Nokia Developer Offering Series 40


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Nokia developer offering series 40

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Nokia Developer Offering Series 40

  1. 1. Nokia Developer Offering Series 40Mohamad IqbalNokia Developer Certified Trainer @ciebal
  2. 2. #1 Getting Rich in Mobile AppsConnecting you with the Series 40 opportunity
  3. 3. #1 Getting Rich in Mobile AppsReach the worlds biggest installed basewith technology you already know: WEB- HTML- CSS- JAVASCRIPT } APP
  4. 4. Local Support• Faculty Workshop• Curriculums• Device Testing• Challenge (MGDW, Theme Competition, Etc)• Another Hackathon (Hackonten, HackNation)• Preloaded Apps• Publication
  5. 5. Local Support
  6. 6. Let’s Rock with Series 40
  7. 7. #2 Introducing Nokia Series 40Cloud-assisted web appsbeauty with efficiency
  8. 8. The Developer Offering - SimplificationFramework Services Platform Qt Nokia Mail Meego Java Nokia Store Symbian WebApp / WRT Nokia Maps Windows Phone Silverlight Nokia Music XNA Etc Series 40
  9. 9. Cloud-assisted web apps beauty with efficiency Nokia Browser for Series 40 Proxy Server Nokia Browser forWWW Series 40 Client HTML, CSS, Optimised content (HTML, (Phone) Javascript, Images, XML, CSS, JSON, etc compressed images)
  10. 10. Series 40 Web Apps Ingredients config.xml Widget Properties Icon.png Application Icon [name].html HTML backbone [name].css Layout [name].js LogicResource (optional) Files, images, etc. Package .wgt
  11. 11. Platform Services - API Web Apps Geo-location Phone CallInitiating sending SMS Upload / Download Java ME All Device API
  12. 12. Developer Kit Noka Web Tools 1.2 1.x 1.5 2.02.0 SDK for JAVA IDE
  13. 13. Series 40 & Java RuntimeJava Runtime Series 40 Version Phones2.0.0 Series 40 Asha Full Touch1.1.0 Series 40 Asha 200, 201, 302, 3031.0.0 Series 40 Asha 202, 203, C2-00, C2-02, C2-03, C2-05, C2-06, X2-02, X2-05N/A Series 40 6th Edition, FP 1 Asha 300, C3-01, X3-02N/A Series 40 6th Edition C2-01, C3-00, X2-00, X2-01, 6303i, 7230, 6350, 6750, 3720, ...N/A Series 40 6th Edition Lite C1-01, C1-02N/A Series 40 5th Edition, FP1 2690, 3208, 6600i, 2730, 2700, 6208, 6600, 8800, ...N/A Series 40 5th Edition, FP1 Lite 2220, 2720, 2320, 2330, 5000...N/A Series 40 5th Edition 3610, 6263, 6555, 7500, 6267
  14. 14. #3 Getting Started: WDT 2.0Includes templates, libraries, codesnippets, simulator, debugger,deployment options unique toSeries 40 Web Apps development
  15. 15. Comparison Nokia Web ToolsFeature Version 1.0 Version 1.5 Version 2.0Symbian Applications SupportedEfficient proxy based web apps Supported Supported SupportedMWL support Supported Supported SupportedModern UI with floating icons Supported SupportedGeolocation API support Supported SupportedWeb app image caching Supported SupportedSMS URI support Supported SupportedFull Touch Simulator Supported
  16. 16. Web TechnologiesHTML 4.0 CSS 2.1Javascript DOM Level 1.8 1 and 2
  17. 17. #4 Series 40 Web App UX Guidelines• Tree Structure• Expendable List• Dynamic Looping• Tabbed Pages• Carousel
  18. 18. Screen Orientation320x240 pixels 240x320 pixels
  19. 19. Screen Orientation Full Touch 240x400 pixels
  20. 20. Navigation Controls The app logo should Paging controls should The icon in the top rightalways be in the top bar be displayed directly of the header can be below the app header. contextual.
  21. 21. Focus on discrete tasksStart the task Choose a category Choose a sub- Browse the results category
  22. 22. Align elements
  23. 23. Use a common set of icons
  24. 24. Accommodating Screen Orientationif (screen.width > 240) {document.write(<link rel="stylesheet"href="../../basicLandscape.css" type="text/css" />);}else {document.write(<link rel="stylesheet"href="../../basicPortrait.css" type="text/css"/>);}
  25. 25. Full Touch New Features Virtual New UI keyboard elements control Accelero Multi- meters touch
  26. 26. Full Touch Elements for a Better UI Icon Command Category BarVirtual Keypad
  27. 27. Full Touch UI• Screen – 240 x 400 Pixels• New features: – Action buttons – Category bar – Back button
  28. 28. Accelerometers
  29. 29. Native or Web Apps?
  30. 30. Native or Web Apps?Deployment Navite Web Apps Each mobile application Runs in the mobile device’s web development platform. browser and each may have its own features and quirks Each mobile application Written in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript development platform has its own and server-side languages or web native programming language application frameworks Standardized software There are no standard software development kits (SDKs) development kits (SDKs)
  31. 31. Native or Web Apps? CapabilitiesNavite Web AppsCan interface with the device’s native Mobile web apps can access a limitedfeatures, information and hardware amount of the device’s native(camera, accelerometer, etc.) features and information (orientation, geolocation, media, etc.) Whether you decide to build a native app or a mobile web app depends on many factors: business objectives, target audience, technical requirements and so on.
  32. 32. No Programming Skills?
  33. 33. NOKIA Xpress Web App Builder beta
  34. 34. #5 Nokia Xpress Web App BuilderNokia Xpress Web App Builder makes it easy to get yourweb content into a rich, engaging web app in just foureasy steps:• Select a template: Choose from a wide range of generic and content specific templates.• Add your content: Use clipped content from your web pages, existing RSS feeds, and social media site content.• Enhance your app: Use platform features such as calls, SMS, ads, and maps to enrich your app.• Finish
  35. 35. Nokia Xpress Web App Builder
  36. 36. Nokia Xpress Web App Builder
  37. 37. Nokia Xpress Web App Builder
  38. 38. Nokia Xpress Web App Builder
  39. 39. #6 How to Getting Started• Nokia Indonesia Community Enthusiasts• Nokia Developer• Java ME• S40 Web Apps
  40. 40. Remote Device Access• Enabling Testing on Real Devices• Free for Nokia Developer Users• Go to RDA:• Watch introductory video:•
  41. 41. Code Examples• Online – – Code• Included in Help – Emulator → Help → MIDlet Samples• Maps & Analytics – C:NokiadevicesNokia_SDK_2 _0_Javaplugins
  42. 42. Publishing App SubmitRegister Metadata Upload Device Country for QA
  43. 43. The Perks of Being Nokia Developer• Community Support• Endless Opportunity: NDC, NDCT
  44. 44. Feel free to Ask•••
  45. 45. Thank You! 
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