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Uc how it works

  1. 1. Speed up progress<br />Reduce risk<br />Create vision<br />Increase collaboration<br />Improve quality<br />Demonstrate rigour<br />Test methodology<br />Respond quickly<br />Inform easily<br />Communicate continuously<br />Infrastructure<br />Visualisation<br />urbancircus.com.au<br />
  2. 2. How it works<br />You input data - information, plans and drawings.<br />We build an integrated 3D ‘world’ model<br />We QA the model in construction and you clarify clashes/misses etc<br />We publish the model to the Urban Engine<br />We deliver your visual project to suitable hardware.<br />You internalise - collaborate, review, validate, mark-up<br /><ul><li>cycle back to step 1</li></ul>You externalise – presentations, briefings, videos etc.<br />UC VR<br />www.urbancircus.com.au<br />
  3. 3. 1: Inputs<br />Provide data, information, plans and drawings.<br /><ul><li>We provide ftp or email details for uploads.
  4. 4. We take most common data formats and types.
  5. 5. Eg geo-referenced 3D splines and meshes; pdf vector linework; plans and elevations.
  6. 6. The better the data in, the more efficient and accurate the result out.
  7. 7. Many thousands of drawings, sequencing details, options and iterations may be uploaded throughout a project.</li></ul>UC VR<br />Design data.<br />www.urbancircus.com.au<br />
  8. 8. 2: Build<br />We build an integrated 3D ‘world’ <br /><ul><li>3D construction is completed to requirements.
  9. 9. Use programs such as 3DSMax, 12D, AutoCAD in common formats.
  10. 10. Multiple options can be included for 'scenario switching‘ – eg Option A / B / C.
  11. 11. Textures added as required.
  12. 12. Animations splines (traffic) and meshes (characters) may be added.
  13. 13. 3D geometry can be tagged as metadata with input references at client request.
  14. 14. Unique materials with shadersfor UE.</li></ul>UC VR<br />QA+ gap fill<br />Types + Assets<br />Optioneer<br />www.urbancircus.com.au<br />
  15. 15. 3: Quality Assure<br />UC production QAs the model<br /><ul><li>Clashes, inconsistencies and ambiguities are highlighted via Quality Assurance (QA) images back to you.
  16. 16. Our models are ‘true’ to the input data – unless otherwise instructed.
  17. 17. Hundreds of images may be exchanged in this QA process.
  18. 18. Your delegate checks the issue, forwards to relevant team member to resolve, then instructs us on how to proceed.
  19. 19. We are very fast. Clients can have trouble keeping up with all the questions.</li></ul>UC VR<br />www.urbancircus.com.au<br />
  20. 20. 4: Publish<br />We publish the VR model<br /><ul><li>The 'publication' process is fast and stable.
  21. 21. Each publish takes 10s – 5mins
  22. 22. UC production may re-publish to test your model dozens of times a day,.
  23. 23. Images / screen-captures sent to cross-check.
  24. 24. Characters and their behaviours are mostly created in the UE.
  25. 25. Vehicle behaviours are automated by the UE software, controlled through xml.</li></ul>UC VR<br />Auto-animates. <br />www.urbancircus.com.au<br />
  26. 26. 5: Deliver<br />Local GPU laptop<br />We deliver your 3D real-time visual project.<br /><ul><li>UC provide the specific hardware and training in your office to maximise reliability.
  27. 27. Can provide it all as a service.
  28. 28. Download links for self-install for advanced users.
  29. 29. “Video-conference" style real-time 3D project reviews for dispersed teams (optional).
  30. 30. Project versions are numbered for audit trails.
  31. 31. Pro software: editing and verification features.</li></ul>+<br />UC VR<br />UC remote updates<br />Remote desktop<br />www.urbancircus.com.au<br />
  32. 32. 6: DIY Validate<br />You collaborate, review, optioneer, capture, inform and instruct<br /><ul><li>You and your team review your project as much and often as you like to inspect and analyse.
  33. 33. You can instruct and inform foreman etc
  34. 34. Capture images. Use paint / mark-up tool.
  35. 35. You can provide new / more information for us to re-publish and deliver updates.
  36. 36. Updates delivered via
  37. 37. UC remote management (recommended) or
  38. 38. download links.</li></ul>UC VR<br />www.urbancircus.com.au<br />
  39. 39. 7: Externalise<br />Presentations, Images and Video.<br /><ul><li>Presentations and briefings supported with VR.
  40. 40. You or we can drive the VR.
  41. 41. VR videos (flythroughs, walkthroughs) created directly for efficiency.
  42. 42. VR images created from model to A1 poster size (perspective, plan and orthographic).
  43. 43. For A-grade graphics (adding reflections, global illumination etc) and complex stories – link to UC’s movie making division.</li></ul>UC VR<br />Briefing government<br />Briefing community<br />www.urbancircus.com.au<br />