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Video games Review writing
Video games Review writing
Video games Review writing
Video games Review writing
Video games Review writing
Video games Review writing
Video games Review writing
Video games Review writing
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Video games Review writing


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  • 1. Institutions and Audiences: Video Games How To Write A Video Game Review
  • 2. Introduction
    • The key elements of any video game review must cover
    • genre,
    • story,
    • gameplay,
    • graphics,
    • sound, and
    • controls.
  • 3. Genre
    • Simply ask yourself, “What kind of game is this?”
    • What is the title of the video game you are critiquing? Who is the manufacturer?
    • Is this video game part of a series (such as Grand Theft Auto or Guitar Hero )?
    • What type of game is it e.g. sport, racing etc. ?
    • Is it a role playing game? If so, is it turn-based or real time?
    • Is it a first person shooter? Is it a strategy game?
  • 4. Story
    • Most video games, with the exception of sports of racing titles, have some kind of story.
    • Role playing games often rely on a good story to keep the player interested. Knights of the Old Republic is a good example of this.
    • Does the game have a story? What is it?
  • 5. Gameplay and Controls
    • How is the game played? This is where you describe the basic way in which you play and whether or not it is any fun.
    • Many games within the same genre have unique playing styles that differentiate them from the competition.
    • For example, both Half-Life and Unreal Tournament are first person shooters, but their gameplay is completely different.
    • What video game platforms can the game be played on?
  • 6. Graphics and Sound
    • Your review should address the audio/visual quality of the game.
    • Is the animation smooth and the colours bright? Did you notice any graphical bugs?
    • Sound effects and music are a big deal in games now, especially with some titles using digital surround sound. Call of Duty games have some of the best sound around.
  • 7. Conclusion
    • The best way to write a good review is to consider yourself a prospective gamer who has never seen or heard of the title before.
    • If you were going to buy this game, what would you want to know about it before making the purchase?
  • 8. Activity
    • In groups of three have a go at playing a video game.
    • Using your notes discuss the various steps mentioned in this presentation with your group.
    • Using the video games blog-blog a review of the game as a group.