Social Media Failures and How to Avoid Them - AllFacebook NYC
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Social Media Failures and How to Avoid Them - AllFacebook NYC



The success or failure of your online marketing and social media strategy rests in correct execution. And while we may have some success despite obvious mistakes, or when flying by the seat of our ...

The success or failure of your online marketing and social media strategy rests in correct execution. And while we may have some success despite obvious mistakes, or when flying by the seat of our pants, we have to ask what are we leaving on the table. These small missing factors have a huge impact on the value and return from any campaign. How could we get more for roughly the same effort? What mistakes are leading to false proclamation that social can't work in your business, industry, or field? It's time for a second set of eyes and input. This session will highlight real world examples of social media usage that failed to connect the dots, and will provide minor adjustments that would have resulted in exponential results.



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Social Media Failures and How to Avoid Them - AllFacebook NYC Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA FAILURES AND HOW TO AVOID THEM@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 2. Social media and online marketing isn’t about the tools you use or the online community you join, but about the story you tell and presence you make. USE TOOLS, DON’T BE ONE@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 3. HOW ABOUT SOME CUDDLE TIME FIRST? Social media me monsters send “me messages”, like dm’s and Facebook messages, right after connecting.@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 4. There is a lot of misinformation,speculation, opinion and hypebeing spread about onlinemarketing. Worse is theexpectation that social mediashould be free, effortless, andeasy, yet produce greater ROI. HYPE & HYSTERIA@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 5. While social media is free to use, it is not free to do. Weigh time and attention against opportunity and return. It is also not a task you complete! FREE TO USE, NOT DO@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 6. BUDGET & STRATEGY@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 7. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE RULES? Breaking TOS and rules of graphic decency.@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 8. @kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 9. No marketing media channel has 100% eyeballs or is 100% effective. We need to prioritize based on goals, resources, and business objectives. NO SILVER BULLETS@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 10. PRIORITIZE BY AUDIENCE PREFERENCE Which phone line will you be ignoring today? ACTION: Tools to find your audience:@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 11. SOCIAL MEDIA DOESN’T WORK… Don’t be surprised when you get very little value out, of that which you put very little value in. Scheduling isnt the same as automation. And both still require listening.@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 12. Social media works best when you are a willing participant, see value, & treat it like a lifestyle, instead of a task. DO YOU SEE THE VALUE?@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 13. BUT I DON’T WANT TO MIX BUSINESS… Please tell me all about how you don’t want to mix business with pleasure while I watch you get hammered at this trade show or conference. Fear or Opportunity?@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 14. @kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 15. @kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 16. EVIDENCE@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 17. REPUTATION@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 18. 1-800 HOW’S MY SOCIAL BEHAVIOR? What’s the intent, motive, and message? • I caught you • I disapprove • I disagree • I am going to hurt you and make you pay…@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 19. AM I POPULAR AND IMPORTANT YET?@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 20. THIS IS THE WRONG FOCUS Would any of these people be your ideal demographic?@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 21. VANITY, NOT ACCOUNT VITALITY Ratio! Where is the value? He uses #followback, but doesn’t.@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 22. THE RALLY’S FOURSQUARE INCIDENT This IS your company AND is a visual record of its customer service! Is this how your company would handle a complaint?@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 23. THIS IS HOW YOU HANDLE IT … only quicker.@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 24. UNEXPECTED SERVICE I had ZERO expectation they were going to know what to do, but I was totally impressed when they did.@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 25. WHY DON’T THEY LIKE US? • Are we clear with our message? • Is design or action most important? • What is our call to action? • What is in it for ME? (WIIFM) • Icons are notifications, not calls to action.@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 26. How many of you who desire article comments, amplification of your social posts, and professional recommendations take the time to provide them? ME, ME, AND ME@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 27. SIGNAGE HELPS EVERYONE Which of these two will grow their Facebook page? Text “like cirrusabs” to 32665.@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 28. CONNECTING THE DOTS… or Do these printed pieces promote social channels? What is the social strategy?@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 29. TIE OFFLINE/ONLINE/MOBILE TOGETHER In print, on air, online, and in-store. i.e. connecting the dots with contiguous marketing.@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 30. REALLY?@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 31. SERIOUSLY?@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 32. The real failure of QR Code usage: nonstrategic, uncreative, and untested implementation. EXCUSE ME…@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 33. ACTION: TEST, TEST, TEST! • Test on new and old devices • In different lighting • With various applications • At expected distances • Time to recognition (seeking) • Combo of all of the above (testing article)@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 34. CLICK “LIKE” IF YOU BREATH AIR A creative way to keep in front of people “EdgeRank” or spam? It can be a very fine line!@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 35. FOURSQUARE FTW!@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 36. ACTION: MONITOR FOURSQUARE ACTIVITY • Is anyone checking in • See who publically checks in • Watch for positive or negative comments • Flag inappropriate photos Don’t forget about other location services.@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 37. Carefully monitor not only the reputation you create, but that which is created about you. DON’T LET THE INTERN DO IT!@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 38. ACTION: START LISTENING & WATCHING Set alerts for: business name(s) or brand, employee names, usernames, your brand name, competition, influencers in your field, product/service names, and misspellings.@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 39. ACTION: ASK IF THIS IS REALLY A GOOD IDEA • Consider the demographic • Will participation add frustration if they don’t have an account or can’t access it (no wifi)@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 40. OWNERSHIP@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 41. Never let another company or employee use their account information to set up accounts for you, unless they are prepared to turn it over to you. Create a company gmail account and use that for accounts. HERE’S THE KEY TO…@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 42. A CLICK IS NOT A BLOOD OATH Facebook or G+ events. • No formal signup • No info gathering • No commitment • Not for everyone • Lost traffic & SEO@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 43. ACTION: KEEP TRAFFIC, SEO & VISIBILITY! Embed signup capability via services like eventbrite@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 44. ACTION: CHECK IMAGE RIGHTS@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 45. ACTION: THE IMAGE USE COVENANT Thou shalt not simply do a Google search, to find ones images, nor right clicketh on an image one likes and call it a day. In Search of Stock Photography My 49 Stock Photography Sites Mega List@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 46. ACTION: PREPARE FOR BUSINESS • Buy a webcam • Signup for G+, Skype, and Spreecast • Tie G+ to your Youtube account • Practice with someone (me)@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 47. ACTION: GRAB YOUR BRAND/IDENTITY New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 48. Avoid failure.Humanize yourmessage, Encourageconversation, Listenfirst, Promote Less. H.E.L.P PHILOSOPHY@kmullett New York City #AllFacebookConf
  • 49. ME@kmullett / @cirrusabs
  • 50. Photography by Kevin Mullett or Stock agencies unless noted below. Hans Gerwitz – fail stamp Horton Group – mean dog behind fence West McGowan – empty billboard Sam Stratman – restroom qr codes Rachel Scott Halls - chastity belt Joe Shoemaker – untitled pic of me ATTRIBUTION@kmullett / @cirrusabs