Ufc at yankee stadium


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Ufc at yankee stadium

  1. 1. UFC at Yankee Stadium Christopher Ostrow Michelle Salcau Maciej Siekierski
  2. 2. UFC at Yankee Stadium When you think of Yankee Stadium, you think of sports’ most hollow grounds and memories of the summer with past and current championships. New York City has been dubbed the “Capital of The World”, so why not tie together the greatest city in the world with the greatest fighters in the world? The old Yankee stadium had a great tradition with boxing matches in the past. Why not start again with a new tradition of fighters, in the new stadium in the Bronx showcasing the next generations top fighting talents in the Octagon on a pay-per-view extravaganza.
  3. 3. Market Research We have set up an event with 11 matches over a three hour time slot. Titles will be defended and the pay-per-view will be headlined by the fight the world has waited for; Lyoto Machida vs. Anderson Silva. Marketing To Key Demographics Using: – Mass Transportation – Key Sponsors – Radio – Magazines – Television
  4. 4. Public Relations Some of our goals are to create high awareness for the UFC in the New York community with positive publicity, as well as make a profit. UFC on Twitter Five fighters could be traveling to work or school with you. One fighter will also be at a Toys R’ Us in Times Square signing autographs for children. This will promote the sport for future generations of fans. Pepsi UFC Fan of the Year
  5. 5. The CardMain Events1. Lyoto Machida vs Anderson Silva How We Will Market It: The Battle of Brazil Attraction: The Light Heavy Weight Champion vs the Middleweight Champion2. Rich Franklin vs. Forrest Griffin How We Will Market It: The Perfect Slug Fest For New York Attraction: Two sluggers who will produce a tough fight.3. Diego Sanchez vs. Bj Penn How We Will Market It: Sanchez is an all around strong fighter that is tough. Penn may possible be the most physically gifted fighter ever. Attraction: The question is will Penn come into the fight in shape? The fans know this and will pull for Sanchez.
  6. 6. An Investment in the UFC isan excellent opportunity! $95,000 Ribbon Board Featured promotion in Daily News In stadium activity to reach all the fans that attend the event we will give you Public Address Announcements, Logo on Video Scoreboard, and Concourse identity Ten front row seats
  7. 7. Other Forms of Investment• $400,000 for in the ring advertisement• Get your company exposure by WORLD WIDE VIEWERS• This package also comes with electronic media were your logo can be seen above our televisions throughout the stadium, bathrooms, and concession stands
  8. 8. Invest In One of the LARGEST Scoreboards in sports• For 250,000 you can have your logo on the Main Video Scoreboard of the stadium• With This Package get your logo on each level of the stadium.• VIP parking in stadium.• You Link on our website• Which is visited by over• 750,000 unique visitors
  9. 9. Swot AnalysisStrengths UFC is the quickest growing sport that has a fan base across the USA and the world. People would like to attend the 1st MMA event in NYC. New York Yankees stadium is the perfect location for the event. The Main event will be marketed as The Battle of Brazil, which will be perfect fit for the different ethnic backgrounds in New York City.Opportunities UFC will be the 1st to perform MMA in New York. We plan on setting the stage as a leader in the industry. We plan on attracting and satisfying the Mixed Martial Arts fan base with a superb show.
  10. 10. Swot AnalysisThreats There are Government, Politics and regulations against MMA in NYC. Bad and Inclement weather could possess a problem. UFC has never been held in a stadium that is this large. It is unpredictable how the fans may react. Usually the matches are close and the fans are able to interact. Strikeforce, Boxing, WWE, Yankees, Mets, MLS, any form of minor league sport, movies, and Broadway.Weaknesses Unpredictable how the first event will go since it has never been done before. The event is outdoors so weather could be an issue. Main event has such powerful fighters it could be over relatively soon. BJ Penn is known to not train very hard and could fight out of shape.
  11. 11. Competitive Analysis Competitors – World Wrestling Entertainment – World Extreme Cagefighting – Elite Xtreme Combat – Pride FC
  12. 12. Competitive AnalysisWorld Wrestling Entertainment Televised fights and programs reach 16.3 million viewers Fan base – Under 18 YO 21.8% – 18 - 34 YO 23.1% – 35 - 49 YO 24.6% – Over 50 YO 30.5% – Females 36%
  13. 13. Competitive AnalysisWorld Extreme Cagefighting Began in 2001 Started airing on VERSUS in 2009 Features lower weight classesPride FC Began in 1997 in Tokyo Accepts any fighting technique from any school – This replicates realities of a real fight Broadcast in several countries Available via pay per view in US and Cananda
  14. 14. Consumer Analysis UFC is the undisputed champ of the MMA world 2008 - Forbes anticipated that UFC would generate $250 million – 90% of MMA revenue UFC matches sell out large venues of 13,000+ seats at $250 ticket 3 UFC shows on Spike TV
  15. 15. Consumer AnalysisDemographics 76% of male beer drinkers between 21 - 27 YO are fans – 2nd in popularity  NFL is #1 Strong young male demographics in cable television – 18 – 34 YO – 21 – 34 YO – 25 – 34 YO 50% of UFC audience 21 – 34 YO Cable programming outranks NBA, MLB, and NHL in male 18-34 Ranks #1 for most searched term on Yahoo!
  16. 16. Geographic Analysis Event will be held at Yankee Stadium during All-Star Break Several restaurants, sports bars, and hotels surrounding ballpark and neighboring area Yankee Stadium accessible by: – Car – Subway – Bus – Ferry – Train
  17. 17. Set-Up of Event Construction of Octagon mat and cage enclosureUFC Octagon – unique from other fighting arenas – enclosure creates neutral arena  highlights skills of each UFC athlete – enclosure provides maximum safety to UFC athletes  approved ring structures  canvas  safety padding and fences
  18. 18. New York State Law MMA is illegal Exclusive Permit from the State of New York Following guidelines of Pro Kickboxing Regulated by Boxing Commission
  19. 19. Pre Event Forms Fighter/Promoter Contract Disclosure form Event Info Form Promoter’s License Application 2 weeks in advance
  20. 20. Insurance Forms Gagliardi Insurance Services Experienced in insuring UFC events Provides Liquor liability
  21. 21. Financial Analysis EXPENSES* Stadium Turnover ($100,000) Staff ($150,000) Facility Maintenance ($40,000) Fighter Purse ($1.8 mil) Insurance ($50,000) Giveaways (tickets) unknown Fighters Cut of PPV TBA*- Based on Staples Center Event Estimates
  22. 22. Revenues Live Gate (40k gross) ($4.75 mil) – Net ($4.25 mil) Concessions & Merchandise Sales (TBD) PPV Sales ($60 mil) Sponsorships ($200k)
  23. 23. What We Hope To Achieve Close to $60 million in profit after expenses Reaching out to a great new market Further entice New York State to accept MMA