Networking for fun! Indiana Womens Commission on Women Conference 2010


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Networking for fun! Indiana Womens Commission on Women Conference 2010

  1. 1. WOW! Networking is Fun Cindy Cohen RN, BS BA Owner, C2 Your Health LLC Qualified National Marketing Director Juice Plus+ Corporation
  2. 2. Networking is F U N• F – is for friends who do stuff together• U – is for u and me• N – is for an where and any time at allIf you are not having fun,what would make it fun? spongebob
  3. 3. Networking FUN• When you are having fun …• Open to new ideas• Want more of it• Try harder• Get better results
  4. 4. What is networking?• If you ask 10 different people what networking is you will get 10 different answers.• How do you use networking?
  5. 5. Networking is Sharing Information Where ever you are!• At a doctors office• At a Grocery store• At a Business meeting
  6. 6. Networking is Listening to Who ever you are with!• Relatives• Friends• Family• Teachers• Peers• Business associates
  7. 7. Networking is everywhere!Where can’t you network?• “Networking”, „leads or referral groups.”• Professional Organizations• Volunteer Activities: American Cancer Society• Civic Clubs & Groups: Rotary, Optimist International• Places of worship• Kids activities: sports teams, playdates• Hobbies: Crafts, Sewing, Ceramics• Recreational Activities: Athletics, Camping clubs,• Dance Class, Water aerobics
  8. 8. Networking can be done all the time!.
  9. 9. Networking is a new way of thinkingNetworking is about:• The relationships in your life• Broadening your community• Making new friends• Being genuinely interested in others• Sharing information
  10. 10. Networking is not about YOU Networking is empoweringwhat ever you give you out, comes back
  11. 11. When networking ask yourself….“What is most important?” The person you are meeting right now? Or?
  12. 12. Who are in their networkingcircle of influence? The people they know? Yes!
  13. 13. Who else do you know?Generally speaking everyone knows about 200 people When you meet someone you are essentially meeting their 200 friends
  14. 14. Networking is creating Social Capital• A community filled with people who like, admire and respect you.• A community fill with people you care about, admire and respect.• A community filled with people who want to help each other succeed.This is your social capital.
  15. 15. Networking is easy I learned it … you can too!• Networking is a learned skill, everybody can learn to network for fun and profit.• As with all learning experiences, knowledge, practice, trial and error are all required.• The more skillful you become … …the better your results.
  16. 16. Networking is a Recipe for Fun1 enjoyable activity which is networking1 to1000 interesting personCombine the ingredients, enjoy and repeat.
  17. 17. Get started with fun in your mind Attitude of fun Expect, plan & prepare to have fun Invite a friend to network Focus on what others want instead of what you want
  18. 18. There’s a system just like Arthur Murray Dance Studios 1920‟s
  19. 19. There’s a formula just like GeometryEquation of a Circle: (parametric coordinates) for a circle with origin (j, k) and radius r: x(t) = r cos(t) + j y(t) = r sin(t) + k
  20. 20. Here’s the Formula for Networking Success Break the Listen ice
  21. 21. Load Your Networking Tool Box• Business Cards• Name tag• Your personal, product or business story• Calendar• Note cards “thanks”
  22. 22. Break the Listen ice Break the Ice You are just like an iceberg. You have the part others can see – your outside. Then there‟s the part others don‟t see – your inside. Let‟s start with your inside.
  23. 23. Who are you representing? Would you work for you?
  24. 24. What’s your personal style?Read some books to learn about you andhow to be your personal best.
  25. 25. Would you hire you?Do you put your best foot forward?Do you dress for success?Do you shake hands when introduced?Do you Smile with teeth (big)?
  26. 26. What you don’t say …Says about you• Stand up straight with • Be friendly, warm and confidence considerate.• Dress respecting Not sure what to do? what others might Watch what others are doing and think do that!• Make eye contact this says you are – Sincerity and Openness – Shifty or Suspicious – Threat or innuendo
  27. 27. Be a good example to others Take care of yourself Make healthy choices Be active Relax Get some rest
  28. 28. Break the Listen ice Introduce yourself
  29. 29. Communication Effectiveness• 93 % nonverbal cues• 7 % by the words used• 38 % by voice quality• 55 % by the nonverbal communication UCLA Santa BarbaraThe best communicators are sensitive to thepower of the emotions andthoughts communicated nonverbally.- Listen With Your Eyes Susan M. Heathfield,
  30. 30. Check out your Body LanguageACTION MESSAGE CONVEYEDShaking legs StressLack of eye contact Deception or Lack of ConfidenceFidgeting with hands Nervous or LyingClenched fists Aggression or AngerStiffened posture Aggression or AngerTensed muscles Aggression or AngerCrossed arms ResistanceHands on hips Frustration or ChallengeEye contact Sincerity and Openness Shifty or Suspicious International November 2007
  31. 31. Dale Carnegie Classics Read thisWin Friends and Influence Others The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking
  32. 32. Break the Listen ice Get the other person talking
  33. 33. Try this formula for starters - FORM• F = How is your family• O = What is your Occupation• R = What do you do for Recreation• M = How do you spend you Money•What would you do if you had more time? How would you spend it?•If you had more money, what charity would you give to?
  34. 34. Break the Listen ice Listen for Common Interests
  35. 35. • Learn to ask good questions• Use open ended sentences – who, what, when, where, why, tell me more How to Win Friends and Influence Others – Dale Carnegie Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking – Dale Carnegie
  36. 36. Here’s some ideas for open ended sentences• Describe how networking has grown your company.• How did you start your business?• What was the biggest challenge you faced as a business owner?
  37. 37. • What do they like to do?• What sort of things have they done in their lives?• What is happening to them now?• What did they do today or last weekend?
  38. 38. Break the Listen ice Say something interesting
  39. 39. Talk about What’s Happening Current events On the web In the paper Interesting topicsJust say no to ….Sex – Politics - Religion
  40. 40. Break the Listen ice Listen Ears open…mouth closed
  41. 41. Practice Active Listening• Pay attention and ask questions• Nod, say “yes”, “I see”, “That‟s interesting”• Take turns talking• Consider your response before disagreeing
  42. 42. Break the Listen ice Listen for solutions
  43. 43. When networking what are you looking for?• Friend• Customer• Referral• Connection• Information
  44. 44. Break the Listen ice Tell them a little about you Your personal story Your product story Your business story
  45. 45. Break the Listen ice This was fun, would you like to get together again?
  46. 46. Networking is about creating, sustaining, and maintaining relationshipsThe more FUN you have the more EFFECTIVE you will be …The more EFFECTIVE you are the more SUCCESS you will enjoy ...The more you ENJOY the more FUN you have!
  47. 47. Networking Success is FUN when you know theformulathe Break and the tools Listen ice
  48. 48. Networking is FUN• Fun to make new friends• Fun to watch your business grow• Fun to make money• Fun to achieve your goals The more you practice the better you will become.
  49. 49. WOW!Networking IS Fun
  50. 50. Cindy Cohen is a recognized face-to-face networking leader, networking for “fun and profit,” and the founder of C2 Your Health, LLC.Combining her two passions, health and business, Cindy has created ahealth and wellness firm using her skills in face-to-face networking. She is amuch sought after speaker, locally and nationally, on the topics ofNetworking, Health and Wellness. Her networking expertise has helped herto build an award winning Juice Plus+ Franchise and become a QualifiedNational Marketing Director with the Juice Plus+ Corporation.Cindy has produced four successful networking groups and shares hernetworking models and concepts through coaching and training others.Cindy Cohen can be reached through her blog, or by email at Your Health, LLC is a wellness company bringing individual healthcoaching, community health, and corporate wellness to northern Indianasince 2002. Please visit our website at to find outmore.
  51. 51.