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Entrepreneurial learning carltonbolling
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Entrepreneurial learning carltonbolling


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Carlton Bolling College Liz Henstock Head of Vocational and Enterprise faculty
  • 2. Research at Carlton Bolling  Staff survey = 50 responses  Student Survey = 500 responses
  • 3. Student Perception 1. Learning to become a business leader or an entrepreneur 2. Learning with a business mind 3. Learning about finance and employment 4. Learning whilst working 5. Learning by going out experiencing the business world.
  • 4. Student Perception 6. Creative learning - when you think on your own and you do it. 7. Learning skills 8. Learning with others and doing joint projects 9. Independent learning, making decisions on your own. 10. Learning something new in a new environment.
  • 5. Carlton Bolling – Staff Perception A. Similar to independent learning but perhaps includes additional elements of taking ownership and reflection. Creative, discovery, student led. Forward thinking using initiative. B. Learning which empowers students and enables them to be creative and think of ways in which they can employ their entrepreneurial skills. C. Learning how to make the most of a business opportunity and Learning through putting yourself in the entrepreneurs job role D. About equipping students with a more fluid set of skills. Work nowadays is constant change and students need a wide range of base skills and adaptable thinking. E. Using real business situations to facilitate learning. Making links with companies and learning through business type projects.
  • 6. Carlton Bolling – Staff Perception F. Learning which provides students with the skills needed for the world of business - e.g. presentation, cooperation, persuasion, organisational etc. G. Learning developing skills in working with others, communicating, making decisions, solving problems, taking a calculated risk, perceiving mistakes as learning curves not as failures, developing financial capabilities, taking responsibility for own actions. H. Learning that encourages students to develop skills of initiative, responsibility, leadership and use of creativity. Usually linked to the worlds of business or vocational education but can be cross curricular link numeracy/literacy. I. A learner-centred approach that aims to develop the key skills which will enable children to cope better, in any area of life through the development of a real problem-solving attitude; it is not just restricted to the field of "business and industry". J. Students learning by doing- taking risks, having fun, actively learning, being responsible for self PLTS
  • 7. I: A learner-centred approach that aims to develop the key skills which will enable children to cope better, in any area of life through the development of a real problem-solving attitude; it is not just restricted to the field of "business and industry".
  • 8. PLTS – Whole School Focus Personalised Learning and Thinking Skills
  • 9. MEETS With Adam Corbally
  • 10. YORK – TRAVEL & TOURISM 2012
  • 11. Catering Advisors Catering Advisors Enterprise Club have been working with the school caterers to discuss potential menu changes for Carlton Bolling students. Student carried out marketing research amongst students and staff to share with the caterers. They also spent an afternoon sampling new menu items…. Let’s see what they decided for us…..
  • 12. Meal in a Box Challenge Year 13 Business December 2012
  • 13. Coca-Cola Factory Wakefield 2012 28 Year 12 Business students attended the Coca-Cola Factory in Wakefield, led by Miss Henstock and Mr Gough. Students were kitted out in work clothes and headsets to enable them to your the Coca-Cola factory and see what goes on behind the Coca-Cola scenes. A talk was also delivered by a marketing professional at Coca-Cola, which will enable learners to complete their Unit 3 Coursework – ‘Introduction to Marketing’. The day was a great success and commented on how much the visit has helped them to gain a better understanding of Marketing in a real life company.
  • 14. Business – Marketing Research March 2012
  • 15. Liz Henstock – Head of Vocational faculty (0044) +1274633111 (0044) +7733179773 Suzanne Murray Deputy Headteacher (0044) +1274633111