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  • 14 th Earl of Derby ‘Leap in the Dark’ his description of his government’s second reform bill passed in 1867. My DPhil Politics and Party Management in the House of Lords 1846-1865. Pro-Quest British Periodicals online search tool of hundreds of nineteenth century journals and newspapers would have cut the time to degree by about 20%. Since then everyone’s been leaping. A Google search on the phrase ‘Leap in the Dark’ will produce about 42, 400,000 results. 14th Earl of Derby 117,000 results.
  • These expectations or hopes have been around for awhile. Personally I do not believe that the world changes come September 2012 – high fees especially for international students have been around for a long time. So this is less a leap in the dark and more a ‘skip in the dusk’ – a mere 3, 920,000 hits on Google.
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  • John Hogan Keynote Speaker

    1. 1. ‘Leap in the Dark’:students, fees, and theimplications forservicesJohn HoganRegistrarNewcastle University25 June 2012
    2. 2. 14th Earl of Derby
    3. 3. Great Expectations• Good quality tuition• Good quantity tuition (2012 NUS survey 68% satisfied, 26% not)• Good facilities – accommodation, IT, Library• A 2i or 1st• A graduate level job
    4. 4. Expectations or Rights?• 1963 Robbins Report• 1993 The Charter for Higher Education• 2011 White Paper ‘Students at the Heart of the System’
    5. 5. 1963 Robbins Report•“We think that in the universities the cases where•“Students should be expected to spend a substantial
    6. 6. 1993 Charter forHigher Education• “Customers of universities and colleges also have responsibilities and the Charter reminds you of some of them. But the focus is on the meeting of your legitimate needs.” p2
    7. 7. 2011 Students at theHeart of the System“Student charters and studentfeedback will take on a new importancetoempower students whilst at university.”p6“A good student is not simply aconsumer of other people’s knowledge,but will actively draw on all theresources that a good university orcollege can offer to learn as much asthey can.” p33
    8. 8. Are student satisfied?National Student SurveyQUESTION YEAR % AGREE % DISAGREEThe Library resources and 2007 80 12services are good enoughfor my needs 2008 80 11 2009 81 11 2010 80 11 2011 81 11Overall Satisfaction 2007 82 9 2008 82 9 2009 82 9 2010 82 9 2011 83 9
    9. 9. I’ve paid my money sowhere is my degree?• Complaints to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator
    10. 10. So where doesmy money go?
    11. 11. Students as Customers• Service provision - accommodation• Opening hours• Control of users’ behaviour• Charges – printing, photocopying• Fines
    12. 12. Customer Service