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Cerebro general overiew eng

  1. 1. A project & asset management softwarefor M&E industriesDesigned for CG Artists. By CG Artists.http://cerebrohq.com
  2. 2. TOO MUCH MESS? Fail to meet deadlines? Lose files? Have communication issues? Misunderstand comments? Forget what to do? Don’t know what your co-workers do? Exceed the budget? Don’t understand where we are?
  3. 3. OR TOO MUCH PAPER WORK?• Fed up with daily reporting routine?• Tired of endless meetings?• Drowning in the ocean of e-mails?• Lost in coordination chains?• Slowed down by delayed feedback?
  4. 4. CEREBRO HELPS AVOID THE EXTREMES!It provides:• All-in-one toolkit for project planning and tracking, assets and multimedia files storage.• Forum threads for project discussions and task tracking.• Easy reporting. Before.• Instant progress overviews and summaries.• Resource usage control.• Individual and group calendars connected to Gantt chart.• On-line and off-line reviewing tools. After.
  5. 5. IT’S SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR• Postproduction houses• VFX facilities• Advertising agencies• Freelance team collaboration• Production companies• TV channels• Graphic design studios
  6. 6. HANDY PLANNING• Break your project down in an unlimited tree task structure – it’s as simple as making new subfolders in a file manager.• Allocate people and/or material resources.You’re through with basic planning. Launch your project!..Or proceed to advanced planning:• Connect the tasks in Gantt chart.• Specify all necessary parameters for the tasks (time, budget, priority, etc.).• Setup access and visibility rights.
  7. 7. SIMPLE BUDGETING• Every task can have 3 financial parameters: planned cost, actual cost, balance.• Estimate every single task and you’ll get the project budget summed up.• Sign off the money every time you spend it – and your accountants will adore you .
  8. 8. EASY TRACKING• Have a glance at Navigator pane to get a bird’s-eye project overview or dive deep into it to get the task detailed history and actual status.• Get e-mail notifications on the changes of the tasks you follow or do.• Generate reports and export them to Excel or PDF.• Search and filter tasks by a variety of tags and parameters.• Be a step ahead with a heuristic issue tracker.
  9. 9. TIME-SAVING COMMUNICATIONS• Every task has its own Forum thread, use it to communicate and share all sorts of files – dailies, reviews, references, you name it.• Display selected posts to your clients to get their instant first-hand feedback.• All the rest of a thread is for your peers’ eyes only. What happens in Cerebro stays in Cerebro .• And no more endless meetings, briefings and debriefings!
  10. 10. TWO-CLICK DAILY REPORTING• Open the Forum thread of your task.• Click on Reply button.• Describe what you have done today on the task.• Attach a file (or a folder) if necessary.• Specify the time spent today on the task.• Click on Send button.• Next morning don’t forget to look up here for comments .
  11. 11. CLEAR COMMENTS1) Double-click on a media file.2) Draw sketches right over the frames and make text labelswhere necessary.OR: Click on Record button and explain what you want as if alive artist was sitting beside you. Your voice and your actions(zoom, pan, timeline shifts, mouse movement) will becaptured and saved. Stop when finished or pause when needto have a break.3) You have your review ready to be submitted to Cerebro.Don’t write long e-mails to explain short things!
  12. 12. SMART FILE MANAGEMENTWith Cerebro you don’t need to worry where a file is stored orwhich version is the latest - just browse the Forum and find itall there.Cerebro file management gives you the following benefits:• Unlimited size of files to store and transfer (in local versions),• Quick search,• Access control and restrictions,• Thumbnails for media files,• No unwanted copies of files,• Upload / download cues,• And no more FTP needed!
  13. 13. MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORT• Desktop client applications for MS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux• Web interface• iOS clients for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  14. 14. HISTORYCerebro was developed in a Russian Moscow-based majorpostproduction facility named Cinemateka in 2007 as an in-housesoftware for VFX project management.In 2009 Cerebro development team established a separatecompany to monetize the project, and by the end of 2011 Cerebrowas adopted by more than 70 postproduction and animationcompanies in FSU (former Soviet Union), including TimurBekmambetov’s Bazelevs, UMP and other FSU media productionmajors.Several international projects were managed by means of Cerebro,for example:- Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (20th Century Fox, 2012),- The Darkest Hour (20th Century Fox, 2011), «I’d like to thank the CineSoft team for such a unique- Kikoriki: The Beginning (Riki Group, 2011), management tool».- The Black Lightning (Chernaya Molniya) (UPI, 2010), Daria Kaplya | Book of Masters motion picture- Space Dogs 3D (CNF, 2010),- The Book of Masters (Walt Disney Pictures, 2009).
  15. 15. SYSTEM COMPONENTS: CORESystem core is a PostgreSQL database containing all the informationexcept files attached to Forums.Key features:• Hosted in a cloud for SaaS users• Installed locally (onsite) for Business and Corporate pricing plan users• Can be installed onto Windows Server OS or Linux x64 (Ubuntu, Debian)• Python API for integration into production pipeline
  16. 16. SYSTEM COMPONENTS: CARGADORCargador is a Cinesoft proprietary file management utility used forfile storage, transfer, indexing and caching.Key features: • Supports unlimited size files, • Verifies integrity of files being transferred, • Supports upload and download cues with pause/cancel and restart/resume options, • Schedules delivery of new content • Instantly searches among millions of files, • Prevents unnecessary file duplication (first, it supports links to network storages and, second, it identifies files by their hash sums, not by names), • Archives files and folders on-the-fly.As a standalone product Cargador is used to synchronizedistributed file storages over Internet or LAN.
  17. 17. SYSTEM COMPONENTS: MIRADAMirada Player (a proprietary Cinesoft product) is used for viewingand commenting over pictures and videos.Standard Version (embedded in Cerebro):• Draw or type over the content, record your activity (zoom, pan, timeline dragging, mouse movement) together with your voice comments.• The reviews can be submitted to Cerebro.Pro Version (embedded in Cerebro or standalone):• Stereoscopic 3D viewing and annotation tools.• Online Review Mode lets you synchronize your media and make reviews at the same time with an unlimited group of people anywhere in the world.• The reviews can be submitted to Cerebro or exported into MOV or JPEG.• Python API for integration into an in-house or third-party project management software.
  19. 19. TRY IT FOR FREE… Features Version Free Demo Free Trial Max. number of accounts 50 Unlimited Connection via Internet Internet File storage 5 Gb Hosted locally License effective period 30 days 30 days
  20. 20. …THEN PURCHASE A VERSION THAT SUITS YOU MOST! Features Version Home Studio Factory Corporation Number of accounts 5 max 5 min 10 min 10 min Connection via Internet Internet Internet and/or LAN Internet and/or LAN File storage 5 Gb Hosted locally Hosted locally Hosted locally Monthly fee, per 1 user $ 9 USD $ 29 USD $ 59 USD $ 89 USDSchools, non-profits and large companies get special pricing options.Visit http://cerebrohq.com/en/pricing/ to get more information on versions and pricing.
  21. 21. CONTACTSIf you are interested to find out more about Cerebro, Cargador or Miradaplease send your inquiries to:Konstantin “Stan” Kharitonov (CEO): khar@cinesoft.ruEdward Kim (Sales & Marketing): e.kim@cinesoft.ruPhone: +7 (495) 9800376Address: Cinesoft Ltd., 55/59, Bolshaya Pochtovaya str., Moscow, 105082, Russia