Italian company, Felice Bisleri it was bottled in glass bottle then.• Bisleri is proud to have pioneered the concept of ‘bottled water’ in India.
  9. 9. GROWTH OF BISLERI• Bisleri has undergone significant expansion in their operations. The company has witnessed an exponential growth with their turnover multiplying more than twenty times in a short span of 10 years.• The Average growth rate over this period has been around 40% with Bisleri enjoying more than 60% of the market share in the organized mineral water segment.• The overwhelming popularity of Bisleri and the fact that they were the pioneers of the bottled water industry in India has made them synonymous to Mineral water and a household name. So naturally When you think of bottled water, you think Bisleri.
  10. 10. GROWTH OF BISLERIEarly 1980’s :It shifts to PVC (poly vinyl chloride) bottle.Mid 1980’s:Switches to PET bottles, which meant moretransparency and life of water.In 1991 :Introduces 20ltrs container to bring the price down from10 per/ltr to 2rs per/ltr for home and office economicalpack.In 1995 :Bisleri launches a 500ml bottle and sales shoots up. In 2000:Launches ‘BADA BISLERI’ a 1.2ltrs pack of 12rs.
  11. 11. GROWTH OF BISLERIIn 2005 :Bisleri launches its break away seal, fear factor and playsafe campaigns which establishes its purity and safety.In 2006:Bisleri changes its design and packaging from blue togreen, differentiating itself from the competition.In 2010:Launches a limited edition of celebration and celebratecricket labels in 250ml and 500ml packs. Also launchedVedica-natural mountain water from the Himalayas.
  13. 13. ADVERTISEMENT• Bisleri Knowing the increasing competition, realized that it had to reposition itself, to arrest it decline market share.• They changed their Earlier image was “PURE ANDSAFE” to “THE SWEET TASTE OF PURITY”.• They launched a PLAY SAFE ad campaign.• Company try to add a fun element for the rejuvenation for its BADA BISLERI Brand.• They change there color from “Blue” to “Green” differentiating itself from the competition.
  14. 14. ADVERTISEMENT• Late 1990’s.• Ad campaign brand image - There is just one Bisleri’.• Print-and-TV campaign - “Pure and Safe."• Safety feature - tamper proof seals.• Weakness of conventionally sealed bottles -"breakaway" seal.
  15. 15. ADVERTISEMENT• From 2000.• Play Safe ad campaign to make its brand stand apart Targeted the youth and hoped to convey a social message.• Shift in positioning from "pure and safe" to "play safe“.• "Our observation is that people consume mineral water not for the minerals, but for safety. Hence the word "safe" is critical." - Mr. Chauhan CEO of Parle Bisleri Ltd
  16. 16. ADVERTISEMENTThe overwhelming popularity of Bisleri and the fact thatthey were the pioneers of the bottled water industry inIndia has made them synonymous to Mineral water and ahousehold name. So naturally When you think of bottledwater, you think Bisleri‘.
  17. 17. MARKETSEGMENTATION• Market Segmentation : Market Segmentation is the process of dividing a total market into market groups consisting of people who have relatively similar product needs and it pertains to the division of market consumers into person with similar needs and wants.
  18. 18. MARKETSEGMENTATION Price (in Rs) Brand Packaging per bottle 250ml 3 500 ml 5 1 litre 10 1.2 litres 12 2 litres 20 5 litres 30 Bisleri 20 litres 75 500 ml 8 Aquafina 1 litre 12 500 ml 5 1 litre 12 Kinley 20 litres 75
  19. 19. MARKET STRATEGIES• Market Strategies : Market Strategy is the process or model to allow a company or organization to focus limited resources on the best opportunities to increase sales.
  20. 20. MARKET STRATEGIESIn Marketing Strategy Bisleri used various type ofpacking option to targeted customer.• With 500ml pack Bisleri targeted teenagers, college students and roadside consumers. Also aimed to supply to the Indian Railways.• With 1ltr pack Bisleri targeted general consumers and travelers.• With 1.2ltr pack Bisleri targeted the consumers demanding a little more water at just a little more price.
  21. 21. MARKET STRATEGIES• With 2ltr pack Bisleri targeted Small offices,shopkeepers and households.• With 5ltr pack Bisleri targeted Households, Institutes, offices, retail shops, showrooms.• With 5ltr pack Bisleri targeted households, institutes, offices, schools and college.• Bisleri also provides 150ml cups - for Indian Airlines travelers, and 300ml cups - for marriages and parties.
  22. 22. COMPETITORS• Brand : Kinley.• Company : Hindustan coca cola beverages Private limited.• Product : Packaged drinking water.• Targeted Market : Health conscious people.• Trade Promotion : Effective TV ads (Boond Boond Mein Vishwas).• Weakness : Not able to penetrate in interior area since they have not appointed distributors in most of area.
  23. 23. COMPETITORS• Brand : Aquafina.• Company : Pepsico India Limited.• Product : Packaged drinking water.• Targeted Market : Health conscious people.• Trade Promotion : Banking on parent Co.• Weakness : It seems that many time product is not available.
  24. 24. U YO K N A TH