Applying User Experience Design


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Presented with John Blyberg at Internet Librarian 2010. UX is for everyone. Hear how a public and an academic library are changing the way they relate to their patrons through this user-centric design perspective. Trainer discusses how a mid-size academic library is combining UX principles and cross-division collaboration to make its web presence pop. By bringing best practices to LibGuides and soliciting regular usability feedback, the libraries’ UX team has redesigned the OPAC, SFX menu, and the library website itself in anticipation of the university’s move to Drupal. Blyberg’s public library UX department constantly strives to maintain a digital strategy that is right for “right now” while anticipating future needs and trends. It “embeds” itself in all aspects of library activity, making departmental boundaries irrelevant.

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Applying User Experience Design

  1. Darien Library UX John Blyberg Assistant Director, Innovation & User Experience Darien Library Darien, Connecticut
  2. Weʼve got our eyeon this.
  3. But we did somethinking anddecided ...
  4. ... thatʼs not the story.
  5. This is.
  6. And this.
  7. They tell stories.
  8. Theymakemusic.
  9. They make friends.
  10. They make loud music.
  11. They turn chess into a sporting event.
  12. They know goodfood when theysee it.
  13. So we showthem how to make it.
  14. They are moved by art.
  15. Occasionally, wespot some studying.
  16. Actually,they study a lot.
  17. But they play hard.
  18. Theyʼre patient when we ask them to be.
  19. They listen to othersmart people.
  20. They share.
  21. They learn.
  22. Theyʼre productive.
  23. They discoversomething every day.
  24. And theyread like crazy!
  25. But ...
  26. This is also the library.
  27. Because this needsto work really well.
  28. And this.
  29. And this.
  30. This too.
  31. Because Mariannewants you to readthese great books.
  32. And we want you to find what youʼre looking for in the catalog.
  33. And maybe add your own two cents.
  34. Or see whatʼs going on in your library.
  35. Or the world.
  36. And print a high-qualitybusiness proposal.
  37. Or try somethingcompletely new ..
  38. .. like surface computing.
  39. Or the latest hot game.
  40. Or the latest hot gadget.
  41. Or a warm place to take shelter.
  42. No more silos.
  43. Our inspiration... Lockheed Martin
  44. Darien Library UX
  45. n ie d r n a a e D r h yBT r ib raL
  46. Thank-you!John UX DarienLibrary
  47. UX @ EKU
  48. 50
  49. Cindi Trainor EKU Libraries Richmond,
  50. where it’s due... 52