Although a relatively young discipline,
English Applied Linguistics has made great
8 April 2010                                         9 April 2010                                       9 April 2010
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Conference Mi 8 9 April 2010


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Conference Mi 8 9 April 2010

  1. 1. Although a relatively young discipline, English Applied Linguistics has made great Registration: strides in the last few decades, with new Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia areas of enquiry acquiring prominence, Dipartimento di Scienze del Linguaggio e such as Second Language Acquisition and 0809apr10/index.php Letterature Straniere Comparate Corpus Linguistics. Many of the findings N.B.: Due to space constraints, attendance must be from recent research in these areas carry limited to around 100 participants. Early registration is important implications for the learning and strongly advised. Conference the teaching of English as a foreign language. The aim of this two-day event, organized by the English linguistics section of the Department of Language Studies and Compared Literature, Università degli Studi di Milano, is to provide a forum for researchers and teachers to illustrate and discuss what recent research in English Applied Linguistics has to say for the learning and teaching of English. Three In collaboration with: main areas of research will be explored in the conference: Second Language Acquisi- Scuola Interuniversitaria Lombarda di tion, Corpus Linguistics and Language Specializzazione per l’Insegnamento Teaching. Secondario (SILSIS-MI, Università degli Studi di Milano) Learning and teaching English: Scientific Committee: Giovanni Iamartino, Andrea Nava, Luciana Pedrazzini, Laura Pinnavaia and what the research in English Maria Cecilia Rizzardi. Applied Linguistics has to say Organization and Information Giovanni Iamartino, Milan, 8-9 April 2010 Luciana Pedrazzini, Sala Napoleonica, Via S. Antonio 10, Andrea Nava, Area multilinguismo e internazionalizzazione Aula Crociera Alta, Via Festa del Perdono 7 Tel.: 555-555 5555
  2. 2. 8 April 2010 9 April 2010 9 April 2010 Sala Napoleonica Aula Crociera Alta Aula Crociera Alta 14.30-15.00 9.00-12.00 14.00- 17.00 Welcome and Conference opening Corpus Linguistics Research Language Teaching Research Emilia Perassi (Head of Department, University of Milan) Chair: Giovanni Iamartino (University of Milan) Chair: Gisella Langé (Inspector, Ministry of Education, Lombardy Education Authority) Giovanni Iamartino (Director of SILSIS-MI, University of Milan) • Maria Teresa Prat Zagrebelsky (University of Turin) • Maria Cecilia Rizzardi (University of Milan) 15.00-18.00 Using corpora to explore language and learner Second Language Acquisition Research The Council of Europe’s Common European language Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) Chair: Gianfranco Porcelli and its implications for the Italian language teacher (Emeritus Professor of English Linguistics) • Laura Pinnavaia (University of Milan) • Carmel Mary Coonan (University of Venice) • Diane Larsen Freeman Learning idioms with corpora: the case of food and drink Language issues in the CLIL classroom: focus on (English Language Institute, the pupils University of Michigan) A New Theory of SLA: Emergentism • Barbara Berti (University of Milan) • Luciano Mariani • Paola Giunchi Bilingual dictionaries as a source of collocations? (Teacher trainer and writer, Milan) (University of Rome “La Sapienza”) The evidence from three English-Italian dictionaries Researching learners and teachers’ beliefs and attitudes Imitation and the Second Language Acquisition System • Julia Harrison (Cambridge University Press) • Katalin Doró, • Miroslaw Pawlak The English Profile Programme: building a corpus for (University of Szeged, Hungary) (University “Adam Mickiewicz”, Poland) English Profile research The importance of vocabulary teaching for Researching grammar learning strategies: advanced English learners State of the art • Andrea Nava and Luciana Pedrazzini Discussion (University of Milan) Discussion and conference closing ‘SLA in action’: an experiential approach to raising Italian EFL teachers’ awareness of SLA research Discussion