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Video Sharing Platform in eLearning
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Video Sharing Platform in eLearning


Published on …
TAM, Henry (Centre for Cyber Learning, HKU SPACE)
FONG, Agnes (Centre for Cyber Learning, HKU SPACE)

Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • 1. HKU SPACE Video Sharing Platform in eLearning Centre for Cyber Learning - Henry Tam CCL –Henry TAM 1
  • 2. Video Sharing Platform ViMPEnterprise PHPmotion Kaltura 2
  • 3. ViMP EnterpriseMade in GermanyPreviously called osTubeosTube first released at 28 April 2007Around 5 yearsViMP 2.5.1 3
  • 4. ViMP Enterprise FeaturesSmartphone and HTML5 support Multilingualism iPhone, iPad, Android all supported Facebook CommentsOpen Source Code for Enterprise Version BlogsSupport Media Types Categories Videos, Photos, Audios and Documents StatisticsPseudo Streaming ModuleEmbed Code Designs 4
  • 5. ViMP Live DemoViMP Frontend BUSINESS ViMP Frontend WHITE http://nitro.demo.vimp.comViMP Frontend BLACK ViMP Backend http://backend.demo.vimp.comViMP Frontend WebTV BLACK 5
  • 6. Example Cases妙法寺陳呂重德紀念中學新巿國小柏立基教育學院校友會 6
  • 7. PHPmotionMade in UKInitial release at 1 July 2007Around 4.5 yearsPHPmotion V3.5 7
  • 8. PHPmotion FeaturesFor mobile devices Blogs iOS is not Supported but Android is Supported GroupsOpen source code MessagingSupport Media Types Comments System Videos, Photos, Audios Admin Maintenance 8
  • 9. PHPmotion Live DEMOOfficial 9
  • 10. Example Cases迦密中學 Library 10
  • 11. KalturaMade in Israel (Headquarter at New York)Founded in 2006Around 6 yearsKaltura Community Edition (CE) Version 5.0 11
  • 12. Kaltura Introduction Video for EducationOfficial 12
  • 13. Kaltura FeaturesSmartphone and HTML5 support Kaltura Extensions iPhone, iPad, Android are all supported Integrated with Blackboard, Moodle, Drupal,...Open source code for Community Version only Kaltura Management Console (KMC)Support Media Types Video assignment tools Videos, Photos, Audios Video-PPT synchronization playersPseudo Streaming Standard and Advanced Online Video EditorsEmbed Code Transcription and subtitling tools 13
  • 14. Example CasesThe Pennsylvania State University Kentucky University State University 14
  • 15. Comparisons ViMP PHPmotion KalturaMobile Devices Android, iOS Android Android, iOSSupportPrice for Usage USD $3,498 for Free, Open Source USD 50,000 per year Enterprise Version for hosted Education discount 20% USD 100,000+ per year for self-hostedHas Trial Version Yes, but source code Yes Yes is not editable 15
  • 16. ReferencesKaltura Related Powerpoint 16
  • 17. Summary● In relation to education, you may consider put educational videos / materials on it for student to learn even on their mobile phone.● iPhone App – iTunes U 17
  • 18. Thank You 18
  • 19. Live DEMOEnable the wifi of your mobile device or notebook andlogin into the one with SSID: HKU OpenWifi provided byHKUEnter a browser with URLhttp:// for VIMP accesshttp:// for PHPmotion access 19