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SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-group: "Blue Jackets".
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SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-group: "Blue Jackets".


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. SFSU ISYS363-Fall 2013-Section01 Blue Jacket
  • 2. Collaboration Tools  Blue Jackets have looked at many different website forums, social networks, emails and software applications to come up with the best few to use for communications. Many of them have different pros and cons, but few very important features for us were: Ability to get ahold of one another quickly, that everyone would be able to use it, send and receive documents and images, also free and easy to sign up for.
  • 3. Collaboration Tools Con.  Some of the best choices that we have come up with were:  Skype  SFSU iLearn  Microsoft Skydrive  Facebook  Wechat  All of these communication techniques had most of the features we were looking for, some had better pros than cons.
  • 4. Skype  it is a software for calling ,seeing, messaging and sharing with others.  Pros- Account and the latest download are both free -Free video and voice calls to anyone else on Skype -Instant messaging and file sharing  Cons-Requires a webcam if you want other people to see you -Requires an internet connection -Requires a pc or mobile device with a microphone and speakers or headset attached
  • 5. SFSU iLearn  iLearn is a Learning Management System (LMS) that SF State has adopted to enhance online student learning and collaboration.  Pros- Every sfsu student has an account - Assessing teammates performance and gathering their feedback - Sharing online resources  Cons-It works only for sfsu students - Requires an internet connection - Cannot connect with other people asap
  • 6. Micorosoft SkyDrive  is a cloud computing service that allows multiples users to author and co-author documents using normal and popular Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Access. Since SkyDrive is a cloud/web-based service, users can collaborate at their convenience.  Pros:  a) Allows users to edit documents when/where they want to. Since it is a web-based service, it can be accessed anywhere. Users do not need to be together.  b) Ease of use - many people are already familiar with Microsoft Office applications so there is little-to-no learning curve involved.  c) Projects and documents can be accessed and edited from various devices. SkyDrive works on multiple platforms (such as Mac or PC) and multiple devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones).  Cons:  a) Needs an internet connection to work.  b) Documents cannot usually be translated to other similar applications. Not everyone uses Microsoft Office.  c) There is no direct communication feature. If users wish to communicate with other users, they must do so on their own.
  • 7. Facebook  A social networking connects people with friends and family. That also has an instant message application.  Pros:  A) Free and easy to sign up.  B) Easy to access on the go through the mobile device  C)can upload pictures and document.  Cons:  A) Need internet connection.  B) Not every mobile can be used.  C) Some countries cannot use Facebook.(ex: China, North Korea)
  • 8. Wechat  Mobile application that can be downloaded on a smartphone.  Pros:  A) Free application.  B) Easy to access on the go.  C) Create group message and free to send pictures and document.  Cons:  A) Can only access on a smartphone.  B) Cannot send large files.  C) Cannot use without internet.
  • 9. Winner  Facebook is our group winner.  It is the easiest way for our group to communicate due to everyone having facebook. Most of us also have smartphone, which made it easy to get ahold of one another on the go. Facebook having a group chat it makes it easy to include everyone all the time. Also that everyone has their profile on facebook it makes it more personal when we can see a persons picture who we’re talking to.
  • 10. Reference  facebook.html  review.html ,2817,2409569,00.asp  a-whatsapp-alternative.html 