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The product name is Medio, it’s a hardware & software complex, providing stunning opportunities for rich media presentations. It’s core prospects are museums, fine art galleries, events & exhibitions, educational institutions and even cinema theatres.

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Medio general overiew

  1. 1. MEDIOHardware &Software Complex
  2. 2. INTERACTIONS IN THE WORLD OF TODAY IT progress in the modern world aims at helping people organize and unify the growing flows of all kinds of information.2 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  3. 3. ACTUAL ISSUES AND • Lack of tools for handy search and media archives organization • No option for recipients to look through the digital media content being CHALLENGES • No settled standards for connected presented and to take notes in it during presentations device interface • No full-scale synchronization with mobile devices • Lack of tools for real-time communication between a lecturer and remote audience • Lack of tools for remote collaborative reviewing and discussions of photos and videos Next slide, please! ОК!3 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  4. 4. WE CREATED MEDIO MEDIO complex arose on the cutting edge of today’s multimedia presentation technologies. It’s an independent flexible system that can be customized for a wide variety of goals. The complex is a balanced integration of time-proven technologies, out-of-the- box components and our fresh ideas and proprietary know-hows.4 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  5. 5. MEDIO FOR COLLABORATION • Boost of communication efficiency • Opportunity to record interactive meetings for future reference • Real-time collaboration of remote locations • Both virtual (pre-recorded) and live online presentations • Organized content, available online5 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  6. 6. MEDIO FOR CONFERENCES + = • Any modern digital movie theater can be used as a conference hall • Real-time interactive communication with remote locations - multimedia presentations, lectures, lessons, TV-bridges and live press conferences • Plays any file format, recorded on any media • Can be connected to standard theater equipment • Content transfer and exchange system (option)6 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  7. 7. COMPLEX ADOPTION IN RUSSIAN MUSEUM MEDIO complex was the core component of a newly launched Multimedia Center of Russian Museum (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).7 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  8. 8. COMPLEX ADOPTION IN RUSSIAN MUSEUM The project was successfully implemented and has received positive reviews both from the management of the museum, and from the employees who use the complex every day. «Medio» allowed them to organize the existing content and offered a new approach to museum exhibitions – the so called “infotainment”, a new trend, a fusion of educational and entertaining elements.8 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  9. 9. COMPLEX ADOPTION IN RUSSIAN MUSEUM9 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  10. 10. STANDARD FEATURES10 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  11. 11. MULTIMEDIA NOTES OVER MULTIMEDIA CONTENT • Recording voice notes over pictures or videos • Drawing sketches over the source files • Taking text notes • Handy comments hierarchy and organization T11 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  12. 12. DIGITAL PROMPTER A part of a lecturer’s screen is a special area unseen by viewers. It is used for displaying playlists, notes, prompts, upcoming portions of content, etc. 1 1 1 2 3 4 512 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  13. 13. MULTI-STREAM 1 2 VIDEO RECORDING 5 • Video streams from several sources can be recorded simultaneously 3 4 • Handy system for video editing of pre- recorded material • Multi-touch screen capture • Voice commands support 1 2 3 413 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  14. 14. CUSTOM FEATURES14 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  15. 15. ASYNCHRONIZED PRESENTATIONS • All viewers can follow a speaker through a presentation on their local devices • Or they can turn the synchronization off and leaf through the material their own way with an option to get notes and extended descriptions to each slide.15 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  16. 16. INTERCONNECTED MULTI-TOUCH INTERFACE Provides an amazing opportunity for remote locations to collaborate in a shared workspace, in an interactive real-time mode, by means of several interconnected multi- touch desktop panels. ∞16 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  17. 17. WORKING AREA CAPTURING • Real-time multi-touch screen transfer and recording & STREAMING • Desktop area snapshot taking17 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  18. 18. WHITE PAPERSCore features: • Integration with Livestream service to reach wider TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:• A special application for presentations to provide best audience. Main Application Server:performance and stunning user experience. Option – External video and audio connectors: • Microsoft Windows 7 Proany other Windows-based application, e.g., Microsoft® • Up to 2 Full HD input signals (video and audio),PowerPoint® or a web browser. • CPU – 1 (can be up to 2) • Integration with third-party video conferencing systems, • RAM – 12 GB (can be up to 32 GB)• Presentation controlled by a multi-touch screen (up to 16 • Video and audio input from a lecturer’s laptop, • HDD – 2 TBsimultaneous touches) – flipping, zooming, panning, runningvideos, etc. • Adjustable frame positions for external video streams on Web Server: the main projection screen.• Extra large images support (up to 80000 px wide), it makes • Linux Ubuntusense when displaying super detailed pictures, e.g., scanned Projection system: • CPU – 1artwork. • Twin HD projectors, • RAM – 4 GB• Forming sets of presentations, that is, playlists (cues) for • Wide curvilinear projection screen,the content to be displayed. • HDD – 0.5 TB • Hardware edge blending and adjusting system,• Simultaneous playback of multiple video streams or still Workstations – 2 pcs (for Director and for video processing): • Option: stereoscopic 3D support.images on a single screen (for example, for the purpose of • Microsoft Windows 7 Pro Room lighting system:comparison). • CPU – 1 (can be up to 2) • Remote control,• Extra information output about each image or video file in • RAM – 12 GB (can be up to 32 GB)HTML. For example, a story about a picture, biography of the • Different lighting patterns. • HDD – 2 TBartist, etc. Sound system: Supported video & audio formats:• E-Pointer, that is, drawing over the image and video files. • 5:1 output, • Resolution up to Full HD• Remote control from a director’s seat - a mouse, keyboard. • Mixer, • Video: mov, avi, wmv, mpg4Webcast and recording: • Digital noise reduction system, • Sound: wav, mp3, aiff• Live presentation webcast at 720p with automatic • 3 microphones and special communication with thearchiving. director. Supported still image formats:• Webcasting and archives can be linked (embedded) to any Security: • Resolution up to 80000 pixelswebsite. Restricted access to stored data, • Formats: tiff, jpg, png, gif, etc.• The ability to switch the source: select a signal either Customizable access rights. Video stream:from the multi-touch screen or from one of external video • Resolution 720Pcameras. Fast implementation: • Internet band requirement – at least 10 Mbit/sec User training course is just 10 hours long.18 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  19. 19. STANDARD ROOM LAYOUT microphone 2 Processing Server HP Z800 Backup Storage IP Camera 1 Web Server front right back right Net switch UPS microphone 1 Multi-touch Projector 1 Server room Control Panel screensubwoofer IP Camera 2 Projector 2 left right monitor 1 monitor 2 monitor 3 microphone 3 Sound Equipment front left back left Hall Director room19 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  20. 20. Gallery Project STANDARD EQUIPMENT LAYOUT (general scheme) Image Processing Server Backup Storage Branch n (HP Z800, Nvidia Quadro 5000 x2) (videos & pictires archiving) Branch 2 Multi-touch Control Panel (50” multi-touch LED screen) Branch 1 Projector 1 VTC (videoteleconference system Screen for branches and remote locations) Projector 2 Sound Equipment Projector n Web Cameras Web Server Internet (for video streaming)20 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  21. 21. ABOUT THE PROJECT DEVELOPERS «CINESOFT» Cinesoft Ltd. was founded in 2009 by a group of young IT engineers. One of the latest interactive multimedia projects released by the It is one of the few Russian software developers providing business company is the Multimedia Center of Russian Museum (commissioned applications for media management. This is the core business and the by SSA SISTEMA). Cinesoft took part in the project as a hardware main expertise of the company. expert and a software developer, taking over the end-to-end MEDIO complex deployment. The Cinesoft products are designed to meet special demands of the media industry, that’s why they are adopted by more than 70 studios The company’s headquarters are in Moscow, Russia. making animation and computer graphics, both in Russia and abroad. Cinesoft is a young dynamic company offering innovative products and services and participating in the formation of new perspective segments of the software market. Kharitonov Konstantin CEO +7 (916) 170-45-5321 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  22. 22. ABOUT THE PROJECT DEVELOPERS «POLDEN» The POLDEN company was founded in 2006 in Zhukovsky city which The company staff come from various scientific research Institutes has the status of science city and is famous for its research institutes of Zhukovsky thus each of them has experience in software product and centers. development and engineering of various innovative projects for aircraft and space industry. The company participated in making special effects and graphic titles for more than 40 russian movies and series, the best-known of them In 2011 Polden company opened one more direction - Multimedia are « Dnevnoy dozor», «1612», « Tsar», « Kniga masterov», «Chernaya Centers Design and Construction. The multimedia center for Russian molniya», «Brest fortress», «Generation P», «Mishen», «Lubov morkov Museum in St. Petersburg financed by the Systema Charity Foundation 3», «Dva dnya», «Fobos», «Temny mir», «Tarif novogodniy», «Obitaemiy was started in March 2012. ostrov». In addition the staff of the company took part in designing titles and advertising materials for «Art Pictures», «Russian World «MEDIO» is an example of an essentially new approach in the field Studios», «Russian helicopters», «Suhoi», «Skolkovo», «Vympelcom», of electronic communication media, providing brand new level «MCHS» and others. of communication quality and information transfer in a shared information field. This complex is unique on its own in Russia and is In October 2010 company Polden opened a new direction - TV studio intended to be used in the companies operating on a country-wide or Graphic and Architectural Design. One of most noted projects is even worldwide level. designing and building a TV studio for «Moscow 24» channel. Public broadcasting started in September 2010. Dmitriy Ostroglyadov +7 (926) 539-75-1322 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex
  23. 23. THANK YOU! If you’re interested in getting detailed information on MEDIO, please, send your enquiries to MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex23 MEDIO Hardware & Software Complex