Political dictionary lesson
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Political dictionary lesson



Political Lesson plan for EDSU530

Political Lesson plan for EDSU530



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Political dictionary lesson Political dictionary lesson Presentation Transcript

  • American Government 12.1, 12.4 & 12.5 The Bill of Rights Political Dictionary Activity
  • The Bill of Rights
    • What are the Bill of Rights?
    • Why were they added to the Constitution as Amendments?
  • Civil Liberties
    • What is the definition of civil liberties?
    • Where does this concept come from
      • Hobbes
      • Locke
      • Thomas Jefferson
  • Political Dictionary
    • The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and Supreme Court Cases that we will discuss in class have some difficult or new vocabulary
    • It is important to understand the vocabulary in order to understand the ideas and concepts we will be studying in this unit
      • Can anyone tell me why?
      • Give an example
  • Activity/Assignment
    • Political Dictionary Handout - explain
    • Assignment
      • As we go over the next few lessons we are going to assemble a dictionary of vocabulary words that we will be using throughout the semester.
      • I will highlight the words in the lectures.
      • Each student must enter the word into their dictionary, define it in their own words and also research the definition as it pertains to the lesson and add this to the dictionary
      • The student will also include an example as it pertains to the lesson
  • Some terms may not be as they seem…..
    • For example:
    • The 2nd Amendment says we have the right to bear arms
    • Does this actually mean bear arms……
  • And…..
    • Does the term free exercise clause in the 1st Amendment mean we have the right to exercise for free?
  • Not exactly….
    • The purpose of this assignment
      • To define the word as it is used and not directly from the dictionary
      • Some important things to try:
        • Determine the words meaning by the surrounding context when possible
        • Do not rely on the dictionary alone to define terms (for example, you can use wikipedia, or other online resources)
        • When in doubt, please ask the teacher
  • Dictionary Example
    • New term - Quartering (3rd Amendment)
    • Student Definition - to house
    • Researched Definition - the forced assignment of housing or quarters for troops
    • Example - During the American Revolution colonists were forced to provide lodging in their own homes to troops.
  • The 1st 10 Amendments 4th Amendment Protection from unreasonable search and seizure 3rd Amendment Protection from quartering troops 2nd Amendment The right to keep and bear arms 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech Freedom of the Press Freedom of Assembly Right to Petition
  • The 1st 10 Amendments 8th Amendment Prohibition of excessive bail and Cruel and Unusual Punishment 7th Amendment Civil trial by a jury 6th Amendment Trial by Jury Rights of the Accused Confrontation Clause Speedy Trial, Public Trial Right to Counsel 5th Amendment Due Process Double-Jeopardy Self-Incrimination Eminent Domain
  • The 1st 10 Amendments 10th Amendment Powers of States and People 9th Amendment Protection of rights Specifically not enumerated in the Constitution
  • Political Dictionary Words
    • Assembly
    • Bear
    • Quartering
    • Seizure
    • Due-Process
    • Double jeopardy
    • Self-incrimination
    • Eminent Domain
    • Confrontation Clause
    • Enumerated