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20130502 apresentação webcast 1 t13 eng

  1. 1. 1Q13 EARNINGS PRESENTATIONMay 3, 2013
  2. 2. DISCLAIMERThe Company makes forward looking statements that are subject to risks anduncertainties. These statements are based on the beliefs and assumptions of our management as wellas on information currently available to us. Forward-looking statements include information regarding ourcurrent intent, beliefs or expectations, in addition to those of the members of the Board of Directors andExecutive Officers of the Company.Forward-looking statements also include information regarding our possible or assumed future operatingresults, as well as statements preceded or followed by, or that include, the words believes”, may”,will”, continues”, expects”, anticipates”, intends”, plans”, estimates”, or similarexpressions.Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of performance. They involve risks, uncertainties andassumptions, for they relate to future events, thus depending on circumstances that may or may notoccur. Our future results and the creation of value to shareholder s may differ significantly from thoseexpressed in or suggested by these forward-looking statements. Many factors determining theseresults and values are beyond Cielo’s ability to control or predict.2
  3. 3. CIELO | HIGHLIGHTS3Transaction Financial Volume, according to market criterion, totaled R$97.6 billion,+11.6% and Transaction Financial Volume, according to accounting criterion, totaled R$98.8 bilhões, +12.2%1Q13 x 1Q12Credit R$ 63.3 billion, +11.5%Debit R$ 35.5 billion, +13.5%Net Operating Revenue R$ 1.5 billion, +28.4%Net Income totaled R$641 million ,+13.1% and Net Margin of 41%;EBITDA totaled R$874.5 million,+13.8% and EBITDA Margin of 56.5%;
  4. 4. CIELO | TRANSACTION FINANCIAL VOLUME4104,36398,847-5.3%88,08298,84712.2%65,062 63,31339,30235,5344Q12 1Q13Quartely Evolution (R$ million)Credit Debit56,786 63,31331,29635,5341Q12 1Q13Annual Evolution (R$ million)Credit Debit
  5. 5. CIELO | NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS51,418 1,358-4.2%1,2691,3587.0 %800 784618 5744Q12 1Q13Quartely Evolution (R$ million)Credit Debit739 7845315741Q12 1Q13Annual Evolution (R$ million)Credit Debit
  6. 6. CIELO | OPERATIONAL INDICATORS60.6%0.5%10.2%14.0% 1,727 1,7381,329 1,3364Q12 1Q13Quartely Evolution (thousand)# Installed POS Active Merchants1,5241,7381,2121,3361Q12 1Q13Annual Evolution (thousand)# Installed POS Active MerchantsActive Merchant are those that have made at least a single transaction in the last 60 days.
  7. 7. CIELO | NET OPERATING REVENUE7-2.8%28.4%1,2041,5471Q12 1Q13Annual Evolution (R$ million)Net Operating Revenue1,5921,5474Q12 1Q13Quartely Evolution (R$ million)Net Operating Revenue
  8. 8. CIELO | COSTS + EXPENSES8Costs + Expenses pertransaction4Q12 1Q13Total (R$ cents) 0.61 0.56Excluding subsidiaries(R$ cents)0.44 0.4050976686050.5%-11.0%766Costs + Expenses pertransaction1Q12 1Q13Total (R$ cents) 0.40 0.56Excluding subsidiaries(R$ cents)0.37 0.40599 5642612024Q12 1Q13Quartely Evolution (R$ million)Costs Expenses3865641232021Q12 1Q13Annual Evolution (R$ million)Costs ExpensesNumbers already considering the consolidation of Merchant-e Solutions in costs and expenses
  9. 9. CIELO | PREPAYMENT OF RECEIVABLES94.1%26.1%2162254Q12 1Q13Quartely Evolution (R$ million)Revenue of Prepayment of Receivables1792251Q12 1Q13Annual Evolution (R$ million)Revenue of Prepayment of Receivables
  10. 10. CIELO | PREPAYMENT OF RECEIVABLESINDICATORS10Prepaid volume as %of total creditvolume4Q12 1Q1313.1 13.1Prepaid volume as %of total creditvolume1Q12 1Q139.3 13.1-3.0%56.6%5,289.98,285.455,765.53.150,04.150,05.150,06.150,07.150,08.150,049545964691Q12 1Q13Annual Evolution (R$ million)Financial Prepayment Volume Average Term (days)8,542.98,285.461.665.57.150,07.350,07.550,07.750,07.950,08.150,08.350,08.550,05961636567694Q12 1Q13Quartely Evolution (R$million)Financial Prepayment Volume Average Term (days)
  11. 11. CIELO | EBITDA115.8%13.8%
  12. 12. CIELO | NET INCOME125.0%13.1%
  13. 13. CIELO | NOTICE TO SHAREHOLDER´S13Remuneration Regarding 2H2012Capital Stock increased to R$ 1 billionBonus share of 20% April, 29,2013New Number of Shares 786,115,469Dividends: R$ 803.5 million or R$1.23 per shareIoE : R$35.9 million or R$0.05 gross per shareCapital increase and Bonus shareIoE = Interest on Equity
  14. 14. INVESTOR RELATIONS CONTACTSwww.cielo.com.br/riE-mail: ri@cielo.com.br | Phone: + 55 11 2184 3739/40/41
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