Kjell Jon Rye Recommendation Of Eric Long


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Kjell\'s letter highlights my community involvement as well as his impression of my skills as an individual, teacher, and team member.

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Kjell Jon Rye Recommendation Of Eric Long

  1. 1. Engineering Manufacturing Technology Garfield High School 400 23rd Street Seattle, WA 98122Phone 206.298.7780Home 425.391.4189Fax 206.298.7771E-mail: ryegirl@msn.com April 23, 1999Letter of Recommendation for Eric Long:Eric has asked me to write a letter on his behalf and it is my pleasure to fulfill his request. Eric hasalways excelled far beyond the other student teachers in his peer group at Garfield. In all of hisassignments he has set out to not only learn what has been required but he has consistently challengedhimself to reach beyond the set curriculum. Garfield High School is nationally known for its rigorousMath, Science, and Technology honors program, of which I am a teacher and Eric was a studentteacher. This year’s graduating class has 17 National Merit Finalists.Eric first came to Garfield High School three years ago to see if teaching has something he was thinkingof going into. He suggested, arranged and demonstrated virtual reality equipment from the Universityof Washington. He was a natural with the students. We have the full spectrum in our technologyprogram that ranges from special education to national merit scholar, white to black, rich to poor, andmale to female. He worked well with all students.Over the years he has donated $5,000 worth of computer consulting time for our newest technology lab.He was instrumental in our computer acquisitions and network design. We wish that we would have aspot to hire Eric right now. I advised Eric to meet with Dave Edfeldt to see what he is doing with theTIP program at Skyline. That is where he did his formal student teaching and he would make a perfectreplacement for Dave.I am a former administrator in the Issaquah School District and I am a parent of two future Skyline girlsat Pine Lake. I would hire Eric on the spot or you will loose him to another district.If you ever have the honor of interacting with Eric, you will be struck with his great intellectualpromise, his high level of motivation, and the integrity in which he lives his life. He worksindependently yet is a team player, he takes the initiative and is an effective leader, his potential andcapacity for growth is high, he has many special talents, and is always enthusiastic.Every once in a while a teacher is given the pleasure of knowing a future teacher who is an exceptionalindividual. A person that he knows will make an important contribution to our future and will impactmany lives in positive ways. It has been my pleasure to have taught with Eric and I am honored torecommend him. Sincerely, Kjell-Jon Rye Technology Department Head