Alfresco for Education Industry - Featuring Case Study for Global University


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CIGNEX Datamatics, Alfresco’s Global Platinum Partner, share our case study experience for a leading Global online university, regarding their Document Management & Web Portal solution having the integration of Open Source technologies - Alfresco ECM, Liferay Portal and Moodle Learning Management System. The webinar will feature information related to the business drivers, challenges and solution architecture.

This webinar will feature the highlights of this system and its benefits based on enterprise-level applications. The system architecture would be discussed alongside a live demo.

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Alfresco for Education Industry - Featuring Case Study for Global University

  1. 1. Alfresco Integrations in Education Alfresco + Moodle + Liferay February 28, 2012Presented ByJoe Tong, Partner Marketing Manager, AlfrescoJeff Rishi, VP of Sales, CIGNEX DatamaticsAdit Patel, Sr. Consultant/Alfresco Architect, CIGNEX Datamatics
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions – Alfresco, Open Source ECM – CIGNEX Datamatics, Alfresco Global Platinum Partner • About Alfresco • Alfresco Practice @ CIGNEX Datamatics • Alfresco ECM in Education • Cases • Book Drawing | Q & A | Free Assessment Offer CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 2
  3. 3. Alfresco is now the largest open source content management company in the worldFounded in 2005, with offices in London & AtlantaOver 3 million community downloads250+ global channel partners2,500 customers in 55 countries, including… CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 3
  4. 4. Document ManagementThe Capture, share & retain corporate content, including documents, video, images & graphics filesAlfresco Records ManagementPlatform Ensure governance, compliance and retention of company or government records Web Content Services Author, collaborate & publish to Drupal, Liferay, JBoss Portal or your custom web app Enterprise Collaboration Create, share, collaborate, iterate & discuss content. Then publish to social channels. Open Source Platform Build content-rich apps and websites using RESTful APIs or Java & open standards like CMIS & JSR 168 CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 4
  5. 5. The Alfresco 4 Business Case Forrester Study, December 2011: Alfresco Enterprise pays for itself in 10 months. But Alfresco Enterprise 4 goes even further, with… • Increased User Adoption = Increased Enterprise Value – The more employees that use ECM, the more ROI • Decreased Need for Other Tools = Fewer Vendors, Lower Costs – Built-in social publishing, free mobile apps save you money • Performance, Scalability & Admin Improvements = Lower Operating Costs – Less downtime, more users and content per instance, easier administration saves time & money • B2B Collaboration Outside the Firewall = Higher Productivity – With Alfresco in the cloud sync (due Summer 2012), employees can more easily collaborate with outside partners and suppliers, meaning higher overall productivity CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 5
  6. 6. Alfresco @ CIGNEX Datamatics CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 6
  7. 7. What Does CIGNEX Datamatics Do? In the last 11 years, CIGNEX Datamatics has helped its clients save in excess of $500M by leveraging commercial Open Source software Time Saving CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 7
  8. 8. Where We Can Help Youweb content management portalsdocument management intranets records management e-commercedigital asset management social collaboration big data integration & ESB business intelligence mobile apps business process SAP/ ERP apps enterprise search big analytics...more Open Source Center of Excellence (CoE) CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 8
  9. 9. Alfresco Practice @ CIGNEX Datamatics • Since 2005 – Global Platinum Partner – Over 50 Implementations – Team of 70 Alfresco consultants – Created IP and Use Accelerators • Toolkit: Migration from Documentum 2010 Alfresco APAC 2010 Alfresco North America • Contract Lifecycle Management Partner of the Year Partner of the Year • Achievements – Alfresco “Recognized Developer” – Authored 4 Alfresco Books – 2010 Alfresco Partner of the Year – 2008 Best North American implementation of the Year – 2007 WCM Implementation of the Year CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 9
  10. 10. Integrated Business Ecosystem Stake Holders BI • Employees CRM E-commerce • Clients Business Portals • Partners Learning Legacy Management Applications • Suppliers ERP Portals • Government • Bank Building a Technology Platform to Compete in the Connected Economy CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 10
  11. 11. Alfresco Implementations by CIGNEX Datamatics IndustryHealthcare High Tech Telecom, Media, BFSI Education Government Travel & Entertainment Hospitality Solutions Portals & Social Collaboration, Research & Collaboration Portal, Learning Management Portal, Media/Entertainment Portals Integrations Applications Document Record Web Content Enterprise Content Integration Management Management Management Collaboration And Services CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential
  12. 12. Alfresco Integrations by CIGNEX Datamatics RPM RESTful Web Services/ Web Scripts/ CMIS Versioning Workflow Security Modeling Search Scripting Alfresco DM/WCM Templates X-forms Transformations Rules Engine External Feeds External Apps (News XML, ZIP, Email, (Digital Assets, Meta- DAM System, Administrators Scanners, Fax, Others) Data) Asset Storage CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 12
  13. 13. Alfresco Enterprise ContentManagement for Higher Education CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 13
  14. 14. Enterprise Content Management in Higher Ed Collaboration Rich User Social Search Version Mobile Scanning & Experience Features Control Imaging StudentsStakeholders in Education Faculties/ College Staff Management College Partner Network Alumni External Organizations/ Industry Experts Parents/ Guardians Portals* Apache Ephesoft* * Solr* * External applications CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 14
  15. 15. Alfresco Components in Education Infrastructure Course Management Flexibility & Authoring Scalability Compliance to Workflow Standards Security Publishing to multiple Alfresco ECM delivery channel (epub, Administration XHTML, PDF) Integration Versioning Support Search across Multi-tenancy Course Content CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 15
  16. 16. Case 1New Age Learning ManagementSystem for a Global UniversityAlfresco ECM + Moodle LMS + Liferay Portal Achieving a Universal Content Model CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 16
  17. 17. Alfresco ECM for a Global University Client Overview • US based Global University specializing in various educational degrees and certifications through online and classroom based programs • Client acquired various small and large universities/schools Reference Image across the world • Subdivisions include higher education institutes, Client Information professional courses and • Over 500 locations in more than 30 schools countries • More than one million students each year • 30,000+ employees worldwide CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 17
  18. 18. Business & Technical Challenges • Business Challenge – Disparate content platforms, 19 learning management systems across business units • Lost opportunity of content reusability • High maintenance cost due to proprietary and home grown systems • Technical Challenge – A Universal Content Model that would • Convert disparate formats to the PDF, Doc etc. • Available to clients publishing unit in a printable format • Integrate with the standard LMS, Portal applications • Able to store high quality images and videos – Interoperability • Rich user interface CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 18
  19. 19. Technology Platform Components Tags & Document Message Google Image Calendar Categories Library Boards Apps Gallery Asset Blogs Search Chat (Portal) Workflow Alerts Publisher Lead Enrollment, Student E-portfolio, social Management networking (Salesforce) Information (Mahara) (OpenSIS) (Learning Management System) E-learning, student collaboration User Specific (Moodle) Student E-learning Grading & Quizzes Course Information Collaboration Video, Images (Artesia) (Content Management) DITA Business LDAP Assembly Permission Rules Based Client content (Shibboleth) Publishing Unit CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 19
  20. 20. Course Ingestion & Management CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential
  21. 21. Student Interface Education Portal Enterprise Service Bus CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential
  22. 22. Solution Features Liferay Moodle Alfresco Learning Management Document Management Portal System • Specialized content • Role based security • Student collaboration and content framework transformation • Assignment • Content & page workflow submission management • Folder based rules and • Live page editing & • Grading actions scheduling • Online quiz • SEO • Automatic version • Multi-tier search • Communication & control discussion tools • One-click page • Inline preview creation • Online news and • Rich text editor announcement • Synchronized web publishing • Multi-language support • Wiki CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 22
  23. 23. Benefits • Client Benefits – Integrated content management portal with • SaaS based architecture • Scalable LMS across all business units • Supports 1000+ concurrent users • Enables easily to add new website or community – Standardized universal content model using Alfresco across all client’s departments – Seamless integration with proprietary and Open Source applications – Cost reduction • Saved 50% on license, maintenance and support by going Open Source CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 23
  24. 24. Case 2Alfresco WCM for California basedUniversityCollaborative WCM Solution CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 24
  25. 25. Alfresco WCM for Leading US based University Leading University founded in 1981 in California offering undergraduate & graduate programs for working adults • Challenges Faced – Existing website lacked collaborative features and student experience • Blogging, Interactive discussions, comments, RSS subscriptions etc. – Complex content publication workflow – High maintenance cost • Solution – Migration to Alfresco WCM 3.1 • Advanced Workflow for Content Staging and Publication – Images and dynamic content published by Apache Tomcat server using File System Receiver (FSR) in Alfresco • Key Benefits – Web Content Management Solution with interactive features enhancing collaboration – Over 70% savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by adoption of Alfresco based solution CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 25
  26. 26. Free Consulting OfferFREE 1-Day Assessment WorkshopThis workshop enables companies to maximize existing IT assets andbuild a roadmap of the VETTED Open Source technology options that• Reduce software costs in excess of 70%• Help generate opportunities for growth and serviceThe FREE 1-day Assessment Workshop Includes:• Situation Analysis• Gap Analysis For more:• Recommendations/Roadmap Reach out at CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 26
  27. 27. Contact Us For any queries reach out at CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 27