CipherGraph Networks Cloud Access Gateway: Sales


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CipherGraph Networks Cloud Access Gateway: Sales

  1. 1. Cloud Access Gateway Simple Secure Cloud Connectivity July 2013© CipherGraph Networks Inc. 2013
  2. 2. Security concerns are the number one inhibitor to deploying on the cloud.
  3. 3. You can’t take hardware to the Cloud… Expensive Upto $500K as Capital Expenditure High Operating Expenditure High Sunk-Cost risk with technology changes Fixed Capacity Overprovision or face bottlenecks Longer path to Cloud creates more points of failure, and reduces performance Limited or expensive support for mobile users Cloud Applications and Services Excessive man hours to maintain uptime of Cloud Apps and Services Dedicated HW takes weeks or months to deploy, slowing cloud initiatives Branch Office WAN Backhaul required for all cloud traffic to branches. Unreliable Connection Cumbersome for Mobile Users On-Premise Apps Users with Lots of Devices
  4. 4. CipherGraph fills the gap Putting the Cloud at the center of your Network Deploy in minutes Affordable SaaS pricing model Zero Hardware High Performance and Scalability (patented technology) Direct cloud access from everywhere Excellent user experience for mobile users Cloud Apps Without HW, cloud initiatives can launch immediately Branch Office Branch connects straight to cloud – no backhaul On-Premise Apps • No capital expenses • Reduced operational expenses • Connect to cloud and on-premise Users with Lots of Devices
  5. 5. Cloud security done right! • Peace of mind • Secure your cloud deployment against internet threats • Robust and highly reliable security architecture built for the Cloud • Quick and future-proof deployment • Set up security instantly • Deploys in minutes vs weeks for hardware solutions • Scales as your needs grow • Optimize costs and lower risks • Benefit from zero Capital Expenditure • Pay only for what you use • Improved bottom-line through lower Operational costs • Eliminate the sunk cost risk with ‘pay-as-you-go’ • Complete your cloud deployment • Security built into your cloud deployment
  6. 6. Working with CipherGraph Getting started with CipherGraph CAG • Instant Self-Serve with Amazon AWS • Quick managed setup with other Cloud platforms and private datacenters • Simple Automated Deployment • No disruption of your deployment • No software install necessary for any server or application • Flexible pricing models
  7. 7. About CipherGraph Networks OUR BOARD Chamath Palihapitiya Investor, Board Member Dr. Parvez Anandam Advisor, Board Member Jitender Sharan Founder, CEO OUR EXPERIENCE PARTNERSHIPS & AWARDS Microsoft Accelerator
  8. 8. Thank You Jitender Sharan (CEO) Sales | +1 415 287 0246