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Glossário musica Glossário musica Presentation Transcript

  • GLOSSÁRIOÁREA: INSTRUMENTOS DE CORDAS FRICCIONÁVEIS SUB-ÁREA: VIOLINO Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro Departamento de Letras / CCE Curso de Formação de Tradutores Inglês-Português - 2007.1 Disciplina: Terminologia Professora: Adriana Ceschin Rieche Agosto de 2007 ALUNOS: FRANÇOIS BAYARD NEVES HELENA GEORG BENNETT
  • TERMO L1 DEFINIÇÃO L1 CONTEXTO L1 TERMO L2 CONTEXTO L2 OBSERVAÇÃO1. bass bar It is a brace running from “… the proportions of the barra harmônica “... a barra harmônica(np) the foot of the neck to a present bass bar were more (SN) vibra em ressonância com o position under the bridge, or less adopted about the tampo...” (S1) which bears much of the beginning of the last tension of the strings. century…” W. Henry Hill & Brothers “Antonio Stradivari – His Life and Work” pag-1912. back The side of the instrument “… the maple of the back fundo “... o tampo e fundo do(n) that is opposite to the top, of the former instrument is (s.m.) violino são recursos being joined to it by the in one piece…” acústicos incríveis...” (S2) ribs. Strad-pag.663. bar A musical measure. “…the illustration, here in compasso "... cada grupo de tempos,(n) Anna Magdalena Bach’s (s.m.) isto é, cada compasso, é hand, of bars 23_5, gives separado do seguinte por almost no bowings…” uma linha..." (S3) Pleeth-pag.644. belly The upper part of the “… it is very rare to find tampo superior “... no tampo superior do top (L1), porém em desuso.(n) instrument opposite to the curves of the back and belly (SN) violino que é de abeto, back. of any of his instruments in existem dezenas de anéis...” exact agreement…” (S4) Strad-pag.197
  • 5. bow It is a rod having horsehair “… the bow used in arco “... inicialmente abaulado(n) drawn tightly between its stringed instrument playing (s.m.) para fora, o arco favorecia two raised ends used in had an outward curve…” as articulações da música playing stringed barroca...” (S5) instruments. Pleeth-pag.2646. bowing The act of playing an “…one cannot talk about arcada “… foram gravadas nove(n) instrument with a bow. bowing strokes on (s.f.) amostras com opções de paper…” arcadas diferentes...” (S6) Pleeth pág. 567. brazilwood The tree Caesalpinea “… select octagonal pau-brasil “... François Tourte(n) echinata from which the brazilwood stick with good (s.m.) projetou o primeiro arco de bow is made of. weight and balance…” (S9) violino com a madeira do pau-brasil...” (S7)8. bridge It is a thin, upright piece of “…Stradivari’s bridges cavalete “... o cavalete deve ser(n) wood used in stringed were of various designs…” (s.m.) adaptado artesanalmente ao instruments that supports instrumento...” (S8) the strings above the W. Henry Hill & Brothers soundboard. “Antonio Stradivari – His Life and Work” pag-205
  • 9. cello The largest instrument of “…if any instrument has a violoncelo “... o violoncelo tem um(n) the violin family and with a deep and visceral appeal it (s.m.) som cheio e penetrante...” deeper tone than the viola. is the cello…” (S10) Pleeth-pag.ix 10. chinrest It is a piece used to hold the “… this line of reasoning queixeira “... puxar a queixeira e(n) violin or viola with the left leads to emotive arguments (s.f.) encostá-la no queixo, para side of the jaw. both for and against the use manter o violino of a chinrest…” (S11) horizontalmente...” (S12)11. double bass The largest of the stringed “…various writers have contrabaixo “... o contrabaixo,(np) instruments and with the stated that he made double (s.m.) instrumento essencial para deepest tone, belong to the basses; but so far, our fazer a ponte entre a family of the viola. researches do not enable us harmonia da música e a sua to confirm this assertion…” parte rítmica...” (S13) Strad-pag.22612. double-stops To produce two notes “… Brahms had intended notas dobradas “... técnica pura com ênfase(n) simultaneously in a stringed double-stops, he knew well (SN) no estudo de notas instrument. enough how to write dobradas...” (S14) them…” Pleeth-pag.73
  • 13. ebony The wood originated from “… in some cases the top ébano “... o violino é feito com as(n) this tree of the genus was veneered in ebony or (s.m.) seguintes madeiras: abeto Diospyros used in the na italian wood...” no tampo, bordo para o manufacture of the fundo, laterais e braço e fingerboard, saddle and nuts Strad-pag.205 ébano para o espelho...” of stringed instruments. (S15)14. end button The button to which the “... the leather strap is often botão “... o instrumento tem bom(np) tailpiece is attached to the too thick to remain attached (s.m.) acabamento, espelho e bottom of a violin or viola. to the end button of the botão em ébano...” (S17) instrument…” (S16)15. endpin The thin, usually adjustable “… although cellist tend to espigão “... este espigão não produz spike (L1) - sinônimo(n) leg of a cello or double regard the endpin as an (s.m.) nenhum tipo de vibração também encontrado, porém bass. integral part of their enquanto você toca...” em desuso. instrument, it was not until (S18) this century that it came into use…” Pleeth-pag.26316. f-holes Holes in the form of an “f” “…generally speaking, efes “... os efes têm grande sound holes (L1) ou(n) which serve to the purpose violins had f-shaped sound (s.m.) (pl.) influência no timbre e no ouvidos (L2) também são of letting the sound reach holes…” funcionamento geral dos sinônimos deste termo. out of the instrument. instrumentos...” (S19) Pleeth-pag.211
  • 17. fine tuners They are small metallic “… fine tuners extend the micro-afinadores “... o micro-afinador é um(np) pieces that are attached to basic concept to an infinite (s.m.) pequeno acessório metálico the tailpiece. Works with number of pitches…” que se prende no screws to do the fine tuning estandarte...” (S20) of the strings. Pleeth-pag.25 18. fingerboard It is a strip of wood on the “… Stradivari’s violin espelho “... o espelho tem(n) neck of a stringed fingerboars were of several (s.m.) importância primordial no instrument against which different lengths…” bom ou mau funcionamento the strings are pressed in do instrumento...” (S21) playing. W.Henry Hill & Brothers “Antonio Stradivari – His Life and Work” pag. 20419. fingering To mark a score with “… academic fingerings dedilhado “... complexo dedilhado(n) indicators of which fingers are not the end of the road, (s.m.) que é peculiar para a are to play the notes. they are a point of realização de uma obra...” departure…” (S22) Pleeth-pag.2620. foreign key The result of a modulation “… as composes began tonalidades distantes “…as menos suaves são as distant keys é sinônimo em(np) in tonality modulating to foreign keys, (SN) modulações abruptas entre inglês musicians found themselves tonalidades distantes." confronted with (S23) increasingly insurmountable problems…” Pleeth-pag21521. frets Ridges set across the “…violins were generally traste “... a viola da gamba é trastos é sinônimo em(n) fingerboard of early without frets, whereas the (s.m.) qualquer um dos português stringed instruments, such viols were usually instrumentos de corda com as the viola de gamba. fretted…” traste desenvolvido no século XV...” (S24) Pleeth-pag.211
  • 22. frog The nut of a stringed “… a German silver plate talão “... a extremidade do(n) instrument bow. will extend down the back (s.m.) polegar deve estar na end of the frog and around extremidade do talão...” to the slide…” (S26) (S25)23. grace notes A musical note is not “… The ornaments here apojatura “... a apojatura é(np) counted in rhythm. appear as grace notes and (s.f.) representada por uma ou mordents…” duas pequeninas notas que (S27) antecedem a nota principal...” (S28)24. horsehair The hair taken from the “… this tendency is further crina de cavalo “... essa pedrinha é uma(n) mane of the horse and enhanced by lesser tension (SN) resina, uma cera, que vai which is used in the bow. on the horsehair…” causar o atrito entre a crina do arco e as cordas do seu Pleeth-pag.264 violino...” (S29)25. inlaid A decorative pattern set into “… We have seen two entalhe “... os pequenos entalhes(n) an instrument. violins, the work of Nicolò (s.m.) encontrados ao lado dos Amati, which were efes foram feitos...” (S30) gracefully embellished with inlaid ornament…” Strad-pag.7126. intonation The act of adjusting a note “… basic intonation afinação “... possui um parafuso que(n) to its right pitch. derives from a more or less (s.f.) ao girá-lo, permite precisão logical division of the na afinação da corda...” string…” (S31) Pleeth-pag.25
  • 27. maple The wood originated from “… we find that maple had bordo “... o violino é feito com as(n) this tree of the genus Acer all but supplanted the softer (s.m.) seguintes madeiras: abeto used in the manufacture of woods…” no tampo, bordo para o the back, sides, neck and fundo, laterais e braço e bridge of the stringed Strad-pag.160 ébano para o espelho...” instruments. (S32)28. mordent A melodic ornament in “… the ornaments here mordente “... no que diz respeito à(n) which a principal tone is appear as grace notes and (s.m.) ornamentação, cabe notar rapidly alternated with half mordents…” (S33) que Schubert utiliza o or full step below. mordente...” (S34)29. mortise Pieces of wood used to “… the ‘Alard’ is original, bloco “... devem ser feitos em(n) strengthen and join the and in the mortise of the (s.m.) blocos de madeira leve e inner parts of the top and head are written the initials macia...” (S35) bottom of stringed P.S …” instruments. Strad-pag.6030. mother-of-pearl The pearly internal layer of “… he inlaid the Medici madrepérola "... talão do arco tem uma(n) certain mollusk shells, used arms, delicately executed in (s.f.) peça corrediça, to make decorative objects. mother-of-pearl…” normalmente feita de madrepérola..." (S36) Strad-pag20531. mute It is a small metal, rubber or “… Fetes by Debussy is sordina “... articulação em legato e(n) wooden device that, when usually played with a very (s.f.) o uso da sordina propiciam attached to the bridge, gives soft mute…” uma espécie de a softer more mellow (S42) tranqüilidade...” (S37) sound.
  • 32. neck It carries the fingerboard “… the necks of braço “... o braço é colado(n) and join the instrument to Stradivari’s violins were of (s.m.) firmemente na caixa de the scroll. the same dimensions as ressonância do those of the Amatis…” instrumento...” (S38) Strad-pag.20233. nut A ridge of ebony at the top “… the Royal arms are pestana “... a pestana muito alta(n) of the fingerboard or neck inlaid on the nut…” (s.f.) dificulta o dedilhado sobre or a stringed instrument, as cordas...” (S39) over the which the strings Strad-pag.208 pass.34. peg One of the pins of a “… now, similar pegs were cravelha “... as cravelhas devem(n) stringed instrument that are also inserted, and their (s.f.) girar suavemente nos turned to tighten or slacken object was to hold the…” furos...” (S40) the strings so as to regulate their pitch. Picth./Strad pag.20335. pegbox Part of the neck of a “… originally the pegbox cravelhal “... a voluta e o cravelhal,(n) stringed instrument where walls were too thin at the (s.m.) compõem a "cabeça" do the pegs are inserted. base and were not load violino... “ (S43) supported by the neck…” (S41)36. purfling The ornamental edging of “…at times Stradivari inlaid filete “... o sulco não poderá ser(n) stringed instruments. a line of purfling composed (s.m.) muito profundo, para não of ivory and ebony along comprometer o corte onde the edge…” será colado o filete...” (S44) Strad pag.20537. ribs The sides of an instrument “… he was well aware of ilharga “... as ilhargas separam o sides (L1) ou faixas (L2)(n) between the back and the the increased difficulties of (s.f.) tampo superior do também são sinônimos top. bending the ribs when inferior...” (S45) deste termo. made from handsome wood…”
  • Strad-pag.5638. rosewood The wood originated from “… ebony and rosewood pau-rosa “... seu braço é feito em(n) this tree of the genus Aniba are used for fittings such as (s.m.) bordo com escala em pau- used in the manufacture of fingerboards and pegs…” rosa...” (S47) the end button and pegs of (S46) stringed instruments.39. rosin A resin derived from “… it may annoy the resina “... com o tempo a crina breu(n) various pine trees used to Cellists when they see you (s.f.) estica e perde sua increase friction on the borrowing their Rosin all habilidade de reter bows of stringed the time…” resina...” (S49) instruments. (S48)40. saddle A piece made of ebony “… these ebony violin pestana inferior “... se a pestana inferior(n) upon which the tailpiece is saddles are installed into (SN) ficar muito alta o supported. the edge of the violin under instrumento vai ficar sob the tailpieces tailgut…” pressão...” (S50) (S51)41. score It is a hand-written or “…in symphonic writing a partitura "... a partitura, escrita pelo(n) printed form of music put score comes into existence (s.f.) compositor em 1773 em into paper. because a composer uses Viena, quando o gênio tinha different instruments…” 17 anos, foi dividida por sua viúva..." (S52) Pleeth-pag.83
  • 42. scroll The part of a string “…he invariably carved voluta “... a voluta e o cravelhal,(n) instrument where the strings both faces of the scroll with (s.f.) compõem a "cabeça" do are wound. strict accuracy, and also violino... “ (S53) maintened absolute similitude between them” W.Henry Hill & Brothers “Antonio Stradivari – His Life and Work” pag.20143. shoulder rest It is an acessory used in “… the distance between espaleira “... há pessoas que não(np) violins and violas that add your collar bone and chin (s.m.) precisam usar espaleira, height to the shoulder should be equal to the pois seu corpo já é preventing the instrument combined height of adequado ao violino...” from slipping. shoulder rest…” (S54) (S55)44. sound box The resonant chamber of an “…the essential thing about caixa de ressonância “... o braço é colado Sounding board é sinônimo(np) instrument. the perfect sound box is (SN) firmemente na caixa de em inglês that it must be circular…” ressonância do (S56) instrumento...” (S57)45. sound post It transmits vibrations “… more speculative are alma “... o som produzido pelas(np) between the top and the the questions relating to the (s.f.) cordas é transmitido ao back of the instrument. width of the sound post, corpo oco do violino, about which there can be no denominado caixa de conclusive answers…” ressonância, pela alma...” (S58) The Cello, William Pleeth – pag.259
  • 46. spruce The wood originated from “…the species of spruce abeto “... no tampo superior do(n) this tree of the genus Picea which the Cremonese so (s.m.) violino que é de abeto, used in the manufacture of ably utilised no longer existem dezenas de anéis...” the sounboard, bass bar and exists…” (S59) soundpost. Strad-pag.16447. stick A slender piece of wood “… the modern bow, with vareta “... a curvatura da vareta(n) that goes from the frog to the curve of it’s stick (s.f.) era convexa...” (S60) the tip of the bow. opposing that of the bridge, has a natural tendency to spring away from the string…” Pleeth-pag.26448. stringed instrument It is an instrument, such as a “… the bow used in instrumento de cordas “... os instrumentos de(bowed) violin, viola, cello or double stringed instrument friccionáveis cordas são importantes na(np) bass in which sound is playing had an outward (SN) história da música produced by pluking or curve…” ocidental...” (S61) bowing taut strings. Pleeth-pag.26449. tailgut String that loops around the “… saddles are installed rabicho “... quando preso ao tailpiece wire é sinônimo(n) button fixing the tailpiece to into the edge of the violin (s.f.) instrumento através do em inglês the bottom of the under the tailpieces rabicho serve como suporte instrument. tailgut…” (S62) às cordas e pode abrigar um ou mais micro- afinadores...” (S63)
  • 50. tailpiece A triangular piece to which “... tailpieces invariably estandarte “... o cavalete é talhado de(n) the lower ends of the strings matched fingerboards (s.m.) modo que a superfície que of stringed instruments are regarding inlaying, etc…” fica de frente para o attached. estandarte seja W. Henry Hill & Brothers absolutamente plana...” “Antonio Stradivari – His (S64) Life and Work” pag-20551. thumb position The name given to the “… there are many capotasto “... o capotasto está entre(np) technique by which the situations in thumb (s.m.) as mais difíceis inovações cellist or bass player uses position when the fingers que o classicismo e o his thumb upon the should be able to move romantismo criaram...” fingerboard. away from the thumb…” (S65) Pleeth-pag.2952. tip The edge of the bow. “… this clamp holds the tip ponta do arco “... o arco é leve na ponta e(n) end of the bow stick secure (SN) impede o violinista de while gluing a bow tip to "segurar" o som...” (S67) the stick…” (S66)53. trill The rapid alternation of the “…melodic trills may use a trinado “... a técnica do trinado é(n) two tones either a hole or a terminating turn or (s.f.) uma das mais difíceis, e não half tone apart. anticipatory note…” (S68) está acessível a todos...” (S69)54. turn A musical ornament “… melodic trills may use a grupeto “... notamos apenas a(n) consisting of two or more terminating turn or (s.m.) utilização de um grupeto e notes played in rapid anticipatory note…” (S70) um trinado nas succession above or below interpretações...” (S71) the principal note.
  • 55. viola An instrument of the violin “…we cannot accept viola “... a viola é um (n) family slightly larger than Stradivari as the originator (s.f.) instrumento musical da the violin and having a of the smaller type of família do violino...” (S72) deeper tone. viola…”Infor Strad-pag.95maçõesgram 56. viola da gamba The bass of the violin “…the viola da gamba was viola da gamba “... a viola da gamba (np) family, with the range of imported from Spain,where (SN) surgiu no final do séc. XVaticai the cello. Arabic influences na Espanha sob a influências: prevailed…” de um instrumento árabe chamado rabab..." (S73) Pleeth-pag.212 57. violin The smallest instrument of “…as regards the violino “... o violino tem longa (n) the violin family played dimensions, it differs from (s.m.) história na execução da with a bow and having four any violin seen by us dated música...” (S74) strings. before 1684…” Strad-pag.39 58. violinmaker One who designs and crafts “…despite their reputation luthier "... todo luthier deve luteiro (n) violins and other as master craftspeople, (s.m.) estudar e pesquisar sobre os instruments of the violin violin makers dont Instrumentos antigos..." family. actually choose the best (S76) materials…” (S75) 59. wolf eliminator It is a small metal piece that “… The only real way to tira lobo “... normalmente apenas um (np) when attached to the strings eliminate a wolf tone is to (s.m.) Tira-Lobo já resolve o keep the sound from use something called a wolf problema...” (S78) distorting. eliminator…” (S77)L1: n = noun L2: m. = masculino
  • a. = adjective f.= feminino v. = verb s. = substantivo np = noun phrase a. = adjetivo acr. = acronym v. = verbo SN = sintagma nominal acr. = acrônimoFONTES DE CONSULTA:- LIVRO CELLO – WILLIAM PLEETH- ANTONIO STRADIVARI HIS LIFE & WORK – W.HENRY HILL, ARTHUR F. HILL & ALFRED E. HILL (strad)- LAROUSSE MUSICAL- SITES DA INTERNET DESCRITOS ABAIXO DE CADA TERMO, COM O OBJETIVO DE FACILITAR A CONSULTA.LISTA DE SITES CONSULTADOS (AGOSTO / 2007)(S1) - – – – – – – – – – – - – – – – – – –
  • (S20) – – – – – – – – - – – - - - - – – - - - - – – – – – – – – - –,_saddles/Violin_nut,_saddles/Violin_Saddle.html(S51) – – – – – – –(S57) – –
  • (S59) – - – -,_saddles/Violin_nut,_saddles/Violin_Saddle.html(S63) – – - – – – - – – – – – – – – –