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Janet Turley & Johanna Einfalt "Is BUdi a good Aussie mate?"
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Janet Turley & Johanna Einfalt "Is BUdi a good Aussie mate?"


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Investigating the impact of a collaborative support model on the student assessment experience at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Investigating the impact of a collaborative support model on the student assessment experience at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Buisness and information tachnology, communication and design, educaton, health, humanities and social sciences and science and engineering
  • Student feedback a bit of a lifeline really cos it opened me up to opportunities that I didn’t know exist. Others agreed: having someone come into the lecture and say ‘have a look here’,‘go there’ ‘this is how you do it’, really helps and without which I would have had no idea.
  • An informal space where students can: Gain assessment advice from skills experts – Course Coordinators or/and Tutors, Librarian, Academic Skills Advisor Compare and contrast with each other and give guidance Look at assessment samples and ask questions about these Generate ideas and determine if they are on the right track Connect with peers at different stages of the assessment writing process. Plan their future – Faculty administration (greeter), Careers
  • 2008 - 5, 833 to 2011 - 7, 766 - 0.02 – 8%. 26 – 2008 – 2011 - 614 Support from Faculty Admin staff Flag Service component Pay for tutors Flag Inclusion in Faculty Orientation PASSdi, HEIdi, CREdi, TPP
  • Transcript

    • 1. Is BUdi a good Aussie mate?‘BUdi is solely responsible for instilling in me the belief that I could succeed at University. For someone with my disorderstaff ensured that I found a mode that suited me best. BUdi was my favourite. I would just sit in Budi and listen to otherstudents get help and learn. That gave my overloaded brain clarity. On numerous occasions I spoke to the two ladies whooffered invaluable advice on how to research the databases and reference my work. This advice helped in every course.The confidence instilled in me was the driving force in generating my self belief that I could work and study.’Student with ADHD who gained 6 Distinctions & 2 Credits in his first year, 2010.‘I completed my Bachelor in Commerce in 2011, and was successful in gaining a Faculty of Business Medal for myAcademic achievement. As a mature age student, who had never been exposed to university before, I was concernedabout my ability to optimise search methods for sources, structure assignments and write an Academic assessment.Through their lectures and the BUdi service, Janet and Johanna addressed my concerns…their advice and support werecritical factors in the development of my confidence in my own ability, which then allowed me to move on to becomesuccessful at university and gain employment.’Thank you letter received from Grahame Miller, a graduand that gained employment this year on the Sunshine Coast.‘BUdi has been a beacon of light for me after returning to formal tertiary education. It is convenient, no booking, and thesupport writing, referencing and tutor/lecturer expertise - is all in one convenient and accessible location. I wouldrecommend BUdi to any student, new or old to academic learning, the friendly and warm atmosphere is delightful too.Email from Lisa who is in a wheelchair and uses a touch tablet to communicate. She has attended BUdi in 2011 &2012 for support on several subjects .
    • 2. Is BUdi a good Aussie mate?Janet Turley, Faculty Librarian, BusinessJohanna Einfalt, Academic Skills Advisor
    • 3. Investigating the impact of acollaborative support model on thestudent assessment experience.
    • 4. • One hour’s drive from Brisbane • One of Australia’s fastest growing regions • Population 300,000+ • Pristine beaches, rivers mountains and national parks • World Heritage -Listed Fraser IslandSunshine Coast, Queensland
    • 5. • Opened in 1996 • More than 140 undergraduate and postgraduate study programs • 700 staff members2011 - 8000 students• Permanent residents of the Sunshine Coast - 49%• First in family to attend university - 49%• International students (61 countries represented) - 10% Campus
    • 6. The UK experienceWould anybody be willing to share an example of a lecture,workshop or/and reference desk initiative etc, (on-lineor face-to face etc) which involves collaboration between• academics• librarians and• another department/area of their institutionduring preparation and/or delivery of skills support forstudents (or staff).
    • 7. What is Budi?It is an informal ‘safe’ space where students can:• Gain assessment advice from skills experts – Course Coordinators or/and tutors, a Librarian, an Academic Skills Advisor, a Counsellor etc.• Compare and contrast with each other and give guidance – student ‘mentor’.• Look at assessment samples and ask questions about these.• Generate ideas and determine if they are on the right track.• Connect with peers at different stages of the assessment process.• Plan their future – Faculty Administration , Careers etc.It is an informal space where staff can:• Enhance their professional development through the transfer of information and discussion.• Offer group and individual consultation times and mini lectures.• Detect at-risk students.
    • 8. What do the students say about BUdi? 1. Promoting peer learning and student connections. 2. Fostering self-learning and self-management skills. 3. Building confidence, independence & perseverance. Work in small groups to decide which quotes reflect most accurately these key benefits, identified as being integral to BUdi’s success.
    • 9. Findings• 38% male attendance (Male to Female ratio on campus of 36% to 66%).• 2010 & 2011 online survey (n=88) – 25% of respondents had not used any other form of support service or teacher consultation. – 40% of respondents had attended BUdi more than three times – 70% would use it again in the future.• COR110 - ANOVA results 2009 S1: F (443,1) = 4.34, p = 0.04*; - 2011 S2: F (425,1) = 16.04, p = 0.000** * Results significant at p < 0.05; ** Results significant at p < 0.00.
    • 10. Einfalt, J., & Turley, J. (2009). Engaging first year students in skilldevelopment: A three-way collaborative model in action . Journal ofAcademic Language and Learning, 3(2), 106–116. e-JBESTEinfalt, J., & Turley, J. (2009). Developing a three-way collaborativemodel to promote first year engagement and skill support. E- Journal
    • 11. Limitations Next Steps• Securing an appropriate space. • PASSdi, HEIdi, CREdi, TPP,• Managing waiting times – developing the EMBA drop-in etc. ‘BUdi’ culture.• Providing an adequate number of • Faculty/Uni support – promotional subject specialists. materials, payment of tutors, greeter, donations to mentors etc.• Offering BUdi only once a week.• No on-line equivalent. • On-line BUdi via Blackboard.• Size of the University? • Research/grant into how and why the BUdi programme benefits staff• Ensuring staff buy-in - EDdi, SCINdi, and students. PSYdi.
    • 12. The UK experienceThrough group discussion determine:if your institution has a collaborative program comparableto or more comprehensive than BUdi.or/andif you can see a place for a BUdi style program at yourinstitution and if not, why?
    • 13. Please stay in touch University of the Sunshine Coast Maroochydore DC Queensland, 4558 Australia Janet Turley Faculty Librarian, Business + 61 7 5459 4721 Johanna Einfalt Academic Skills Advisor +61 7 5430 1226‘It was the most helpful experience at University so far. Iwould love it if every course had something like BUdi’ (survey 2010)