Media convergence and synergy film2


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Media convergence and synergy film2

  1. 1. Film Industry
  2. 2. Media Convergence Questions to think about What happens when different types of media come together? What new experiences do we get? What are the advantages?
  3. 3. Media Convergence The combining of Old and New Media in production/distribution/exhibition The combining of two or more MediumsProduction/distribution/exhibition
  4. 4. Old and New Media Particular Magazines (old media) which have also produced a website (new media) TV (old media) which have constructed interactive channels (new media) Film (old media) which is now a downloadable content (new media)
  5. 5. Combining of 2 or more mediums TV industry which work with the animation industry Film industry which work with the music industry Video game industry which work with Online Media
  6. 6. Synergy This also works with Media convergence. Synergy is the meeting of 2 or more agents which have a larger effect then if they acted independently. Difference: media convergence is based on media industry whereas synergy can be two agents from any industry.
  7. 7. Synergy You may recognise synergy at all stages of production/distribution/exhibition Production: when a film is produced and the producer is required to work with another agent e.g. Music professionals = synergy
  8. 8. Synergy Distribution: when distributing your film or placing a marketing campaign you may need to work with other agents for a larger impact.Distribution company + Online organisation + Retail organisation = larger effect on release method = Synergy
  9. 9. Synergy and Marketing Cross promotion: 2 or more agents working together to gain exposure from one anothers audience Related products: also known as merchandising. Products which have been produced by other agents which are related to the film Simultaneous release: For companies that have got similar products coming out it makes sense for the release dates to be the same so the marketing push can be schedule for one big launch.
  10. 10. Media Convergence/Synergy There is cross media convergence with computer animation and filming,BUT the most profitable benefit and most relevant concerns DVDs, Blue Ray, CDs etc being released at the same time as the film (Simultaneous release)
  11. 11. Quantum: Production: media convergence can be recognised in this stage through the production team working with 3D specialists and hand animation specialists to create the effect of Bond using a motorbike to vault from a jetty onto a cargo ship.
  12. 12. Quantum Distribution: Synergy Heineken Pilsener: released as Quantum beer Avon: perfume featuring Bond girl Coke: rebranded coke zero as coke zero zero seven.
  13. 13. Quantum Synergy: Cross promotion Sony: Competition ‘mission for a million’Registered players to use products to complete tasks. Each completed mission = chance to win $1 million + trip
  14. 14. Attack the Block Media Convergence: worked with online media. ‘Online provides the hub for the campaign’. Worked with radio. ‘radio used to convey the tone of the film’ Worked with TV industry: core of the plan
  15. 15. Attack the Block Media convergence:Social Hub: Facebook: ‘Targeted ads to start early on to build early awareness and encourage users to ‘defend their block.’Also aimed to generate VIRAL spread.
  16. 16. Attack the Block SynergyChannel Mix: working with TV in order to maximise awareness through coverage channels, comedy and music.Live Magazine: reach urban London teen audience.
  17. 17. Synergy- big v smallThe benefit of big companies is that they can synergisemore easily - if Sony owns the video game company andCD soundtrack company, aswell as the film company(Sony Pictures Entertainment) , the distributing armdoesnt have to approach lots of individual companiesand it will cost less money this way.
  18. 18. Big v smallThe distributors of Attack the Block cant use synergy in the same way and this is a major disadvantage.Sony can utilise Synergy whilst independents cant!