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Helping the Lions Roar
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Helping the Lions Roar


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Presentation at MvvmCross London by Sequence Agency

Presentation at MvvmCross London by Sequence Agency

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. © Sequence the Lions Roarwith Microsoft Win8 & WP8February 2013Jon
  • 2. IntroFor the next 17mins- ish we want to discuss the mobile market today and how the mobileuser is changing. We will also touch upon the opportunity that Windows 8 & WindowsPhone 8 brings to this key channel and your brands. However our main focus will be toshowcase the upcoming release of the Official application for the British & Irish lets begin…. First up
  • 3. 05 The Application
  • 4. The briefCreate a multi-platform application that works on desktop,tablet and mobile.Excite fans with a slick application experience andexclusivecontent centered around this year’s tour.Integrate with 3rd party APIs to provide real timeinformation.
  • 5. TV goes social
  • 6. Second screen
  • 7. SolutionArchitecture
  • 8. SolutionArchitecture
  • 9. SolutionArchitecture• App content & structurecontrolled via CMS• Apps fully functional offline• Cache pre-populated withcontent/images fromAzurewhen building apps
  • 10. Lions app core
  • 11. Lions app core
  • 12. Lions app core• Uses the IoC built in to Mvx to implement a SOA(Service OrientatedArchitecture) approach• Allows for components to be swapped in / out easily– Fake data source– Different caching strategies– Unit Testing / Mocking
  • 13. Customizing MvvmCross• Overriding Mvx components to do non “out-of-the-box” stuff• Adding custom cross-platform services
  • 14. Customizing MvvmCross – Overriding Components
  • 15. Customizing MvvmCross – Overriding Components• App.cs (our MvxApplication in our PCL)• This approach gets really messy really quickly…//Inject our own image caching into MvxCirrious.MvvmCross.Plugins.File.PluginLoader.Instance.EnsureLoaded();var imageFileCache = new LionsImageCacheService(………);this.RegisterServiceInstance<IMvxFileDownloadCache>(imageFileCache);
  • 16. Customizing MvvmCross – Overriding Components• Plugin Managerpublic class DroidPluginManager : MvxFileBasedPluginManager{public DroidPluginManager(): base("Droid"){}protected override Cirrious.MvvmCross.Interfaces.Plugins.IMvxPlugin LoadPlugin(Type toLoad){if (toLoad == typeof (Cirrious.MvvmCross.Plugins.DownloadCache.PluginLoader)) {return new LionsCachePlugin();}return base.LoadPlugin(toLoad);}public class LionsImagePlugin : IMvxPlugin{public void Load(){//Do exactly what the Mvx plugin does, except load our custom service instead}}}
  • 17. Customizing MvvmCross – Cross-platform services• Providing images from the app package – a platformspecific task• In the core:var packageProv = this.GetService<IPackagedImageProvider>();var fileName = packageProv.GetPackagedImageFileName(httpSource);if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(fileName)){packageProv.CopyPackagedImage(fileName, (succeeded) =>{…});}
  • 18. Customizing MvvmCross – Cross-platform services• In Windows 8 Setup:protected override void InitializeFirstChance(){this.RegisterServiceInstance<IPackagedImageProvider>(new Win8PackagedImageProvider());base.InitializeFirstChance();}
  • 19. Customizing MvvmCross – Manual Navigation• Using some Mvx services to navigate when we’re notin a view modelvar myParams = new { nodeId }.ToSimplePropertyDictionary();var req = new MvxShowViewModelRequest(viewModelType, myParams, true, MvxRequestedBy.Bookmark);this.GetService<IMvxViewDispatcherProvider>().Dispatcher.RequestNavigate(req);
  • 20. Challenges
  • 21. Multi-platform challenges• Cross training• Design / UX consistency• Content• ViewModel design• PCLs• MvvmCross
  • 22. Windows Phone• Emulator requires specific hardware• Android emulator animosity• Supporting WP7 and WP8
  • 23. Windows 8• ObservableCollections
  • 24. iOS challenges• Interface Builder• PCL support• Slow store publishing
  • 25. Android• Fragmentation• Windows Phone emulator animosity• Slow/unreliable emulator• Memory leaks (InPurgeable)
  • 26. Android (continued)• Xamarin.Android– Slow debug cycle– Crashes & hangs– Debugging PCLs– Layout IntelliSense– No layout validation on PC– VS unhelpful error reporting for layouts/resources
  • 27. Kindle• It’s just Android!
  • 28. Thank you.Owen Davies/ Paul Thomas+44 (0) 7976 095 519 / +44 (0) 7970 283 / House, Fitzalan Road, Cardiff, CF24 0ELClerkenwell Workshops, 27-31 Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R© Sequence 2012