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Events Leading up to the Revolutionary War

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  • Rehearsal Ppt

    1. 1. Significant Events Leading to the Revolutionary War
    2. 2. The French and Indian War British troops and colonists defeat the French troops and Indians The French and Indian War was very costly to the British King George III and his government looked to taxing the American Colonists to help pay for the war
    3. 3. Great Britain Raises Taxes King George III wanted control of the colonies Many felt Great Britain had no right to tax colonists without their consent “No Taxation without Representation” King George III
    4. 4. Sugar Act 1764 British wanted colonists to purchase higher prices sugar Placed taxes on • molasses • sugar • textiles • dyes • coffee
    5. 5. Stamp Act 1765 Required colonists to pay for an “Official Stamp” Stamps had to be purchased when buying paper products • legal documents • licenses • newspapers • pamphlets • playing cards
    6. 6. Colonists Protest Sons of Liberty • Secret society • Samuel Adams leader • Boycott taxes • Violence toward tax collectors Massachusetts Legislature • declares Stamp Act violation of rights and liberty • Pressure on Parliament to repeal Stamp Act Colonists attack, tar and feather a tax collector
    7. 7. Townshend Acts 1767 Parliament passed new taxes on • Glass • Lead • Paint • Paper • Tea
    8. 8. Colonists Protest Again Colonists boycott British tea Samuel Adams wrote letter arguing laws violated legal rights of colonists
    9. 9. Boston Massacre March 5, 1770 • Colonists throw snowballs at British soldiers • British soldiers fire on crowd • 3 colonists dead
    10. 10. Intolerable Acts 1774 Punishment for Boston Tea Party also called the Coercive Acts • Boston Harbor closed • Royal Officials accused of crime sent to Britain for trial • General Thomas Gage new Governor of Massachusetts • Quartering Act requires colonists to house British soldiers
    11. 11. Tea Issues • Parliament reduce tensions by repealing most taxes • Tea in high demand for colonists • British East India Tea Company controlled tea trade
    12. 12. Boston Tea Party 1775 • Samuel Adams and other colonists • Dress up as Indians • Board tea ships • Dump 340 chests of tea into Boston Harbor • Anger King and Parliament
    13. 13. Revolutionary War Begins Instead of bringing order increased anger of colonists Colonists gain confidence in fighting during French and Indian War Revolutionary War began with the battles of Lexington and Concord on 19 April 1775
    14. 14. Quiz 1. The ____________ Act, which was passed by Parliament in 1764, set duties on molasses and sugar imported by the colonists. 2. A popular method of protesting British laws and taxes was the _______________ , in which people refused to buy British products. 3. The ______________ Act was the first attempt by Parliament to raise money via direct taxation of the colonists. 4. In response to the Tea Act, colonists dumped 340 tea chests into Boston Harbor; this incident came to be known as the ________________________________. 5. England responded to the Boston Tea Party by passing the Coercive Acts, which the colonists called the ________________ Acts. not sure click here for glossary slide check next slide for correct answers
    15. 15. Answers to Quiz 1. Sugar 2. boycott 3. Stamp 4. Boston Tea Party 5. Intolerable
    16. 16. Glossary Links click icon for selection Sugar Act 1764 Intolerable Acts 1774 Stamp Act 1765 Boston Tea Party 1775 Townshend Acts 1767 Boston Tea Party Activities Boston Massacre 1770 Quiz
    17. 17. Resources • • 20CCC5D19EF9F3ABAA81&display_mode=preview • • • • • http://www.u-