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Prezentare dezbatuta la Proud 7 - http://comunicarepr.ro/5-prezentari-de-la-proud-7/ ! :)

Prezentare dezbatuta la Proud 7 - http://comunicarepr.ro/5-prezentari-de-la-proud-7/ ! :)



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Rohith murthy -_bosro Rohith murthy -_bosro Presentation Transcript

  • What willadvertising looklike in aDigital age?Rohith MurthyHead, NABE Labs (Centrade) 1
  • What we will cover• A bit about me• We’ll take a look at the landscape• Identify few key trends• See what’s working and what’s not?• Make a few predictions• Q&A 2
  • A Word on Me and my Experience 3
  • Me• Singapore National born in Silicon valley of India and residing in Romania for 3 years• Background in Computer Engineering from National University of Singapore• 10 years at Citibank working in Asia Pacific and Europe region across multiple functions - Operations, Technology and Digital.• Led Digital transformation of Citibank in Romania - Awarded ‘Best Consumer/Corporate Internet Bank’ by Global Finance Magazine in 2011 and 2012. Expanded role to manage Czech and Hungary.• Developed and institutionalized a unique ‘Digital Hub’ model for the bank combining the best expertise and skills of Asia and Eastern European centers of excellence to launch first-in-market and innovative digital products for the bank.• Now heading up NABE Labs - a newly created Digital division of Centrade group of companies 4
  • How is our 21 year old Internet doing so far? 5
  • Few Praiseworthy metrics• 2.5+ Bn Internet users worldwide (35% of global population)• 1.1 Bn Smartphone users out of 5 Bn mobile users• 1 Bn active monthly users on Facebook• 4 Bn hours of video watched on You tube per month• 144 Bn emails sent per day Source: Pingdom, Jan 2013 6
  • And Few not so..• 68.8% of all email was Spam• 2/3 of world is still not connected to the net• Only 15% of global internet is mobile.• Social media accounts for only 16% customer engagement• Online video mere 1.7% of total ad spend in US Source: Pingdom, Jan 2013; eMarketer Sep 2012, Marketing Pilgrim 7
  • Ramping fast but still has upside 8
  • And what do people do on Mobile? 9
  • Pretty much everything.. 10
  • Consumption on Mobile• They love playing Games and Social networking (70% of overall usage)• They are consuming huge amounts of media (News, Magazines, Music, Video) - 25% of total time spend on media• They are using it to make Shopping decisions in Retail stores.• They are using it to Shop (Paypal and Square payments growing rapidly) Source: Nielsen Mobile Connected Device Report, Inmobi 11
  • The future (and present) is Mobile 12
  • What about our Good Old Media? 13
  • How much is the World spending?• Digital Ad spend crosses $100 Bn for first time• Mobile Ad spend doubles in 2012 but still low 14
  • Who is Spending?• As a % of total ad spend, Western Europe’s digital spending (24.9%) > North America’s (24.6%)• Only 7% of all ad $ go to digital in Middle East & Africa• Mobile search and display ad spending up 220% in North America, up 138% in China Source: eMarketer, Dec 2012 15
  • Where is US spending?• Search continues to be preferred ad format at 47.1%• Google still completely dominant; Facebook growing 16
  • So lets summarize• Smartphone sales > PC sales & set to be > Feature phones• Mobile internet scaling faster than desktop• People are using mobile to do everything they do online and more• 1 in 5 Ad $ going already to digital• More money coming to Mobile Source: eMarketer, Dec 2012 17
  • So is Mobile the Poster Boy of Media? 18
  • Well..• Consumer Time spent on media on Mobile is low• Ad spend share on Mobile is lowest. 19
  • What are we doing wrong? 20
  • Problems with Mobile Ads• Because of mobile phone screen size, Ads are Tiny• Because they are tiny, you can’t say much on them• Because you can’t say much on them, they appear intrusive.• Because they appear intrusive, people won’t click on them.• The mobile ad ecosystem is rather confusing and very fragmented• The quality of mobile ads that exist today are poor 21
  • And No, increasing the screen size is not the solution! 22
  • But Mobile has something that Desktop didn’t 23
  • That something is ‘Apps’ 24
  • App Consumption - Downloads• 40 Bn App downloads on Apple App store and growing 25
  • App Consumption - Time• Overtook Web and catching up with TV 26
  • Apps vs. Mobile web TotalMobileAppAndWebDura:onOnAndroidAndiOS 160" 140" 120" MinutesSpentPerMonth(Biillions) 100" 80" 60" Apps 40" 20" MobileWeb 0" Mar+11" Apr+11" May+11" Jun+11" Jul+11" Aug+11" Sep+11" Oct+11" Nov+11" Dec+11" Jan+12" Feb+12" Mar+12" Apr+12" May+12" Jun+12" Jul+12" Aug+12" Source:(Nielsen(Smartphone(Analy5cs(• People spend more time on apps than mobile web 27
  • App vs. Ads• Mobile monetization is mostly from Apps 28
  • But Apps alone won’t Monetize 29
  • App Monetization Es+mated)App)Store)Revenues) $6,000# $5,000# $4,000# (millions)) $3,000# $2,000# $1,000# $0# 2008# 2009# 2010# 2011# 2012# Source:(news(reports,(company(releases#• Most Apps are Free. Freemium model dominant• Revenue/app not that significant 30
  • But Mobile has one more thing.. 31
  • Location, Location, Location 32
  • Your mobile phone can tell you where you are 33
  • And that makes it more clickable The$Closer$Users$Are$To$A$Business,$The$More$Likely$They$Are$To$ Click$Through$A$Mobile$Banner$Ad$For$That$Business$ 60%$ 50%$ 48%$CTR$Li*$ 40%$CTR$Li*$ 40%$ 30%$ 26%$CTR$Li*$ 20%$ 10%$ 5%$CTR$Li*$ 0%$ Less$Than$1$Mile$ 1$To$2$Miles$ 2$To$5$Miles$ 5$To$10$Miles$ Source:(YP,(Q4(2012(Local(Insights(Digital(Report( 34
  • And more Monetizable Adver&sed(CPMs/eCPM(For(Selected(Mobile(Ad(Pla6orms(And( Formats( xAd!local! !$3.50!! LSN!Mobile!local!ads!! !$5.00!! Adsmobi!video!ads! !$5.00!! Flurry!video!ads! !$10.00!! !$(!!!! !$2.00!! !$4.00!! !$6.00!! !$8.00!! !$10.00!! !$12.00!!Source:(Ad(pla.orms,(BII(Research,(Greg(Sterling(Of(Opus(Research( 35
  • So are Location-based Mobile Apps the Future? 36
  • Few Things to Consider 37
  • Challenges with LBS Ads• You need a specific App on your mobile phone to receive the Ad (Remember Apple’s iOS restrictions)• You need to have that specific App open and to be looking at it at that time to see the Ad (Push notification is not that customizable)• The Ad must be persuasive enough for you to have a sudden impulse rush to make a purchase at that location. For e.g. You must be hungry to enjoy 50% off pizza in nearby restaurant.• Privacy issue - People turn off LBS if they find it irrelevant and intrusive. 38
  • Historical Context• If I know you go to supermarket every Sunday to buy groceries• If I know you buy groceries with your wife and are incredibly bored at that time• If I know you love to eat in nearby restaurant and push you an offer you cannot refuse 39
  • Your mobile phone can tell youwhere you are and where you were 40
  • Context = Analytics 41
  • So now itsMobile + App + Analytics + Location 42
  • But what if there is a very long queue outside that store ORyou simply don’t have the time 43
  • Mobile Advertising is what happens Before the Click Equally Important is what happens After the Click 44
  • Human Experience = Simple + Emotion + Social + Utility +Fulfillment+ Interaction with Physical objects 45
  • World’s first virtual grocery store • Opened in South Korea by Tesco Homeplus • Pictures of the items in store are posted on subway walls with QR codes underneath them • Users download the app, scan the QR code of item they want to shop and add it to their shopping cart • Products delivered to their homes in preferred time 46
  • 47
  • A few more examples 48
  • Mobile + App + Analytics +Location + Human Experience 49
  • So the future of Advertising is not just Digital (or Mobile)but Phygital (Physical + Digital) 50
  • Few Predictions (until 2015)• Mobile will be dominant screen but not only one.• Facebook & Google will split Ad market share• Simple, Social and Location aware ( present & past) opt-in messages will be norm• Will add value (Utility) and solve problems• Will seamlessly integrate into Real World and allow Interaction & Straight-through Fulfillment.• Consumers move from Loyalty to Cult groups. Brands move from Competition to Long-lasting Rivalries. 51
  • About NABE Labs• NABE means ‘Hub’ in German and ‘Cooking Pot’ in Japanese• We are a Digital Division of Centrade group• We craft and create Innovative and Best-in-Class Digital Products (Web, Mobile, Social).• We Hub, Collaborate and Partner with best skills and experience across Asia and Eastern Europe to build Novel, Audacious and Bold Experiences for our clients and consumers• We are currently working on building Next Generation Digital Banking and Advertising experiences and First-in-Market Mobile Apps & Games 52
  • Few things we are working on 53
  • If you have aNovel, Audacious and Bold Idea, Lets Talk!Drop us a note - info@nabelabs.com 54
  • Q&A 55
  • First, I get to ask you all questions 56
  • You can turn on your phones now 57
  • Question 1 58
  • Which was most viewed ad on YouTube in 2012? 1. “Blown mind” – Old Spice2. “The Next Big thing is already here” – Samsung 3. “My Time is now” – Nike 59
  • Question 2 60
  •  In March 2012, upon reaching 25 billion app downloads, Apple revealed an ‘All-time’ top downloaded apps list.Which pair (Paid and Free) was most downloaded app on iPhone? 1. Angry Birds (Paid) and Angry Birds (Free) 2. Angry Birds (Paid) and Facebook (Free) 3. Angry Birds (Paid) and Google Search (Free) 61
  • Question 3 62
  • Which of the below brands has more Fans on Facebook? 1. Coca Cola 2. Disney 3. MTV 63
  • Now your turn to ask me questions 64
  • Thank You 65