Learning approaches in enhancing farmers’ capacity to link with market


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Dr Dindo Campilan
Enhancing Famers' Capacity to Link with Markets
Crawford Fund Annual Parliamentary Conferences
Conference 2011. The Supermarket Revolution in Food

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Learning approaches in enhancing farmers’ capacity to link with market

  1. 1. Learning approaches in enhancingfarmers’ capacity to link with market Dindo Campilan Research Program Leader, Asia SP-RTCs International Potato Center (CIP)
  2. 2. CIP and Farmer Capacity Strengthening• CGIAR global research center for root and tuber crops• Long research history on technological on-farm innovations• Growing research emphasis on markets for poor producers/consumers• Thematic focus: adding value to neglected, underutilized crops
  3. 3. CIP and Farmer Capacity StrengtheningSOUTH AMERICAAndean native potatoesStimulating market demand,conserving genetic diversityAFRICAHigh Vit A sweetpotatoFood-based strategy fornutrition improvement
  4. 4. CIP and Farmer Capacity StrengtheningASIAIndonesia: Collective brand developmentfor traditional potato snackfoodsPhilippines: Value-added processing forsweetpotato raw material in feed industry
  5. 5. Linking Farmers With MarketKey Themes in Research & Devt enabling policies and institutions FARMERS partnerships between market chain actors decision-making and action capacity marketing support services strengthening
  6. 6. Capacity strengthening for farmersto link with market Farmers decisions and actions CAPACITY STRENGTHENING Farmers as learners Learning approaches Learning context
  7. 7. Farmers as learnersDeconstructing the “farmer” stereotype • Farmer producing food for household AND for market • Smallholder AND large-scale farmer • Cultivator AND cultivator-trader-service provider • Fulltime farmer AND farmer with nonfarm livelihood roles
  8. 8. Farmer learning approaches• Farmers learn to increase production marketing as afterthought• Market chains learn to perform better chain-wide platforms for enhanced farmer participation• Farmers learn to grow and sell farm business in dynamic market chains
  9. 9. Learning context• Livelihoods portfolio e.g. farm products diversification, specialization• Social environment e.g. individual, organization, network• Learning experience e.g. prior exposure to marketing• Value system e.g. economic gains, social norms
  10. 10. Approaches in capacity strengthening• Participatory market assessment appraisal, analytical exercises• Multi-stakeholder dialogue consultation, negotiation• Single-event training structured curriculum, classroom-based• Chain-wide action learning structured curriculum, involves chain-wide action• Farmer business school farmer-focused curriculum, interactive events with other chain partners, facilitates testing and innovation
  11. 11. Key Learning Contents Business management business planning financial management Market chain orientation market chain characterization market opportunities identification Developing and testing innovations value-adding technologies institutional & commercial innovations Organizations and services types of business organizations accessing business support services Social and ethical conduct character building and values formation business ethics
  12. 12. Key design principles in farmer learning• Fundamental farmer capacity: changing view of the farm from production system to business enterprise• Successful farm business requires capacity not only for technological change; also for nurturing relationships with market chain partners• Support everyday decisions between: preserving and growing limited assets, immediate benefits and longer-term returns, concrete economic rewards and less tangible social values• Farmers learn better under familiar spatial/temporal/social settings: field-based, season-long, and group-interactive
  13. 13. Thanks Eco Pesantren BALITSA Daarut Tauhid