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    Simplicity Series 18K 2009.1 Simplicity Series 18K 2009.1 Presentation Transcript

    • CATHERINE ISKIW DESIGNS Series 8 quot;Simplicityquot; - 2009.1
    • sales booklet The quot;Simplicityquot; series, also know as Series 8, is shown in 18KPW and a combination of 18K yellow and 2009.1 platinum. It is also available in all platinum. There are many more styles in this series than are shown in this booklet. This classic yet modern look, is a signature style of Catherine Iskiw Designs. retail pricing: All round brilliant diamonds are are A. Link, GH color subject to and SI quality. change For more information on availability of other styles and special orders please contact: CATHERINE ISKIW DESIGNS Att.: Catherine tel: 347 689 2762 or email at 1
    • Simplicity Series S8PE18KPW4BS .20D 18K palladium white gold with 4 mm blue sapphire (.30 ct.) and 2 x .10 ct. diamonds 2189 18KPW all diamond 2695 Pt. all diamond 3025 2
    • S8ST18KPW S8ST18KPW 4BS 4TV 18K palladium 18K palladium white gold with white gold with 4 mm blue 4 mm tsavorite sapphires (.60 (.60 tcw.) tcw.) 1419 1485 S8JT18KPW S8JT18KPW 3.5BS 3.5TV jackets w/.40 jackets w/3.5 tcw. blue mm, .40 tcw. sapphires 869 tsavorite 913 S8EW18KPW S8PE18KPW 4BS 4BS 18K palladium 18quot; with white gold with adjustor, 18K 4 mm blue palladium white sapphire gold with 4 mm blue sapphire 1815 1045 18KPW with .50 tcw. with .25 ct. diamond diamond 2849 1595 3
    • S8PE18KPW .15D2BD 18KPW pendant, 18quot; with adjustor, .15 ct. diamond and 2 beads 1155 in platinum, 16quot; 1375 4
    • S8ED18KW S8EW18KPW .30D .20D.30D 18KPW hinged 18K spring ear wires gold hand with .50 tcw. made ear wire with .30 2849 tcw. .20 tcw. with 1969 3.5 mm blue sapphires 2475 S8ST18KW 18KPW Chain .20D 18KPW detail of 18quot; chain with .20 tcw. 1155 adjustor in 18KPW only .30 tcw. 1452 16quot; platinum or .40 tcw. 1969 yellow gold chains do not .50 tcw. 2519 have adjustors 5
    • S8PE18KPW20L. 10D.20D 18KPW with .30 tcw. 2123 6
    • S8ST8KPW.10D 18KPW with .10 tcw. 737 S8JT18KPW20L .20D earring jackets, 20 mm long with .20 tcw. 1309 7
    • S8RG18KPT.25D 3mm wide gold band, .25 ct. diamond set in double bezel with platinum 2519 S10SLRG18K2 2 mm wide domed band 869 each 8
    • S8PE18KPT S8ST18KPT .25D .30D 18KY with studs in 18KY Platinum inner with platinum bezels inner bezels 1573 1749 .40 tcw. 1925 .50 tcw. 2519 S8EW18KPT S8PE18KPT3X .30D .10D ear wires in 18KY with 18KY with platinum inner platinum inner bezels bezels and beads 1859 1705 all 18KPW 18quot; adjustable all 18KPW chain .50 tcw. 1958 2849 9
    • S8PE18KPT4RB2X .10D 18KY with Platinum inner bezels .30 ct. ruby and .20 tcw. of diamonds 2035 S8PE18KPT.25D 2X.10D in all diamond .45 tcw. 2585 10
    • biography: “ The best designs are often the simplest. If I can achieve elegance in a very clean design then I know that I have created something Catherine Iskiw special.” Catherine Iskiw’s jewelry is influenced by her interest in modern design as a stylistic interpretation of machine aesthetics. Materials range from platinum and diamonds to silver and semi-precious stones. It’s the form and functionality that matter most to Iskiw. Her straightforward jewelry is inspired by clarity of design and the simplicity of pure geometric forms. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Catherine Iskiw graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Soon after, she relocated to New York. During a ten-year career designing corporate interiors in Manhattan, she returned to an earlier interest in jewelry design as a more personal means of expression. She began taking classes at Parson’s and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and officially launched her business in 1996 in the New Designer Gallery at the JA Show in New York. Selected Awards - Diamonds Today Right Hand Ring, De Beers 1999 - Platinum Passion, Platinum Guild International, 1998 - Diamonds Today For Everyday, Diamond Information Center, 1996 See for more information. 11
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    • S8RG18KPT.25D S10BD18K2 15
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