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  • 1. Our Trip To Europe. By: Austin and Jake
  • 2. We left Minneapolis and are going to Madrid Spain.
  • 3. We are now in Madrid Spain!
      • After we go get something to eat and get rested up we are going to go to the waterpark.
  • 4. We are now at the water park in Madrid Spain! =)
      • We had to pay $10 each for admission.
      • Today at the water park it is a little cold but it will warm up.
      • The park is awesome and the slides are fun!
  • 5. Austin and I took a train from Madrid Spain to Paris France!
  • 6. This is Paris France.
    • We arrived in Paris France at night and the city was all lit up.
  • 7. We went to see the Eiffel tower in Paris.
  • 8. We needed to take a train to go to Rome Italy.
  • 9. This is Rome Italy
  • 10. We went to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Rome.
    • The leaning tower of pisa is really cool because they must've built it really sturdy because it is really old.
  • 11. Next, we took a plane to Berlin Germany.
  • 12. We went to see what was left of the Berlin wall.
    • This part of the Berlin wall was all painted on.
    •   It's paint designs were pretty cool.
  • 13. We traveled around in Berlin Germany .
    • These are pictures of places we seen in Berlin.
  • 14. We took a rental car from Berlin Germany to Copenhagen Denmark.
    • There was alot of variety of cars to choose from.
  • 15. Copenhagen Denmark
    • In Copenhagen we went to the Amalienborg Palace..
  • 16. Amalienborg Palace
    • When Austin and me went to the palace they were doing their line up.
    •       Now after were done here at the palace we are going to leave to go to Norway.
  • 17. We took an air plane to Oslo Norway.
  • 18. Austin and me are now skiing in Oslo Norway.
    • Its pretty fun.
  • 19. Guess what we're in the United Kingdom!
  • 20. We went to 2 festivals in london and we also went to an aquarium.  
    • We liked the first festival better than the second festival.
    • We also thought that the aquarium was pretty cool.
  • 21. After the festival was done and we got rested up we took a plane back  to Minneapolis.
    • We both thought that the trip was awsome and very fun.
    • We both even learned a little about other countries and their cultures.
  • 22. Total: $7175