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Hope your March is closing out strong for another awesome month in April~!

Please take a look at the ICS West 2013 Korea Pavilion Directory.
This directory is not exactly finished but I was excited to have you review it anyway~
If you have any specific questions about a company and or product, please email me at, otherwise, we will see you at the show!

Please come by the KOTRA booth# 30024 for a tour of the pavilion!
Just look for myself or Justin Park.

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ISC 2013 korea Pavilion Directory

  1. 1. FACILITATING INTERNATIONAL TRADE PRIMARY Trade Inquiry and Business Matchmaking SERVICES International Exhibitions and Outsourcing AT Free Business Meeting KOTRA E - Trade, Logistics, Incubating Service Global Business IT / Culture Industry Marketing Arrangements with Matching Service Korean Suppliers PROMOTING FOREIGN INVESTMENT Investment Consultation Market Research and Partner Search To help you save time and money Site Selection, Government Incentives in looking for korean partners and Administrative Support & Permission ‘made in korea’ products, provides business matching services for your business development free of charge. Free Business Consultation by Global Business Partering & Technology Alliance Trade Experts Market Research & Analysis Recruitment Service for Global Talented Professionals KOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment promotion Agency) WHAT is a non-profit, government agency of the Republic MAKES of Korea. committed to promoting international trade KOTRA and inverstment. KOTRA Los Angeles KBC(Korea Business Center) Your e- Biz Gateway Free Provision of Korean UNIQUE ? is a part of worldwide network of 119 offices in 81 to Korea ! Suppliers list countries, offering a wide varuety of business service initiatives to support U.S. Clients. Homepage _ CONTACT E - MAIL _ INFORMATION TEL _ 323 - 954 - 9500 Still Searching Further? FAX _ 323 - 954 - 1707 Finding business partners and sourcing products is time consuming.02 03
  2. 2. 0531003 31005 31007 31009 31011 31013 31015 31017 31019 31025 31027 31029 31031 31033 31035 31037 31039 31041Winy Hyvitech Qtum Alphonsus Senul DUVEET HAESUNG JOUTEC TBT DS EMW E-ronics Lantis DTV Chang LAICE Comart POWERTech Tech OPTICS TELECOM Interactive Shin Electronics system TECH Infotel Electronics 31006 31008 31010 31012 31014 31018 31024 31028 31030 31032 31036 Visionite TIBET Whitebox COX SOLTECH PINETRON Neocom TLT ENG JMI DIGI-IT E-Castle System Robotics 30003 30009 30013 30015 30017 30019 30025 30029 30031 30033 30035 TVLogic CAMTRON Ubiq Daewoo SeeEyes SnSDigital Pixelplus KITECH DIASONIC IDTECK NEXT- Micro Lucoms Technology CHIP System 30024 KOTRA KITA 04
  3. 3. Page Company name Booth No Website 07 Winy Technology Co., Ltd No. 31003 Company Info. 08 Huvitech No. 31005 WinyTechnology Co., LTD is a South Korean-based technology company that specializes in optical and systems applications. 09 QTUM CO. LTD No. 31007 We believe strongly in the future of multimedia and systems applications and 10 Maxon (Alphons) No. 31009 we continue to bring breakthrough products to the market such as the “WINY- CAM Series” Mini DVR. It will be indispensable for the safety of drivers in the 11 Senul Co., Ltd., No. 31011 world. We apply innovative methods to everything we do so that our custom- ers can benefit from market-leading products and applications. 12 DUVEET Co., Ltd. No. 31013 All of our business processes - production methods, R&D, marketing and management are designed to contribute to an awesome customer experience. 13 Haesung Technology Co., Ltd. No. 31015 Winy Technology designs and manufacturers numerous products in the secu- rity, optical applications, and multimedia markets and we’ve been able to take Company name 14 JOUTEC COMPANY LIMITED No. 31017 that; unique experience and create the “WINYCAM Series” Mini DVR which Winy Technology Co., Ltd has redefined its category. Please stop by our booth and see our new models. 15 TBT Inc. No. 31019 Contact 16 DS TELECOM CO., LTD No. 31025 WINYCAM V300HD AKIKO SARAYA / Vehicle Black Box / Mini DVR Sales Manager 17 EMW Co., Ltd. No. 31027 2 Mega Pixel | Wide View Angle(MAX 150 ° diagonal) | Full 30FPS 18 E-ronix Inc. No. 31029 All support for HD 720P (1280x720) D1 (720x480), VGA (640x480) Tel GPS / G-Sensor | High Quality Microphone | TV-OUT | Backup Battery 82-70-7011-4661 19 Lantis No. 31031 Built-in | LED & Voice Guidance | Audio Record ON/OFF | Speaker Out- put ON/OFF | SD Card Format | Car Constant Power Discharge Protection 20 DTVinteractive Co., Ltd No. 31033 Function | PC Original Viewer for Video | Set and Playback Configuration Fax on Smart-phone (Android Only) | Soft Look and High Sensitive Design | 82-32-327-2996 21 CSINFOTEL No. 31035 Security LED Lighting on Front body 22 LAICE ELECTRONICS No. 31037 E-mail WINYCAM X100FHD 23,ltd No. 31039 Vehicle Black Box / Mini DVR 24 POWERTECH ELECTRONICS CO., LTD No. 31041 2 Mega Pixel | Wide View Angle(MAX 132 ° diagonal) | Full 30FPS | All Website support for FHD(1920x1080), HD 720P (1280x720) | GPS / G-Sensor | High 25 Visionite Inc. No. 31006 Quality Microphone | TV-OUT | Backup Battery Built-in | LED & Voice Guid- ance | Audio Record ON/OFF | Speaker Output ON/OFF | SD Card Format 26 TIBET SYSTEM CO., LTD. No. 31008 | Car Constant Power Discharge Protection Function | PC Original Viewer for Video | Security LED Lighting on Front body 27 Whitebox Robotics Co.,Ltd. No. 31010 305-303, Bucheon Techno-park, 28 COX Co., Ltd. No. 31012 WINYCAM WBD11 #365, Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do , Korea 29 SOLTECH.Co.,Ltd. No. 31014 2CH Vehicle Black Box / Mini DVR 421-741 Front/Rear 2 Mega Pixel | Over 14 FPS | Front / Rear HD 720P (1280x720) 30 PINETRON CO.,LTD No. 31018 GPS / G-Sensor | High Quality Microphone | TV-OUT | LED & Voice Guid- ance | Audio Record ON/OFF | Speaker Output ON/OFF | SD Card Format 31 Neocom Co., Ltd. No. 31024 | Car Constant Power Discharge Protection Function | PC Original Viewer for Video | Security LED Lighting on Front body Booth No. 31003 32 POINTMAN USA INC. No. 31028 33 Jeongmoon Information Co.,Ltd No. 31030 34 DIGI-IT INC. No. 31032 35 E-Castle Electronics co., Ltd No. 31036 36 TVLogic Co., Ltd. No. 30003 37 CAMTRON INDUSTRIAL INC. No. 30009 38 Ubiq Micro Systems No. 30013 39 DAEWOO LUCOMS CO., LTD. No. 30015 X X X 40 SeeEyes Co.,Ltd No. 30017 41 SnSDigial Co., Ltd. No. 30019 42 Pixelplus Co., Ltd. No. 30025 43 KJTECH Co., Ltd No. 30029 44 DIASONIC Technology Co.,Ltd. No. 30031 45 IDTECK Co., Ltd. No. 30033 46 Nextchip Co.,Ltd. No. 3003506 07
  4. 4. Company Info. Company Info. Huvitech Co., Ltd. has concentrated on visual communication systems. We QTUM’s target is to satisfy customers and to grow together with them based have been manufacturing and exporting vision systems such as Rear View on continued R&D Development. QTUM is one of the leading companies in the Camera/Monitor/DVR Systems, Security Systems, Medical Systems and Indus- DVR field with a strong R&D capability and wide sales network. We are fully trial Systems to many countries. aware of “what the customer’s need” and we always listen to “what the cus- , Most of our products are registered of design and patented based on its unique tomers want” We also take into consideration “where the market trend is mov- . X and advanced high technology. ing. Furthermore, QTUM will continue to put every effort as the leader of the ” security era in the 21st century. Qtum will continue to offer superior products with customer service to our customers who can get competitive advantage in the security field. We appreciate your interest in Qtum and wish your good business. Company name Company name Huvitech QTUM CO. LTD Contact Contact Doora Lee / Danny Jeon / Sales Manager Sales Representative Tel Tel 032-623-8267 82-70-7835-3804 HE1043 / HE4165 (960H DVR) Fax M290 Features Fax 032-623-0960 Up to 700TVL Camera input 82-31-441-0370 Sony 1/4” Super HAD CCD : 270K Pixels & 420TV Lines Independent video output (1HDMI, 1VGA) Water proof camera Digital Zoom in (Display / Playback) E-mail 155° Wide angle Dual stream E-mail 7IR LEDs Up to 25 users USB 2.0x2ea, e-SATA E-Mail with Jpeg image Website Website B7HD Auto DDNS with Mac address Mobile viewing with any 3G phone 1+1CH HDD up to 15TB Built in 2.4”LCD Micro SD 8GB Motion detector Google Map 92.5mm x 88mm x 85.2mm 2 M pixel HN1043 / HN4305 (Standalone NVR) #201-711&712 Chunui Techno Park 2nd Floor, 196-45 Anyang-dong, ll 202 Chunui-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bu- Features Manan-gu, Anyang, Gyunggi-do, H.264 / MPEG4 / JPEG codec Acceptable cheon City Gyeonggi-do, Korea D10 Manage Video & Audio from IP camera incl. IP speed dome Korea, Postal code: 430-857 178mm X 46mm X 144mm(W X H X D) Max. 1080p 4/8/16ch Decoding & Display 4CH 2.5” HDD (Up to 500GB) Auto Searching & Setting IP Camera in LAN 240@CIF Video Output: 4 Inputs / 1 Output Network Access up to 25 users multi Chanel Recording/ Playback HDD up to 15TB Booth No. 31005 Booth No. 3100708 09
  5. 5. Company Info. Company Info. Maxon CIC is a Korean IT company that has been developing and manufac- Senul Co., Ltd., was born in July 2003 as the expert developer of data security/ turing Home Security products, Two Way Radios, Synchrozied Timing Solution protection/recovery, remote control/management of computer resources and products, etc for more than 30 years. Maxon CIC is Head-quartered in Seoul, information appliance hardware being organized with key officers of develop- Korea with a R&D center(Security/TWR/Timing Sync.) and, has a factory with a ment and marketing in the field of hard disk sheriff project separated from R&D center(TWR) in Bangkok, Thailand. JeongSoft Co., Ltd., the expert company of security/recovery. Home network, the apartment information management system is developed and produced (being supplied to Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.) while “Hard Sheriff” the computer data protection soft and “Mobi-i” the video black box are developed, produced and sold. We undertake to make an excellent business of ceaselessly growing Senul by ceaselessly paying attention to items Company name of computer and information appliance in need of customers and technology Company name Maxon (Alphons) development thereby together with ceaseless idea creation and in fundamental Senul Inc. principle of the company’s motto “Newly by everyday” . Contact All Officers and Employees of Senul Co., Ltd. Contact JK Jeong / Kevin Kim / Overseas Sales Team Overseas sales Mobi-Smart (750) Smart Sentinel V20 Tel MOBI-Smart is a video recording device helping analyze the causes Tel Maxon Home Automation & Security System is wirelss, fully Self-con- 82 2 3498 3060 of accidents by providing video, audio and location information re- 82 070 4675 0115 tained, D.I.Y system that provides ‘Live video streaming’ via various corded. MOBI-Smart has a function to play back the images down- smart devices and web enabled pc. It allows user can monitor their loaded from the stored video images and to view the images being Fax home or office anywhere at any time once they are connected. Our recorded on a real time basis in conjunction with the black box in Fax 82 2 3498 3113 system consists of a main control panel, wirelss cameras, PIR sensors, the dedicated application program for the smart phone. The settings 82 31 732 5786 Door sensors and a keyfob. Watch & secure your home smartly, any- of it also can be done by the smart phone linked with the Black box. where, anytime. MOBI-Smart has an emergency service function sending a letter E-mail E-mail message to the linked smart phone by automatically detecting an Feature accident by the black box in the event that a vehicle is rolled over. * Live Video Monitoring Via Smart Device or Web enabled PC Website * Post Article Alarm Event to SNS Mobi-Smart Twin (770) Website - Upload video clips to personal Webpage - Notify status Via SNS MOBI-Smart Twin can be saved images front side and rear side at * Web&Smart Device controlled the same time. It also has a function to play back the images down- - Access Home from anywhere, anytime loaded from the stored video images and to view the images being * Built-in Loud Siren recorded on a real time basis in conjunction with the black box in - 95dB Piezzo Buzzer the dedicated application program for the smart phone. The settings Chongho Bldg, 7-61, Yangjae-Dong, * Built-in rechargeable Back-up battery of it also can be done by the smart phone linked with the Black box. 4F SuntechCity,307-2, Sangdae- Seocho-ku, Seoul, 137-130, Korea - High Capacity(2600mAh)Li-Ion X2 won-Dong, Jungwon-Gu, Sun- * Direct Voice Warning to intruder Via Smartphone Mobi-Clear (700) gnam-City, Gyeonggido, South * Wall Mount or Desktop Mount Mobi-Clear can play High-definition movies smoothly and check Korea * Supports Wireless Cameras, 32 Wireless sensors 3) 2.4GHz WiFi(optional) clear license plate identification. It also has auto better saving and * Full compliance with FCC temperature control function. * Dimension: 200 x 151x34.5m Mobi-clear has wide viewing angle. The 120 degree viewing angle Booth No. 31009 is sufficient to prevent video distortion, optimized for the black box. Booth No. 3101110 11
  6. 6. Company Info. Company Info. We, DUVEET Co., Ltd, manufacture portable rescue and secure illumination for As the leading Optical Lens Manufacturer & Distributor in Korea, Haesung Tech- the disaster prevention and management especially. The portable HID Search- nology is a sister company of Haesung Optics, the vendor of Samsung Galaxy lights and the tactical LED Helmet flashlight by DUVEET has obtained many S Camera module. Haesung Technology develop & manufacture Car black box unique points based on the venture company authorization related to nation- camera (front & rear) with module, Mega Pixel Lens for car black box, Rear Car X al defence product quality. The striking features and competitive edges of our Camera, IR Lens for CCTV. X aforementioned products are - 43W HID Portable Searchlight - 35W HID Portable Searchlight Also, Haesung Technology buy & sell competitive lens, camera module, car - 43W HID Searchlight for CCTV - 3W LED Helmet Flashlight black box to Korea, US, South America and European countries. Also it has been recognized as an excellent product by National Public Procure- ment Service in Korea and it is used in public institutions, Fire station, Military, Haesung Technology can cooperate with you for new business, find reliable Company name National Police Department, Coastguard, National Emergency Management partners and can be your trustable global supplier. Company name DUVEET Co., Ltd. Agency, National Park Office and many Industry fields with great public fa- Haesung Technology Co., Ltd. vours. We will obviously give you the best accurate answer to your requests with our verified products in many emergency situations. We do hope that our Contact products will have great potentials for your company’s needs. Contact Genie LEE / Seokchun, Choi / Manager Director / Overseas Sales Depth H-GEAR Business Planning Team 3.8mm IR Lens H-Gear | Lamp Type : Xenon HID Lamp | Lamp Power : 43W | Maximum Lu- Tel minous Flux(brightness) : 4,100lm | Lamp Life : Up to 2,000~2,500hrs | Color IR Board Lens for CCTV(CNB Korea, HIKV China) : Focal Length Tel 82-31-217-7011~2 Temperature : 4,300K | Input Voltage : DC 10 ~18V | OperationalCurrent:4A | 3.8mm, Sensing Area 1/3” & 1/4” BFL 6.29mm, F No. 2.0, FOV 92º, 70º , 070-4339-4260 Dimensions(mm) : 91(W)×244(L)×144(H) | Weight : 1.53kg (without battery) Battery | Battery Type : Lithium-Ion | Battery Capacity : DC 14.4V 4,400mAh Fax | Run Time : 80min | Weight: 455g Charger | Charging Voltage(In) : AC 100 Fax 82-31-217-7013 ~240V | Charging Voltage(Out) :DC 19V 3.16A | Charging time : 2hrs ± 30mins M-GEAR E-mail E-mail M-Gear | Lamp Type : Xenon HID Lamp | Lamp Power : 35W | Maximum Lu- minous Flux(brightness) : 3,500lm | Lamp Life : Up to 2,500~3,000Hrs | Color Temperature : 4,300K | Input Voltage : DC 10 ~18V | Operational Current : Website 3.5A | Dimensions(mm) : 98.8 (W) ×246 (L) ×144 (H) | Weight : 1.5kg (with- 2Mega Pixel(HD) Board Lens for Car Blackbox Website out battery) Battery | Battery Type : Lithium-ion | Battery Capacity : DC 14.4V 2Mega Pixel(HD) Lens for Car Blackbox Camera : Focal Length 4,400mAh | Run Time : 90mins | Weight : 455g Charger | Charging input volt- 2.33mm, BFL 2.26mm, 1/4” CMOS Sensor, M8*P0.35, FOV 140º(Dian- age : AC 100 ~240V | Charging voltage :DC 19V / 3.16A | Charging time : 2hrs ± 30mins ogal), F No. 2.0, TTL 11.58mm, Construction 2P 3G 45-4 Nueup-dong, Osan-si, Gyeong- Quantum(QU-V1) 11-2, Suyoung-ri, Bongdam-eup, gi-do, 447-160, Korea Quantum QU-V1 | Lamp Type : Power LED | Lamp Power : 3W | Lamp Life Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea : More than 50,000Hrs | Color Temperature : 6,000K | Dimensions(mm) : 2Mega Pixel(HD) Car Blackbox 34(W)×142(L)×28(H) | Weight : 110g (without battery) | Switch-mode : 3step 2Mega Pixel Camera, 1+1CH(2CH) Display, Built in LCD 2.4” Monitor, (MAX > 60% > Strobe) | Maximum Distance : 100m | Waterproof Grade: IPX8 Battery | Battery Type : Lithium-ion | Battery Capacity : More than DC 3.7V Micro SD 8GB included, Motion Detector, Beep Sound, Viewer pro- 2,600mAh | Run Time : More than 3Hrs(MAX)~ 6Hrs(60%) | Weight : 47g gram with Google Map, 92.5mm x 88mm x 85.2mm Charger | Charging input voltage : AC 100 ~240V | Output voltage : 5V / 1A | Booth No. 31013 Charging time : 3hrs ± 30mins Booth No. 31015 X X X X X12 13
  7. 7. Company Info. Company Info. JOUTEC is a leading and advanced manufacturer of Car black-box and mobile vehicle CCTV camera TBT provides premium security products and innovative technology with a system since 2007. Currently we are exporting the goods to more than 50 countries all over the world comprehensive line of intelligent analog, and IP video surveillance solutions, with high quality and performance. In order to meet the client’s satisfaction, we are operating sufficient performance, quality and safety and intelligent functionality that grow with engineering manpower to develop and maintain high quality and reliability products. Especially our Mobile Vehicle monitoring/tracking system is enlable to transmit not only location data but also video your requirements. The product range from TBT includes Analogue Camera, HD data in real time so that the clients can track the vehicles as well as see the video from the vehicles SDI, IP-solutions, Pan Tilt Camera, as well as Digital Video Recorder, all of which for surveillance and monitoring on CMS. Joutec is only focusing on the vehicle security / monitoring / are designed to something special and unique. surveillance products to be a leader worldwide. TPV-BD NDR3320/NDR3311 (3G MOBILE AUTOMOTIVE MONITORING SYSTEM) THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA Company name NDR3320(Dual cameras)/NDR3311(1+1 cameras) is a mobile CCTV camera product with 3G - 720 x 480 Super Clear Video Resolution (Thermal Imaging) with Company name mobile phone network. The NDR3320/NDR3311 are used to record video, audio, location, patented QIET(Quality Image Enhancement Technology) JOUTEC COMPANY LIMITED speed, direction, G-sensor data, time, date, and vehicle ID in a continuous first in first out - AOZ (Advanced Optimal Zoom) TBT Inc. loop fashion. If the vehicle is involved in an accident such as a collision, impact and sudden - Built-in TEC (Thermo Electric Controller) acceleration, related incident, this data is marked and stored onto the SD card and then Contact the tagged (event) file will be transmitted automatically via 3G mobile phone network by - Direct Short Key Controls on Control Board Contact Mr. AUGUSTIN CHO / 3G broadband modem. The NDR3320/NDR3311 include Central monitoring system so that - Lowest NETD : 40mk DAVID PARK /SALES DIRECTOR SALES MANAGER / GLOBAL the user can track and monitor the vehicles by PC with internet access. This CMS (Central 20X HD ZOOM CAMERA / 36X D1 ZOOM CAMERA Oversea Sales Team monitoring system) will show the users, vehicle ID, speed, location, operation history, and IP68 All Weatherproof MARKETING DIVISION tracking route on the map in real time. The key features of NDR3320/NDR3311 are real time - 1,000 Hours Salt Spraying Test Passed vehicle monitoring by video files by 3G network. This product is the best for fleet manage- ment companies, logistics, public transportation and car insurance companies. - 3G Vibration Test Passed Tel Tel - 360° Endless Panning / Tilting 82 32 621 1941 82 70 4015 8130 SDR2000 (SMART DRIVE SYSTEM) IP MEGA PIXEL PTZ SDR2000 is a vehicle monitoring/tracking product connecting OBD II interface in the vehicle. Professional IP PTZ dome Fax Fax This OBD II provides all maintenance data (more than 30 kinds) from ECU to be stored in Dual-codec (H.264 & MJPEG) 82 32 621 1944 82 31 722 5907 micro SD card in SDR2000. This SDR2000 also equips GPS, G-sensor, Wi-Fi module and OBD II module to collect all information from vehicle and save the data in micro SD card and trans- Multi profile streaming mit the key data to server via smartphone. This SDR2000 includes Wi-Fi module to commu- (Up to 3 streams of different resolutions, frame rates and codec se- E-mail E-mail nicate between SDR2000 and smartphone to transmit the data to the server and upload the new program to SDR2000. SDR2000 used to record video, audio, location, speed, direction, lections) Digital PTZ, video crop G-sensor data, time, date, and vehicle ID in a continuous first in first out loop fashion. If the Bi-directional audio communication vehicle is involved in an accident such as a collision, impact and sudden acceleration, related incident, this data is marked and stored onto the SD card and then the tagged (event) file 3G mobile A/V surveillance (Through 3G server) Website Website will be transmitted automatically by 3G mobile phone network. The server program will be Ultra quiet mechanism included to manage and monitor the vehicles. In order to make the usage easy, this SDR2000 IP + (Hybrid) feature includes Application program for all smartphones to playback the recorded video files, and - Simultaneous control through RS-485 and IP network check the vehicle maintenance information on smartphone. This is the perfect product for car Auto IR LED brightness control insurance companies, fleet management companies as well as logistics. IP68 approval, perfect waterproof Tempered glass adopted 4FL, 25-13 SEONGNAMDAERO 997 #193 (703Ho, 403Dong,Tech- ADR3000 (AUTOMATED DRIVE RECORDING SYSTEM) High performance PTZ BEON GIL (212 YEOSU-DONG) no-park4), Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-ku, JUNGWON-GU, SEONGNAM CITY, ADR-3000 is the black box for the vehicles, unlikely other recording system, the ADR-3000 Bucheon-city, Kyunggi-do, R.O.Korea drive recorder is used to record video and audio data in a continuous first in first out loop HD SDI CAMERA GYEONGGI-DO 462-100 fashion. If the vehicle is involved in an accident such as a collision, impact and sudden accel- 2 Megapixels HD-SDI camera REPUBLIC OF KOREA eration, related incident, this data is marked and stored onto the SD card. One may thereafter External Varifocal & Focus control (Open type Control Panel) analyze the data to find its root cause by playing back the scenes of interest and where ac- External OSD Key control (Open type Control Panel) celeration, vehicle speed, direction, and location are available for review. It does include one camera for front view of the vehicle. It does include TWO cameras. One camera is for front Concealed cable through type with junction box included Booth No. 31017 view and the other camera is for inside view of the vehicle. 90 meters IR LED Range (50mm Lens / LED High Set) Booth No. 3101914 15
  8. 8. Company Info. Company Info. DS TELECOM is specialized for R&D group company of Vehicle Blackbox & Since 1998 EMW has been a global leader of wireless communication technol- FMS(Fleet Management System) in South Korea. We provide vehicle digital ogies. We are the leading manufacturer of mobile antennas, wireless smartgrid video recorders to over 187 world-wide overseas customers through special- and security solutions. ized ODM of Products. Our strategy is to work closely with transportation com- X panies to identify and understand unmet needs, then rapidly develop unique Our new All-in-One IP Camera System, composed of two IP cameras and a and technically superior products. Furthermore, our ultimate goal is to develop built-in NVR, effectively transmits HD video and audio. By supporting both products that improve drivers’ safeness and management of commercial vehi- wired and wireless connections, this product ensures a stable and wide cover- cle. DS TELECOM is taking products from the concept stage all the way through age with maximum security. The use of dual-band frequency (2.4GHz/5.8GHz) design, premarketing approval and manufacture them into the marketplace. also minimizes the potential interference during signal transmission and recep- As a result, the Korean sea guard government, the Russian police department, tion. Furthermore, the powerful and intelligent software allows easy network Company name the Brazilian police department, each of their main government sectors choose configuration, thus providing the highest performance and quality. Company name DS TELECOM CO., LTD DS Telecom’s products. Also major corporations who have strict qualification EMW Co., Ltd. standard like HONDA, Mercedez Benz choose our vehicle digital video record- ers. We will always be your trustable partner in order to accomplish your suc- Contact cessful business by having a long term relationship. Contact JULIE KIM / SALES MANAGER John Kim / Manager INTERNATIONAL SALES Overseas Marketing & Sales Tel Tel 82-32-624-1408 +82-10-2107-5614 CARPA-HD1300 “All-in-One” Wired/Wireless IP Camera & NVR Fax HD Vehicle Digital Video Recorder 2Channel Dual(recording Front and Transmits video data in TCP/IP packets after recording. Fax 82-32-624-1406 Inside) / 1,000G Gravity shock & high temperature test approved / Supports both wired and wireless data transmission using low-out- +82-2-2107-5645 2.0Mega Pixel high quality dual lens with auto IR sensor / 2 Camera Dig- put wireless devices. Supports online remote surveillance through ital CMOS sensor / Auto Event Recording by 3D G sensor, Driver panic the Internet. Versatile use for both personal and industrial environ- E-mail ment - home interior/exterior, office space, forest fire, construction E-mail button, speed & sudden break by defalt value sites, warehouse, crime scenes and etc. Can record IP Camera’s video/audio data in external storage media (HDD, USB Flash, etc). Supports both wired and wireless data trans- Website CARPA-HD1200 mission using low-output wireless devices. Website Supports real-time viewing and playback of recorded videos through HD Vehicle Digital Video Recorder 2Channel Dual(270°rotating type secondary camera) /2.0Mega Pixel high quality dual lens with auto IR the Internet. sensor / 2 Camera Digital CMOS sensor / Auto Event Recording by 3D G sensor, Driver panic button, speed & sudden break by defalt value #703-101 Ssngyong Technopark 3rd, Wireless Ethernet Bridge Module 80B-4L, 680-3, Gojan-Dong, Nam- Samjungdong, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon- dong-Gu, Incheon, Korea Compact size and low power consumption is useful for wireless IP si, Gyeonggido, South Korea Cameras, DVR/NVR and other security applications. R&D Center: 459-24, Gasan-Dong, CARPA-D400 Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul, Korea Provides improved link robustness, extended range, and higher 4CH Vehicle Digital Video Recorder /Digital cameras which are able to throughput compared to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. customize / Operate remote control system / Auto Event Recording by Uses Binary CDMA technology and is compliant with Koinonia wire- 3D G sensor, Driver panic button, speed & sudden break by defalt value less personal area network (WPAN). Booth No. 31025 Booth No. 3102716 17
  9. 9. Company Info. Company Info. E-ronix concentrates to development of High-End CCTV camera since 2006. X We are rapidly growing with specialized technology, distinctive design, perfor- mance and quality by accommodating a wide variety of customer needs. New business trend is the convergence of all the industry now on. E-ronix is paving the way to accomplish mutual growth with customers based on best engineers X and networking by creating and suggesting new concept market. E-ronix’s Pas- sion will be permanent based on Speed, Simplicity, Harmony. E-ronix’s chal- lenges never stop ! HD Network PTZ Camera Company name Company name • High Definition Resolution - 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps E-ronix Inc. Lantis • 20x Optical Zoom (12x Digital Zoom) • Dual Streaming Contact H.264/H.264, H.264/MJPEG, MJPEG/H.264 • Motion Detection Contact Ms. Kara RYU / Staff • De-interlace 3D Filter X Overseas sales & Marketing • HD-SDI , CVBS Video Output • Two Way Audio Communication • IP 67 (Waterproof) Tel • Built-in Heater and Fan Tel +82-2-861-0968 070-7583-1602 HD Network Mini PTZ Camera X Fax • High Definition Resolution - 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps Fax +82-2-861-0969 • 3x Optical Zoom (12x Digital Zoom) X • Dual Streaming H.264/H.264, H.264/MJPEG, MJPEG/H.264 E-mail • Motion Detection • De-interlace 3D Filter E-mail • HD-SDI , CVBS Video Output • Two Way Audio Communication • IP 67 (Waterproof-Outdoor) Website • Built-in Heater and Fan(Outdoor) Website IPS (Intelligent Positioning System) • 37x Optical Auto Focus Zoom (f=3.5 to 129.5mm) • 33x Optical Auto Focus Zoom (f=3.5 to 115.5mm) #801, ACE HIGH-END TOWER 2, • 27x Optical Auto Focus Zoom (f=3.5 to 95mm) X • Horizontal Resolution 600 TVL 222-14 Guro-dong, Guro-gu, SEOUL, • Built-in Hybrid IR LED & Sub IR Illuminator LED KOREA • Auto Dimming control • Mechanical IR Cut filter for True Day&Night • Motion Detection • Endless 360° Pan Rotation (Tilt 45° up, 90° down) • Preset, Pattern, Tour, Scan • Cable managed Bracket • IR Visible Range : 150M with 4 IR, 100M with 2 IR Booth No. 31029 Booth No. 31031 X X X18 19
  10. 10. Company Info. Company Info. DTVinteractive provides HD-SDI CCTV Gateway for CCTV System Integrators CSINFOTEL was established in 2001 based on technological excellence in infor- and Security Management Companies who want to upgrade analogue CCTV mation and telecommunication. Years of growth at CSINFOTEL helped create a system with minimum cost. With our knowledge and experience in digital portfolio that includes ‘access control system’ , ‘automatic metro fare payment broadcasting technology from 2001, HD-SDI Gateway enables to extend video system’ and ‘digital doorlock’ using a convergence of IT technology and bionic transmission distance without HD-SDI repeater or expensive IP network con- recognition technology. The final products were manufactured by swiftly re- struction. For more rapid upgrade of digital HD CCTV from existing Analogue sponding to the rapidly changing IT environment, based on challenging spirits CCTV, DTVinteractive will adopt our know-how of digital broadcasting tech- and creativity. CSINFOTEL’s in-house lab, which is certified by the government, nology. Also, DTVinteractive always welcomes mutual cooperation with CCTV has been continuously conducting R&D based on its rich experience and know- related companies including CCTV System integrators, Security Solution Dis- how. tributors and Security Management Companies. We’ll do our best for HD-SDI The vision of CSINFOTEL is to be the Global No.1 Company in the security field Company name CCTV conversion to satisfy customer’s needs of safety and security. of integrating IT & bionic recognition technology. Company name DTVinteractive Co., Ltd Chang Shin Information and Telecommunication Co., Ltd. Contact Dion Kim / Sales Team Leader Contact Sales HQ KIWON AN / STAFF Management Support Team SG-7000 : Access Control System Tel +82-2-3446-2040 SG-7000 system is Access Control System which can be used for Tel controlling of building access. Identification methods includes fin- +82-42-532-1551 gerprint, RF card, wireless key, or ID number etc. When operating Fax with wireless key the SG-7000 system automatically recognize the +82-2-3446-1513 key approaching the building and open the door without manually Fax interacting with the SG-7000 terminal. Especially the SG-7000 termi- +82-42-532-1766 nal adopts 7 inch touch screen LCD. With the wide display the oper- E-mail HD-SDI Gateway(Model: NTS-08) from DTVinteractive is the innovative ator can display a promoting video on the LCD. SG-7000 system can solution to install Full HD CCTV system without replacing existing co- E-mail axial cables of analog CCTV. NTS-08 receives 8 Full HD CCTV Cameras also provide additional functionality such as Time Attendance and Local Charging etc. (1080p) via HD-SDI to multiplex and compress for a single output. This Website single output has an ability to transmit a long distance of 400 meters and results in saving costs of installation and construction significantly. Website Local monitoring system can also be supported. In addition, it is highly easy to install using existing coaxial cable unlike IP CCTV. 4 NTS-08 in series can cover 1.6Km radius with Full HD quality videos and supports EECU1100A : Access Control System high quality(1080p/30fps) Recording / Playback. This high quality video EECU1100A system is Access Control System which can be used for surveillances will prevent crimes and be very effective to collect evi- controlling of building access. Identification methods includes fin- #611, Daerung Post Tower 1, 212-8, 3F Yonhap News, #1445 Gal- , dences compare to low quality DVR. Particularly, it will allow users to gerprint, RF card, wireless key, or ID number etc. When operating Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea save big cost for installing and constructing Full HD quality CCTV sys- ma2-Dong, Seo-Gu, Daejeon, Korea with wireless key the EECU1100A system automatically recognize tems such as IP CCTV. It can eliminate overloading IP network issue by the key approaching the building and open the door without man- using existing coaxial cables. CMS, VMS and NVR in the current market ually interacting with the EECU1100A terminal. EECU1100A system can be integrated with NTS-08 and some sites with the combination of can also provide additional functionality such as Time Attendance IP CCTV and HD-SDI CCTV can also use NTS-08 to have Full HD CCTV and Local Charging etc. system. Booth No. 31033 Booth No. 3103520 21
  11. 11. Company Info. Company Info. Laice was established in September, 2004 by expert engineer in CCTV camera The Comartsystem is a professional HD-SDI Solution development company and ripe engineers in video processing including competent and expert staff. Since developing the world’s first DVR and Video Board Series’, the core of the chip design from user application ranging from HD Solution of the H / W and S / W field to develop their own level of technology. In 2007, the world’s first SDI transmission using existing development and production of large amounts X of uncompressed image data that can be sent without loss ‘HD-SDI ‘. We have steadily developed a ‘HD-SDI CCTV Solution’ on the basis of advanced technol- ogy so far, and HD-SDI high-speed measurement data ahead of others in the field, know-how and equipment to solve the problems in the development of the ‘HD-CCTV Solution’ efforts. Company name Company name LAICE ELECTRONICS,ltd LIV-576BV Contact 1/3” Sony Super HAD II Double scan Color CCD Contact Joly Sung / Sales Manager 700TVL(Color), 750TVL(B/W) High-Resolution Jason Lee / Oversea Sales Man- Overseas sales f=2.8~11mm Vari-focal, DC Auto Iris F1.2. Day & Night Lens ager / Sales Department Auto switching IR LED control by protocell ( IR-LED On ) WDR. 2D+3DNR, DSS, D-Zoom, OSD menu function Tel 3-Axis Gimbal bracket , Vandal Resistant & Weatherproof Housing Tel 82-2-489-3702 ( IP-66 ) 82-2-070-7122-2328 Fax HDC-ZSD020S Fax 82-2-489-3704 - Optical X20 Zoom, Digital X32, cable control 82-2-2109-5656 - Output: HD-SDI, Composite E-mail LID-403B E-mail 1/3” Sony Super HAD II Color CCD 700TVL High-Resolution Website f=3.6 mm F2.0 Fixed Lens Website 0.3Lux@F2.0 HDCAP-F60S 3-AXIS Gimbal bracket - 2ch HD-SDI, or 1ch HD-SDI + 1ch HDMI - Support S/W H.264 Codec, Windows 32/64bit SDK #1305~7, IT Premier Tower, 345-50, #1401 ACE TWIN TOWERⅠ, 212-1 Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, LDP-575BV-36 GU-RO 3DONG, GU-RO GU, SEOUL, Korea SHDS-F4PROS S. KOREA 1/3”Sony Super HAD II Double scan Color CCD 700TVL(Color), 750TVL(B/W) High-Resolution - Input : 4ch SDI 1920x1080, 1280x720 or 4ch HDMI f=2.8~11mm Vari-focal, DC Auto Iris F1.2 Day&Night Lens - Resolution : 1920x1080, 1280x1024, 1280x960, 1280x768, 1280x720 ( Option : 6~50mm ) - Output: HDMI, D-SUB, S-Video. Composite. HD-SDI Auto switching IR LED control by photocell (IR-LED : 36 pcs, 48 pcs ) - Support RS-232, RS-485 Booth No. 31037 Booth No. 31035 X X X22 23
  12. 12. Company Info. Company Info. Powertech is a manufacturer exporting CCTV camera to all over the world. We Visionite has been developing and manufacturing security cameras such as have a wide variety of camera line such as HD-SDI, 960H, Analog cameras and box, dome, board, IR Night-Vision, miniature cameras and HD cameras for full DVR. Our products are 100% made in Korea and famous for its patented water- satisfaction of customers’ needs. Our top-notch engineers have over 15 years proof IP 68 housing. experience in the design and production of these security cameras systems. X We have our own R&D Center. And we’ve been developing several special cam- X eras based on market’s needs. We’ve been getting recogniton in surveillance market as No.1 Korea HD-SDI provider. x20 2MP HD-SDI Zoom Camera (VCZ-V200DM) 2MP 20X HD-SDI Box type Zoom Camera, 1/3” Panasonic Progres- Company name HBM1-2020(ZOOM CAMERA) sive CMOS Sensor, 2.1M Pixels (1080P), Optical 20X Zoom Lens Company name POWERTECH ELECTRONICS CO., (f=4.7~94mm), TDN ICR Mechanism, WDR, 3D-DNR, DSS(Sens-up) Visionite Inc. 2.1 MEGA PIXEL, 1/3 PANASONIC CMOS Supported, HD-SDI Video Out Supporting standard SMPTE protocol. LTD OSD(Built in)(10 languages ), LENS(Mega Pixel Zoom-TDN) Excellent Video Quality of 1080P Video Resolution at 30fps, Digital ZOOM(X2~X8 D-ZOOM, Optical ZOOM X20) HDMI Out & Analog Composite Video Out, DC12V Contact Contact SSDR(D-WDR ) : 1~15 Level Selectable Ilsup Yoon / Manager Ray Kim / Assistant Sales SSNR3(3D DNR) , Motion detection, Communication / Sales Marketing (RS-485 PELCO-D Protocal) Manager / Overseas Business DC12V, Dual Power(Option)( IP-66 ) Tel Tel HSIL120 -722MFV +82-2-2661-0112 82)32-323-2540 700TVL SONY (Effio-E/Refia-D) Miniature Camera (VCQ2-F222H) 1/3 INCH SONY COMS/ HD-SDI(1080P 720P), , High Resolution(1000TV Line OVER)(2Mega pixel) 1/3” EX-view HAD CCD II (SONY), (SONY Effio-E DSP), High Sensi- Fax Fax 0 Lux at IR On(IR LED H10/N110 pcs)/ Upgraded Waterproof tivity, 700TVL(520K Pixels), 2D-DNR , ATR(D-WDR), HLC, OSD Cable, +82-2-2661-1505 82)32-623-2542 Housing(IP 68 rating) Various Lenses Selectable, 25*25mm Miniature Camera OSD controlled/ Smart IR/ MDIR(Motion detection IR)/WDR E-mail (Wide Dynamic Range) 1/3” EX-view HAD CCD II (SONY), (Refia-D DSP), High Sensitivity, E-mail DNR(Digital Noise Reduction)/ True Day & Night(IRC) 700TVL(520K Pixels), 3D-DNR, D-WDR, DSS, OSD Cable, Various Function/ Privacy Lenses Selectable, 25*25mm Miniature Camera Easy Installation/ 3Axis Concealed Bracket Website Website DC Auto IRIS & TDN V/F Lens 2.8~12mm HBI90 72702FV 1/3 INCH SONY COMS/ HD-SDI(1080P 720P), , High Resolution(1000TV Line OVER)(2Mega pixel) 700TVL SONY (Effio-E/Refia-D) Miniature Camera (VCQ2-F222H) #B-910 Woorim Lion’s Valley, 425, 0 Lux at IR On(IR LED H10/N110 pcs)/ Upgraded Waterproof 4F Yeolin Bldg, 487-12 Bangh- Chungchundong, Bupyunggu, 1/3” EX-view HAD CCD II (SONY), (SONY Effio-P DSP), High Sen- wa-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, S. Housing(IP 68 rating) sitivity, 700TVL(520K Pixels), 2D-DNR , ATR, HLC , WDR, OSD, Box Incheon, Korea OSD controlled/ Smart IR/ MDIR(Motion detection IR)/WDR Korea Camera (Wide Dynamic Range) DNR(Digital Noise Reduction)/ True Day & Night(IRC) 1/3” EX-view HAD CCD II (SONY), (Refia-D DSP), High Sensitivi- Function/ Privacy ty, 700TVL(520K Pixels), 2/3D-DNR, Real-WDR, ATR-EX, DIS, HLC, Easy Installation/ 3Axis Concealed Bracket E-Zoom, OSD, Box Camera DC Auto IRIS & TDN V/F Lens 2.8~12mm Booth No. 31041 Booth No. 31006 X X X24 25