Management reviews of Eric Long


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Performance Review comments from my five managers I've had at RAF Technology, highlighting my technical competence, customer service, money saving, and leadership skills.

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Management reviews of Eric Long

  1. 1. ManagementReviews of Eric LongSelected comments from performance reviews. Comments are from five different managers, including a CEOwho functioned as my interim manager.
  2. 2. “…He has implemented things thathave increased operational efficiencylike volume activation managementand various group policies.”
  3. 3. “He has done a great job withorganization of our Microsoft Partnerprogram and advancing our level tosave the company money.”
  4. 4. "Eric has done a great job stabilizingthe network and providing everydaymaintenance of the network system atRAF. His continual support of theservers, the firewall, and the softwarelibrary has been virtually painless.”
  5. 5. "I particularly like Erics initiative toreduce costs of running the network.Many of the tasks that Eric is requiredto perform are mundane maintenancetasks… Eric is always happy toperform them, and he performs themin a quiet, no complaint atmosphere.He also optimizes the processes, andthinks about reducing costs, withoutmuch management direction.”
  6. 6. "Eric has proven many times that hecan work with customers and outsidecompanies, especially when the tasksrequire multiple follow-up phone callsand extreme patience. Commentsfrom other RAF managers have allbeen pleasant and extol Erics abilityto get work done when they need it."
  7. 7. "From a business standpoint, Eric hasmanaged the external relationshipsvery well… and has even tested newproducts, gaining some press forRAF. Since his handling of orders andrequests from engineering, I haveheard no complaints about gettingand receiving equipment.”
  8. 8. "Eric has performed severalmanagement functions during histime at RAF… He constantly keepsRAF aware of our network needs anddowntime has been kept to aminimum."
  9. 9. "Eric has covered a lot of ground inthe last two years. He has continuedto hone his IT skill set and be a leaderat RAF in that area. He has alsoexpanded his role in managing largeinternal IT projects, becoming a keycontributor on large externalprojects… and in guiding andmanaging IT staff.”
  10. 10. "Eric has done a tremendous job leading theIT group, including generating a clear andwell documented set of policies that havehelped RAF continue to grow as anorganization. Eric can always be counted onto be detail-oriented and follow through onprojects. He is highly self-motivated andtakes projects and runs with them withminimal management intervention(interruption?). Eric is a critical cog in thesmooth working of Tech Services and RAFas a whole…"
  11. 11. "The network engineer is a hard position,because when it is done well it is almost invisible.Eric has done so well that we only see him atlunch. There are two characteristics about Ericthat I think bring major benefit to RAF. First, Ericuses his own initiative to save RAF money andfix problems that we, as system users, do noteven see. His willingness to search out the deals,and improve the infrastructure has all beenwithout direction from myself. Second, Eric hasdone a great job at maintaining the infrastructureand the keeping RAF with the new technology.This is the critical job responsibility for Eric, andhe has performed wonderfully.”
  12. 12. "I think that Eric underestimates thevalue that his networking skillsbrought to the project. Hecan bring his valuable skills to otherRAF projects, and I think he shouldbe consulted more regularly.”
  13. 13. "Although Eric has been extremelybusy this past year due to theadditional complication of a completerelocation of our offices it is generallyagreed that the high standard ofnetwork administration and usersupport that Eric has set in the pasthas been maintained.”
  14. 14. "Erics keen eye for minimizing costsassociated with hardware andsoftware acquisitions has been mostappreciated. His focus on maintainingand extending his skill set isexemplary among those reporting tothis manager.”
  15. 15. "...Eric continued to be extremelyhelpful and provided unwaveringlycheerful and prompt support throughthis very difficult period. His effortsare deeply appreciated."
  16. 16. [CEO] "I received comments from several managers withinthe company to help assess Erics performance during thepast year. Following are selected comments:O "IT is a thankless job, Eric handles it well"O "Eric is attentive to the needs of my department"O "I have no issues with Erics prioritization and responsiveness - he is upfront if another crisis will keep him from resolving my issues"O "The building move went smoothly; Eric spent a significant amount of time on that…it was successful over a weekend"O "Eric is on top of company licenses, helps keep us legal"O "...he works hard, is available when needed, he manages his time well, he is knowledgeable, understands hardware, software and networks""For RAF, Eric has IT support and needs well taken careof."