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Today organizations face greater business demands and a more competitive marketplace. Many are
looking towards TelePresence and high quality video conferencing to find new ways to drive business
agility while reducing costs. Industry research from the Aberdeen Group through Forrester and Gartner
have all confirmed that effective communication and collaboration amongst executives, employees,
suppliers, and customers is a must – regardless of geography.

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Business video Quick Start

  1. 1. Telepresence for everyone, everywhere. Business Video Quick Start
  2. 2. The New Way of WorkingToday organizations face greater business demands and a more competitive marketplace. Many arelooking towards TelePresence and high quality video conferencing to find new ways to drive businessagility while reducing costs. Industry research from the Aberdeen Group through Forrester and Gartnerhave all confirmed that effective communication and collaboration amongst executives, employees,suppliers, and customers is a must – regardless of geography.As an example, an Aberdeen study conducted in 2009 surveyed over 500 companies – all in differentdisciplines – and uncovered the following common traits amongst the top 20% market performers: 54% of employees use video collaboration 60% tracked and measured the ROI of the video deployment These companies delivered a 94% return per annum on their investment These companies reduced their travel (and associated budgets) by 42% 91% more likely to have business to business video collaborations.Of course, these efforts are not only conducive to reducing costs and productivity but the face-to-faceexperience of facilitating ad hoc meetings from remote executives, to outside vendors is deliveringtangible competitive advantage in today’s fast moving markets. Although most experts agree on thevalue of a face-to-face meeting and that 60%+ of communication is non-verbal, many of our clients dontknow how to get started. TelePresence, as seen on the television show 24 and within the broadermarketplace and across disciplines, delivers a compelling experience; however, the age old questionsremain: Where should my organization invest to deliver a quality experience across the enterprise? What resources do I need? How will this solution be managed? Scheduled? Operated on a day to day basis? Who and how will I manage the Help Desk? How to I ensure ease of use through the CXO suite? How do I ensure the tools are adopted to drive the ROI/TCO we expect? How to continue to capitalize on revenue growth while maintaining profitability? How to keep Cost of Services low while Executive/Customer intimacy high for Top accounts? This includes Managing HR/turn-over of resources Continued control of Operational expenses: Travel, IP Equipment & Network Utilization, Real- Estate Consolidation, etc. How to improve Business Processes and Division Optimization? Including: Resource Utilization and Realization (avoiding downtime) Supporting mobile Executives/personal (home or on the road) To increase the ability for more effective knowledge transfer To increase the ability to leverage a global talent pool To increase collaborative interaction between partners and vendors 2
  3. 3. Getting Started with the Business Video Quick StartStep 1 A Plan to Manage TelePresence Like Any Other IT AssetTANDBERG Management Suite with Outlook or Lotus Notes IntegrationFOR THE IT MANAGER: Usability: Easy to manage, deploy, and monitor entire video network, including remote workers. Scalability: TMS supports video network growth without adding resources and supporting remote locations with no on-site technical support. Operational Visibility & Real-Time Concierge Support: TMS provides quick access to most important information in your video network from statistics to errors. This includes adding/removing/supporting users in live calls. Reliability & Help Desk Support: TMS diagnostic capabilities translates to decreased mean time to repair (MTTR) Track ROI and Carbon Footprint Reductions 3
  4. 4. FOR THE USER: Ease of Use: Technology is transparent and simple to use. Access to phonebooks on endpoints Scheduling from web interface or Outlook/Notes Ubiquitous Support for the remote worker Scalability: Makes communicating in large organizations easy. Easily schedule and participate in large and distributed conferences User friendly phonebooks that make it easy to communicate in a large organizationTANDBERG Management Suite (TMS) is scalable, easy-to-use and integrates with existing applicationsto increase ROI. It provides complete visibility and centralized control for on-site and remote multi-vendorvideo systems. TMS supports management, deployment, and scheduling of the entire video network,including TelePresence, from one single product. TMS also integrates seamlessly into MicrosoftExchange and Lotus Notes environments enabling scheduling of TelePresence resources using familiarmeeting planner tools. This integration is accomplished at the Server level and does not require anyadditional client software or forms at the PC.In addition, TMS provides the following system management features: Fault Management Directory Management Configuration Management Software Updates Real-Time Monitoring and Historical Reports 4
  5. 5. Step 2 – IT Controls, Dialing Plan Simplicity, B2B/Work fromHome and UC IntegrationVisual Communications ServerThe TANDBERG Video Communications Server (VCS) is a keyarchitectural element in our total TelePresence solution – the “PBX” forvideo: The VCS provides H.323 Gatekeeper, SIP Registrar, SIP<>H.323 inter-working. Also provides call admission control, authentication, address translation This VCS allows for common dial plan and shared resources with your VOIP environment. This drives ease of use and facilitates adoption VCS supports DHCP (for mobile systems) and alias resolution for dialing video units by “phone numbers” (e164) or email addresses (H323 ID). Secure Firewall Traversal using the H.460 Standard to enable home workers, the traveling executive, and communications with suppliers, partners, vendors, and customers. Bandwidth Management and Gateway/SIP proxy functionality. VCS is the Server application for high quality PC video for MOVI (below) or Microsoft OCS integration if this need exists or is desired.As video proliferates across room systems, desktop systems, PC and mobile systems it becomesincreasingly important to integrate communication capabilities across video, voice and applicationdomains facilitating reaching people rather than devices. Single number dialing, dial-by-name featuresand optional FindMe capabilities of VCS make it possible to reach out across communication domains tofind the user according to the routing rules they have invoked. With this capability users can easily reachout and engage whoever is needed as they are needed with assurance that the called party can bereached. 5
  6. 6. Step 3: The Anywhere ExperienceInstall an environment that allows your organization to implement technology and receive economies ofscale in productivity and dollar savings Different endpoints and cost positions based on user requirements (manufacturing floor, suppliers’ location, home office, large conference room, immersive studio, executive desktop, PC, etc) and Leverage diverse bandwidth requirements given high cost and limited capacity available at different global locationsExecutive & Office Collaboration includes a small community of geographically dispersed executivesthat require regular collaboration in board room settings but also more regular inclusion in client projects,one-on-one meetings, P&L and operational discussions, and confidential strategy planning sessions. Theprimary goal of implementing solutions for this group is reduction in travel (cost) along with improvedproductivity (more effective use of the opportunity cost associated with travel reduction), and lessening of“wear and tear” associated with higher turn-over and burn-out.Experts and Skilled Resources incorporates horizontal experts and centers of excellence for generatingintellectual property and core value to clients and partners. These resources support high value projects,off-shore integration, R&D, etc. The primary goal is to make these limited resources a more regular part ofclient engagements while at the same time making their expertise available to incrementally morecustomers by virtue of lessened travel time, keeping utilization high and turn-over low is a perennialchallenge. Bring teams together into a virtual meeting room to leverage disperse talent pools and keep engagement costs low. React, plan, and create more quickly for shorter project intervals Traverse firewalls (internal/External) Client Management through OutlookMoviDesktop and Anywhere Users with Movi. Network and room requirements at distance locations dictatecareful attention to balancing business need, acceptable quality and cost of acquisition and operations ofan integrated video communications solution. Movi makes any PC a business-quality video system — allthat is required is an Internet connection, camera, microphone and speakers. Paired with the TANDBERGPrecisionHD™ USB camera, Movi enables high definition 720p 30fps video. Its intuitive user interfacemakes scheduling and connecting to a conference as simple as a single mouse click. The presencefeature indicates the real-time status of other Movi users, so you always know who is available. Increase the ability to transfer knowledge in a more efficient, collaborative manner Integrated clients into office applications Ease of client use/quick decisions Customer/Executive intimacy Increase job satisfaction with less time on the road-reduce churn Reduce travel with more meetings Share ideas and materials Training 6
  7. 7. Precision HD USB CameraTANDBERGs PrecisionHD™ USB Camera is the first webcam to provide business-quality HD videocommunication. Offering video at 720p, 30 frames per second, the webcam camera provides exceptionalHD and superior audio capabilities.Optimized for TANDBERG Movi, the PrecisionHD USB Camera unleashes Movi’s full video and audiocapabilities. Whether they are executives or mission critical employees, Movi users equipped with aPrecisionHD USB Camera can connect with crystal clear HD and superior audio to telepresence, HDendpoints or multipoint conferences on a TANDBERG MCU.Seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Release 2, the PrecisionHDUSB Camera allows video users to maximize collaboration and realize the benefits of true unifiedcommunications. 7
  8. 8. Step 4: The Meeting Room Collaboration ExperienceOutfitting existing conference rooms to accommodategroup collaboration has never been easier, moreeffective, better quality or more affordable. TANDBERG’sC series of high definition conferencing Codecs scalesfrom small rooms to the very large (conference rooms of20+ people). The objective of these video solutions is toinstantaneously foster idea exchange and driveproductivity while delivering an SG&A benefit throughreduced travel budgets. Since the solutions work insideand outside the corporate network, the C series areproven “work-horses” in the industry to aid executives inaligning culture across geographies (or via M&A activity),set and enforce the right organizational priorities, andexecute on corporate strategy for growth. The intuitivetouch-screen interface is a game changer in the industryto facilitate ease of use, greater adoption and scalingknowledge through the company.Industry ExamplesRetail Utilize for high quality buyer interactions and product showcases Access to marketing/branding, including outside parties Faster time to market & R&D Quality and Brand Control via virtual product inspection (color, thread count, style)Finance Take advantage of time-critical investment opportunities via accurate, fast information is critical. Share information more effectively, answer questions more efficiently and provide a greater variety of services at more locations. Leverage virtual Branch Resources for Loan management, up- sell, cross-sell Differentiate services for large private or institutional clientsLegal Courts and correctional facilities process detainees and address budget, transportation, and public safety concerns. Law firms reduce travel between offices and increase billable hours. Share paralegal and admin resources Use video deposition and remote witness more effectively Create Stickiness to key corporate counsel 8
  9. 9. Manufacturing & Energy Collapsing the Supply Chain Integration Quality Control & On-Error Learning Equipment Demonstration and Plant Tours Equipment Maintenance and Repair Product DevelopmentPharmaceutical Shorten Regulatory Approval Process Quicken time from Innovation to product development Hasten clinical trial process with improved results Foster cross company collaboration – especially with key trading and branding partners Support M&A initiativesCodian C40 Integrator KitThe TANDBERG C40 provides all the power required to transform any conference room to a HD videocollaboration room. Designed for the integrator, the C40 is the ideal solution for everyday videoconferencing and collaboration. 1080p HD video, and multisite features combine to make the C40 idealfor a variety of applications.The C40 Integration Kit features: A PrecisionHD 1080p camera and full duplex microphone The next generation HD video collaboration codec for every team room Easily connects to your LCD or Plasma monitor for simple HD conferencing 1U high, rack mountable, with rack-mounting solution included Professional-grade connectors Unmatched quality and flexibility Standards-compliant 1080p solution — compatible with standards-based video without losing features 9
  10. 10. Final Step (Optional) Help drive cultural change to adopt thevisual toolsUsage & Adoption Services Solution Optimization Service/Support Modeling IP/Network Assessment ROI/Green Footprint Video and Industry Benchmarking Video Champion Consulting Services will Bring Incremental Adoption and Achieve TCO Goals “U&A is one of the most critical components to any new VC “This is an important initiative. With VC usage soaring program for Estee Lauder to we have seen nearly a 50% maximize our video reduction in travel expenditures.” investments” 1 2 New Existing Accounts Accounts Competitive Accounts “Working with TANDBERG to deliver a video awareness 3 program to our end users has helped increase the use and adoption of our video conferencing endpoints.” 10
  11. 11. Communication Training Campaign and Sponsorship Network Readiness Assessment Technology Readiness Corporate Culture Determines the current state of the network infrastructure and the ability (“readiness”) to support the traffic loads and requirements of TANDBERG IP Video Provides detailed examination of all network equipment configurations, protocols, QoS designs, current bandwidth usage and saturation, WAN configurations, switching systems, and all other directly relevant equipment Testing focuses on the performance and reliability of the WAN network, and enumerates any detected issues that will impair video quality. These tests include: – Per-hop Behavior testing – Switch and Queue testing – One-way Latency measurements – End-to-end Path Characterizations – Non-intrusive End-to-end Path Loading Communication Training Campaign and SponsorshipVideo Benchmarking & Perception Analysis Technology Readiness Corporate Culture Measure current use rates to establish a baseline – Pull reports from TMS to identify what rooms are being used the most, who is using them, how many calls are being made per day, week, & month, how long is the average call, what is the average number of remote participants/locations, etc. Survey employees to understand the perception of video within the organization – The survey will poll end-users and provide insight into their general use of video, awareness of the technology, ease of use, perceived value, individual use needs, etc. Identify Executive Sponsor and build an internal support team – The internal support team consists of an Executive Sponsor, IT support, Finance representation, Facilities Management, Marketing/Communications and Video Super- users 11
  12. 12. SummaryEach day, employees on continents across the globe discuss time-critical opportunities. Accurate, fastinformation is critical. Video allows any company and their partners to share information more effectively,answer questions more efficiently and provide a greater variety of services at more locations. In summary,a minimum investment of $60k will begin the process of integrating TelePresence into your businessprocesses to deliver high quality, simplicity, reliability, and a low total cost of ownership along with end-to-end interoperability and intercompany capabilities over global networks. You can be assured you areavailable anytime, anywhere, on almost any device. In addition, your TANDBERG partner will work withyou to implement, operate, and scale the right solution for today and in the future. Let us help you gain acompetitive edge through our TelePresence experiences and solutions. Product Capabilities4 x Codec C40 Integrator, Provides all the power required to transform any conference room to aNPP included HD video collaboration room - 4-way Multi-Site (MS) option included1 x Video Communication Allows for B2B and for work from home usersServer (VCS) Expressway-5 traversal calls1 x Tandberg Management Reporting, scheduling, helpdesk, directories, call control, bandwidthSuite Software Application control, and PC video server application. Scheduling and userLicense interface through Outlook1 x 25 Movi Licenses PC video application (Movi requires a VCS Control Application. If a VCS-C is not already in place or has not been purchased through the Personal TelePresence Bundle, customers can substitute the VCS Control Application at the same bundled price.)5 x PrecisionHD USB Delivers business-quality HD video communications in 720p, 30FPS inCameras a widescreen formatOnce your Cisco Partner provides a quote for installation and support, feel free to contact CiscoCapital to get OpEx costs. 12