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  • 1. Professional Headend Solutions DIP 121/120 IP Û ASI GATEWAY GENERAL DIP 120 / DIP 121 is an IP Û ASI or output. The device can also be is supported by an implemented Gateway for use in IP-networks. used for ASI -> IP encapsulation. ASI SNMP agent. Error conditions are ports are configured using „License stored in a logbook and indicated by The device is converting UDP/RTP- Keys” allowing users to initially the status LEDs or by SNMP traps. encapsulated MPEG packets in DVB- purchase basic open ports, and The DIP 120 is equipped with a compliant transport streams. DIP unlock additional ASI ports as redundant power supply making the 120 has two GbE inputs and is requirements evolve. ASI test device a solution for high professio- providing the DVB transport streams outputs allow the control of transport nal reliability. at 2x6 ASI outputs. DIP 121 has one streams during operation. GbE input and 6 ASI outputs. An implemented web server allows Both devices are applicable for the configuration with a standard bidirectional usage. The ASI ports of web browser locally or over an DIP 120 / DIP 121 can therefore LAN/WAN network. Monitoring over a independently enabled as either in- Network Management System (NMS) FEATURES REAR VIEW IP-In-/Output - DIP 120: 2 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T - DIP 121: 1 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T - RJ 45 Connector ASI-In-/Outputs - DIP 120: 2 x 6 ASI-Ports - DIP 121: 1 x 6 ASI-Ports (acc. EN 50083-9) - ASI-Ports programmable as Input or Output DIP 121/120 IP Û ASI-Gateway Configuration/Control - 10/100 Mbit Ethernet Interface WEB-ServerB-STAR - SNMP-Agent for NMS Test Outputs - DIP120: 2x ASI-test outputs - DIP121: 1x ASI-test output - ASI-Testports switchable for each GbE-Input Reliability - Redundant power supply (only DIP 120)
  • 2. Professional Headend Solutions Technical Data DIP 121/120 IP Û ASI GATEWAY IP-Input/Output DIP 120: General 2 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T Power consumption < 35 W DIP 121: Mains Voltage 100AC to 240 VAC 1 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T Redundant Power Supply RJ45-Connector (only DIP 120) Status-LED for IP-Connection ASI-Input/Output DIP 120: 2 x 6 ASI-Ports DIP 121: 1 x 6 ASI-Ports (according to EN 50083-9) - Impedance: Connector 75 W - Return loss: > 18 dB Each ASI-Port is adjustable as Input or Output Status-LEDs for each ASI-Port Configuration DIP120: 2 x 10/100 Mbit Ethernet DIP121: 1 x 10/100 Mbit Ethernet RJ45-Connector Web Server, SNMP Agent Monitoring DIP120: 2 x ASI-test outputs for each GbE-Port DIP121: 1 x ASI-test output for each GbE-Port Logbookwww.blankom-usa.com DRD 694 DRP 373 MPEG4 Receiver, twin QPSK- Receiver ASI DIP 120 / DIP 121 IP Û ASI Converter IP1 IP2 IP3 IP4 Ip5 Ip6 IP-Switch IP-Network DIP 120 / DIP 121 EQM 200 IP Û ASI Converter Edge-QAM 24 x QAM RF ASI QAM/RF Modulator/Upconverter Subject to modifications (V6) © 08/2011 BLANKOM USA, LLC HFC-Network Associated BLANKOM Products - DRP - series Professional Receivers/Decoders - IRD Family (DRD 694/DRD 695, DRD 699) BLANKOM USA, LLC TV - EQM 200 EDGE QAM MODULATORS 5 Stanton Court · Plainsboro, NJ 08536 - EQM 008 Compact EDGE-QAM Phone: 800-205-0710 · Fax: 609-936-8171 - DIX 200 IP-REMULTIPLEXER sales@blankom-usa.com www.blankom-usa.com