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Chris ostrow philosphypaper2

  1. 1. 1Chris OstrowJohn DurandSports Business Journal The NFL Rocks On Fans across the world grabbed chips, their favorite beverage, and watched Super Bowl 44with their closest friends and family’s this weekend. Seats were decided on a first come firstserve basis and people were only silent when the commercials came on. There have been manydifferent headlines this weekend such as will Payton Manning lead the Colts to victory and go onto be known as the greatest quarterback of all time? The only thing that stood in Payton and theColts way was the underdog Saints. The small in stature Drew Brees put the Saints and thewhole city of New Orleans on his back after the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The charismaticand charitable Brees captured the nation. I wasn’t the only one watching Super Bowl 44 as itmoved past the series finale of Mash as the most watched television event in history. According to The Sports Business Journal the AFC Championship posted 46.9 millionviewers. While the NFC Championship game posted 57.9 million viewers. This was the NFL’smost viewed games since the conference championships in 1982. “This is an amazing statisticconsidering the fragmented television audiences, with more channel choices.” According toJohn Durand. It’s easy to say that ratings are so high because the games were close but most of the NFLplayoff games all turned out to be blowouts. Many people may think that the reasons ratings are
  2. 2. 2so high are because of the big markets that the teams play in. New Orleans, Indianapolis, andMinnesota don’t exactly jump out as top ten in the highest populations of cities in the UnitedStates. My New York Jets fell apart down the stretch like they usually do leaving medisappointed once again in my life. So why have the ratings this season reached levels theyhaven’t reached in two decades? According to Fox Sports David Hill “The reason why ratings are so high are the NFL’snew rules tinkering to make the game more appealing.” He also goes on to say that “I don’tknow of any sport in the world that spends so much time examining all options to make itsgames better. The NFL is unbelievably adept at adding things to make the game better anderadicating things that fans don’t enjoy so much. On top of that the playoffs have been filed withinteresting story lines.” I myself try to watch every playoff game I am available to watch. I feel like the NFL hasthe best set up when it comes to their playoff schedule. It’s easy to set aside a few hours on aSunday or Saturday afternoon to watch a game. The MLB playoff games are during the weekand sometimes aren’t finished until 1 am. This would make it difficult for the average workingfan who works a 9 to 5. The NBA finals are exciting but they take too long to get to and thereare far too many bad teams that make the playoffs. The NBA playoffs start in April and do notfinish until June. It is absolutely outrageous how long the duration of the NBA playoffs are. According to Neil Pilson a long time media consultant “You can turn to the upgrade intechnology in High Definition televisions and the recession as a reason why ratings have goneup. With more family’s staying home due to the recession it has made football a more appealingwatch.”
  3. 3. 3 I myself went to one football game this season. I spent 150 dollars on an upper deck seathad to pay 25 dollars for a parking pass, and then spent around 50 for me and my girlfriend’sfood and beer. Yesterday I watched the NFL in the luxury of my living room with replays Icould never see at the stadium. I am a big fantasy football player why should I leave my housewhen I can follow all the games from my computer. I never thought of it from this perspectivebut it makes sense to me after reading this article why ratings are going up. In conclusion I feelthis is an important article to examine for this class because it shows us different key strategieswhy the NFL is the most successful sport in North America. It also shows that as a culture thatwe have so many choices with the Internet, and thousands of channels to select but on Sundaywe all are tuning in for some football. References Durand, John 2010 Sports Business Journal