Tracey Totty, Claire Donlan & James Well "They want it all, they want it now?"


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Tracey Totty, Claire Donlan & James Well "They want it all, they want it now?"

  1. 1. They want it all, they want it now?Claire Donlan – Head of Learning Resources Tracey Totty – Library Services Manager James Wells – e-Learning Manager
  2. 2. IntroductionToday’s students have ‘Great Expectations’ - they expect aLearning Resources Service that delivers a wide range of highquality learning resources in a technology enabled environment.This presentation aims to demonstrate how the LearningResources Department at Middlesbrough College meets theseexpectations by providing traditional and modern technologyenhanced services in a safe, welcoming and accessible learningenvironment.
  3. 3. Access – instant and choiceStudents expect instant access, easy access and choice Physical space – individual, group, quiet, social Virtual space – VLE, portals Multiple formats – text, images, audio, video Innovative technology – 3D Own technology – Wi-Fi, BYOD
  4. 4. SpaceGeneral spaceDedicated spacesMultimediaQuiet studyFlexible spacesIndividual and groupsSocial learningBYOD
  5. 5. Resources•Books & e-books•Journals & e-journals•Electronic databases•Remote access
  6. 6. Technology• PCs / Laptops• Virtual Learning Environment• Mobile App• Equipment for loan
  7. 7. Induction• Investing in the ‘wow’ factor 3D Induction experience
  8. 8. Feedback
  9. 9. Comments and suggestions………………………… 3d was good lolthe induction has been very good and excitingi thought it was good, i liked the 3d it was amazin the 3d video wasi think it was really good really good.fab the 3d part was goodit was ok3d vido longer with more information the 3d system was goodmake it less cofusing, but its a clever ideait is mint it is cool more info and a bit ofits orite background musicye its great it was impressive.. makd thd man on the 3d video move quickerfantasticbrilliant make the 3d thing better :)good help better 3d glassesit was useful and i learnt some new things no 3d glasses they make yourno i thing the lrc is fine as it is eyes hurt it was really good. i would recommend it to other first time students omg i love the lrc its like da best ting evur
  10. 10. Feedback – activity If you can’t afford a student response system or don’t think it is suitable then can use free facility such as poll everywhere•Free to sign up•Number of polls is unlimited (even free accounts)•Up to 40 votes per poll•Can be done via computer or text messageCosts to users:Poll Everywhere does not charge anyone for voting on a poll. However, individualwireless carriers may charge standard text message charges, which vary depending onthe wireless carrier and any messaging package selected (typically $0.01 to $0.20 permessage, but check with your mobile carrier for current pricing).
  11. 11. More With Less• Getting the most out of what we have• Free online technologies• Training on all facilities and resources• Developing VLE – LRC Tab – Research Tab – E-books
  12. 12. E-booksCreate e-bookshelves onBlackboardCurrently 2 platforms:•Dawson•JISC Collection for FE(ebrary) - Nearly always inTop 20 national statistics
  13. 13. Awareness - Curriculum Liaison• Free online technologies available on the Web – FAE Newsletters• Prezi
  14. 14. Awareness – QR CodesQR codes
  15. 15. QR code activityHow do you raise awareness with staff andstudents of the services that you offer?Which channels of communication do you use topromote services?Which are the most effective? Activity - scan the QR codes and place them in order according to how effective you think they are.
  16. 16. Recent DevelopmentsMobile App for iPhone,Blackberry & Android Kindles iPod Touchs
  17. 17. Future Developments Text services e.g. Enquiries, Nearly due QR codes for renewal Mobile App for iPhone, Blackberry & Android
  18. 18. Future DevelopmentsMC Mobile
  19. 19. Future Developments
  20. 20. Summary• Welcoming virtual and physical space needed• Wide variety of modern and traditional resources• Consolidate existing services and technologies• Invest in innovative technologies that we believe are worthwhile• Use free resources• Make services available via devices students have• Promote / market / raise awareness of services provided
  21. 21. Thank you Any questions?Claire Donlan Totty Wells