Troubleshoot Wireless Network Connection Problems by Yourself


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Step by step diagram for how to troubleshoot a wireless connection by yourself. Provided by

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Troubleshoot Wireless Network Connection Problems by Yourself

  1. 1. Troubleshoot Wireless NetworkConnection Problems by Yourself
  2. 2. START Connecting your laptop to a Wireless Network Does your laptop see No the wireless network? Yes Do other devices (laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, etc.) see the wireless Yes network and connect to it? No Go to page 4 And follow the diagram shown there. Are you less than 10-15 meters Is the Wireless away from your router? Switch On/Enabled No on your laptop? Yes No Yes Turn on the Wireless Switch on your laptop. Your router is not Get closer to your functioning (check if it is Did you install the latestrouter(preferably in the plugged in, if it works, drivers for your wireless same room with it). etc). network card? Yes No Go to page 3 (next page) Install the latest drivers for And follow the diagram shown your laptop’s wireless there. network card.
  3. 3. START Latest drivers for your wireless network card are installed Were you able to detect and connect to other wireless networks (in café’s, airports, Yes No other people’s house, etc)? Does your laptop’s wireless card support the mode used by the There is a problem with your laptop’s router to transmit the wireless signal (802.11b, 802.11g orwireless network card. Use the warranty 802.11n)? to have it repaired. No Yes Change the wireless mode on your router so that it is compatible with the wireless network card on your laptop. Is Mac Address Control No Yes enabled on your router? Add your laptop’s wireless network card MAC to the MAC Did you install the Address Control settings of your router. Set the router to latest firmware on your allow wireless network access to this MAC address. No router? Yes Go to the website of your router’s Your router is incompatible with your laptop’s wirelessmanufacturer, download the latest firmware network card. You must change the router(if it is an old plus the upgrade manual, and upgrade the model 3+ years) to a newer model or your laptop, so that it firmware on the router. includes a more modern wireless network card.
  4. 4. START Your laptop sees the wireless network Can you connect to No Yes the wireless network? Is wireless security enabled on your router (WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK)? Yes Limited Connectivity No Error? Can you access Do you know and did you type Yes the Internet? No the correct security key? No Yes No Obtain and type the Everything is OK. No correct security key of the issues. wireless network. Do you have a proxy Yes set on your internet browser? Yes Is the laptop’s wireless Did you install the latest network card set to Yes Remove the proxy settings and drivers for your wireless automatically receive an allow direct connection to the network card? IP Address? internet for your internet browser. Yes No No No Go to page 3 (previous page) Install the latest drivers forAnd follow the diagram shown your laptop’s wireless there. network card. Clear your current IP, DNS settings on Possible Internet Outage of your your laptop’s wireless network card and Internet Service Provider or Internet let them be set automatically. connectivity problems for your router.
  5. 5. For more help, go