HCID 2012 Elizabeth Kessick


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Elizabeth Kessick

Prioritising and actioning user feddback to make your products and services thrive

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HCID 2012 Elizabeth Kessick

  1. 1. Prioritising user feedbackElizabeth KessickHead of Insight, JustGiving.com
  2. 2. About JustGiving Over 13m users over £1billion Over raised 8,000 charities
  3. 3. The early days
  4. 4. Feedback from one user can make all the difference “Any short term discomfort I may suffer running and training for the 26.2 miles is nothing to the private frustrations and agonies of an autistic child trying to comprehend a world that is utterly alien to them, or the dedication and sheer graft of the parents and carers of those affected with this condition...”
  5. 5. Fundraising on JustGiving
  6. 6. Why should you care about userfeedback?•It guides you to make the best return on investment•It keeps you ahead of the competition•Fix the right things and create the „long wow‟ for your customers = moreword of mouth referrals•And it can help you find the next thing on the horizon “a brand is not what you say it is, but what the customer says it is” - Marty Neumeier
  7. 7. Early user feedback• it‟s not just about „how easy isit to use‟• you need to gauge people‟sFEELINGS about your product• Talk to people about yourconcept as soon as you‟ve gotit• Listen for „good and different‟• Don‟t be afraid to pivot
  8. 8. Once your product has gone to market Have a customer satisfaction score Ask people questions as often as possible Let the data tell you the story of what‟s going on
  9. 9. Have a customer satisfaction score• many differentmethodologies out there•Just pick one and stick to it•It‟s more important that it‟sused across time “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?”
  10. 10. Ask people questions as often as possible• whenever your user hasfinished doing something aska question•Use social media too•An incentive will ensure youget a decent response rate
  11. 11. And now visualise 100Leverage Maintain what were doing wellareas which could differentiate JG 80 good service: 80% quick and easy 73% 60 good user experience 67% average # of comments:82 average NPS 50% Monitor Act now unclear 40 areas at risk act on these or risk a bad reputation comms 40% 20 0 gift aid not added -17% -20 -40
  12. 12. What about feature requests?• Keep track of them in your feedback spreadsheet•Accumulate them over time. Try not to make knee-jerk decisions•Make sure you are getting the full picture “The request that really matter are the ones you‟ll hear over and over. After a while, you won‟t be able to forget them. Your customers will be your memory. They‟ll keep reminding you. They‟ll show you which things you truly need worry about” - Jason Fried and David Hansson (37 Signals)
  13. 13. Get the message out there Share your report on a regular basis Share your findings with your entire organisation, but run key stakeholders through a preview first Call out quotes from real people
  14. 14. When you’ve got the basics down consider Segmenting your user types Segmenting variables such as payment type, device type, referral Adding more in-depth qualitative listening
  15. 15. For more user research tips check out
  16. 16. 3 things to remember Get a feedback system in place so you can notice change – and act User feedback isn‟t fast!„vanity metrics‟ – used correctly it can driveyour business forward Listening to your users makes you more knowledgeable about your brand.
  17. 17. Thank you Elizabeth Kessick elizabeth@justgiving.com @Izabel_blue