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Cerebro for advertising eng

  2. 2. Cerebro was created Is it OK that dead-because we couldn’t lines are broken andstand it all anymore. budgets wasted dueWhy chaos should be to trifle reasons - poor communication andthe word to describe our coordination?!collaboration? Designers always ignore emails... Accounts have no idea how to open a media file... Talks with a client often look like a Chinese whispers game...
  3. 3. We got it! Advertising and media produc-tion workflow – is, mostly, a communica-tion process between creators and admin-istrators.Same goals - different approaches, differenttools and different languages.We got an idea to make an integratedtoolkit to make creators and administra-tors always be “on the same page”, usingcommon tools, handy and easy!
  4. 4. We created Cerebro, mostly, for ourselves. But today it works for the most part of media production in Russia.
  6. 6. Cerebro is a powerful project management system with a rich toolkit for collaboration in production of visual content.
  7. 7. Cerebro unites!Administrative part: Creative part:•• Scheduling •• Visual reviewing•• Reporting •• Handy file viewing, stor-•• Budgeting age and transfer•• Сonnection with clients
  8. 8. Cerebro – is an “anti-Babylon” opportunity for the whole team to speak the same language.
  9. 9. Cerebro means “Order” and “Logic”in collaborative workflow. Better coordination •• Less iterations •• Faster turnovers ••
  10. 10. Cerebro is a faster and easier tool,no special training required. Intuitive and user-friendly. •• Integrated tools. •• Special features for advertising and media •• production.
  12. 12. Ordinary email comments:Tasks and comments in Cerebro visual comments:Cerebro are presentedin a clear visual way!
  13. 13. Use Mirada to get rid of “Chinese whispers” and give out tasks, reviewsand comments fast and clear! Mirada is a built-in media editor, specially designed for audio- visual reviewing. Mirada looks very much the same as an ordinary media play- er but has specific tools to take notes, draw sketches, record your mouse and voice - right over a source picture or a video!
  14. 14. By means of Mirada you can explain what you want from your peers asif you had a face-to-face meeting with them. Speak up and pin downthe issues right over the media source!Your review will be saved and posted to Cerebro. See how you can perceive client’s comments recorded by Mirada (click on the image to play the video):
  15. 15. Cerebro offers a new technology to store and ex-change project files! Ordinary methods of file download and exchange Cerebro method •• via emails •• via FTP server •• via file exchange service •• via physical media - Cargador DVD, portable HDD, etc.
  16. 16. Use Cargador to save time you spend on file transfer. Cargador is a built-in module for “smart” file transfer, •• indexing and storage. •• works automatically and faster than FTP - no need to It waste time waiting.
  17. 17. •• checks data integrity - no file will arrive corrupted. It•• It archives folders on-the-fly - no need to pack them up manually.•• It works in the background - and saves your time for something really useful.•• It indexes transferred files - no unnecessary duplications will occur on your file storage. It speeds up transfer and saves your diskspace.
  18. 18. Usual way of task schedulingCerebrosheduling toolsare visual too! Project planning in Cerebro
  19. 19. Use Gantt charts to plan and track your projects •• Actually Gantt charts do your traffic manager’s job. •• A Gantt chart turns a chaotic pile of single tasks into a clear, logical interconnected sequence. •• is easily editable - just drag a task along the timeline and all intercon- It nected tasks will be shifted and recalculated as well.
  20. 20. Gantt charts offer the following advantages: ••To have a bird’s eye overview of all your projects. ••To edit the project plan in a native visual way. ••To interconnect the tasks. ••To track work in progress.
  21. 21. Cerebro means a stable performance without webbrowser’s limitations!Don’t bind yourself with “browser applications”, as they often are annoyingly slowand poor in features. ••Cerebro is one of the few online project management systems running on sterling desktop applications. ••Cerebro is installed onto a computer as a standalone software.
  22. 22. ••We’ve been developing Cerebro applications for the most popular operating systems.••Cerebro is designed to work in a multiplatform environ- ment.••Cerebro has light versions for iPhone and iPad with a sim- ple user-friendly interface and offline work mode.
  23. 23. ••Of course, if you still prefer browser applications - we have the one to offer you as well.••Cerebro web interface provides basic project tracking features and access to project files.
  25. 25. Cerebro means Economy! ••Cerebro saves working hours due to faster turnovers. ••Cerebro users spend 30% less time on management, coordi- nation and communication. ••Investments in Cerebro pay off after the 1st month after sys- tem adoption.
  26. 26. Cerebro means Free implementation! ••You don’t pay for system installation on your server. ••You don’t pay for training sessions and consultations. ••You don’t pay for a 30-days trial period.
  27. 27. Cerebro means Easy Adoption! •• It takes from 4 days to 2 weeks to switch to Cerebro completely. It’s not a promise, it’s statistics. •• Even novice level computer users can learn to operate Cerebro within a month. •• After spending time on Cerebro learning, a user makes up for it fast and easy. •• Our TechSupport consultants are always here to help you out.
  28. 28. Cerebro means Addiction! Cerebro is comfort and for many - is a must, like email or mobile •• phone. Cerebro hasn’t lost a single client in its history. No company that •• had adopted Cerebro, changed its mind and refused from using it later on. 85% of our prospects become our clients after a trial period. ••
  29. 29. Cerebro means Safety! •• You don’t necessarily need to have your sensitive project files hosted by any third party, including ours, while using Cerebro. 2 of 3 possible configurations offer an op- tion to host your files locally - right where you keep them now: 1. Private cloud - all server components are hosted in our data center. 2. Hybrid cloud - only an application server is hosted in our data center, your files are hosted on your premises and never transferred through our cloud. 3. Local installation - all server components are hosted on your server. •• Cerebro servers are being under supervision 24/7, all data is encrypted. •• Safety and Privacy of your data are the things our business is based on.