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Digital Conversations: Reaching and Engaging Citizens
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Digital Conversations: Reaching and Engaging Citizens


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This was a presentation I made to the Alberta Public Service at their Policy Conference on June 11, 2008.

This was a presentation I made to the Alberta Public Service at their Policy Conference on June 11, 2008.

Published in: Business, Spiritual
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  • 1. Digital Conversations Using Digital Technologies to Reach and Engage Citizens Christian Idicula //
  • 2. Digital has changed the way we interact, how fast we react, and the space in which we act Christian Idicula //
  • 3. Remember this? Christian Idicula //
  • 4. Apple changed the landscape Christian Idicula //
  • 5. Today they have done it again Christian Idicula //
  • 6. Level of engagement Speed of delivery Christian Idicula //
  • 7. Technology is everywhere Est. 20 million mobile phone users in Canada 3 billion worldwide Laptops lead the growth in computer sales Christian Idicula // Bloomberg. 5 June 2008
  • 8. Critical trends shaping society “Conversations Economy” “Cloud Computing” Christian Idicula //
  • 9. Conversation Economy • More than “social networking” • Conversations are more than just talking • Listening. Meaningful Engagement. • Sharing ideas. Influencing choices. Christian Idicula //
  • 10. Campaigning: Elect Don Iveson Christian Idicula //
  • 11. Campaigning: Obama ‘08 Christian Idicula //
  • 12. Simply belonging to the latest social network isn’t a web strategy in and of itself -  Jordan Behan, “The Age of Conversation” Christian Idicula //
  • 13. Cloud Computing •  Moving away from desktop applications to Web applications •  Reflects the ubiquity of the Internet •  Started with portals •  Google is the flag-bearer •  Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Reader, iGoogle, Scholar, etc. Christian Idicula //
  • 14. Crowdsourcing Knowledge and ideas are not centrally contained. They are dispersed amongst the crowd. Christian Idicula //
  • 15. Human Hierarchy Creative Collaboration The way we’ve organized The way we actually behave ourselves Christian Idicula // Source: D. Armano // L + E
  • 16. Collaboration Christian Idicula //
  • 17. Bookmark sharing Christian Idicula //
  • 18. Community advice Christian Idicula //
  • 19. Microblogging Christian Idicula //
  • 20. Brand-Consumer Collaboration Christian Idicula //
  • 21. Separating reality from hype Closed gardens vs. Open dialogue Which will outlast the other? Christian Idicula //
  • 22. Who are we talking to? Christian Idicula //
  • 23. Your Audience = Real People  Christian Idicula //
  • 24. People are more than a title Christian Idicula // Source: D. Armano // L + E
  • 25. “People – online or offline – have learned from experience not to expect consistency when communicating with the government – except from the tax agency” Colin McKay, “The Age of Conversation” Christian Idicula //
  • 26. Example: New Zealand Police Act • National police force set up a wiki to solicit public input to the New Zealand Police Act before being sent to parliament • Citizens to help edit a piece of pending legislation Christian Idicula //
  • 27. Example: BC Ministry of Transportation • Combining MapQuest data with real-time traffic data to provide timely advisories to motorists • Allows citizens to make better use of the overtaxed road network Christian Idicula //
  • 28. Example: CNN / YouTube • During the Republican and Democratic debates in the US, anyone from around the world could submit questions to the candidates • Demonstrates how citizens can become actively involved in the electoral process by leveraging tools with which they are already familiar Christian Idicula //
  • 29. Example: Diplopedia • US Department of State • Repository of organizational knowledge • Enables foreign service officials to share vital information with colleagues around the world Christian Idicula //
  • 30. Example: Intellipedia • Created by Director of National Intelligence • “Wikified” but highly secured intelligence portal • Promote better intelligence gathering and sharing across a variety of federal intelligence agencies • Helping to build bridges between younger employees and their senior peers Christian Idicula //
  • 31. Challenges •  The value is not always quantifiable –  It’s not about profit or loss •  Opening up can be a culture shock –  Not everything can be controlled or filtered •  Requires a dedicated effort to succeed –  Half-hearted is barely noticed Christian Idicula //
  • 32. Your biggest challenge is this: People are busy, on-the-go, and can tune out messages they don’t want to hear Christian Idicula // Source: D. Armano // L + E
  • 33. Effectively using digital tools •  Create an experience across channels •  Provide opportunities for meaningful engagement •  Deliver relevant content Christian Idicula //
  • 34. Consistent experience •  People want simple, comprehensive ways to manage their lives –  Healthcare, education, registrations •  Provide a consistent experience across multiple channels –  Every touch point is important Christian Idicula //
  • 35. Meaningful engagement •  Interactions should be efficient yet rewarding –  It’s not a numbers game •  Ease of use is critical –  Their success is your success •  Conversations are exchanges, not lectures –  Citizens can provide valuable returns Christian Idicula //
  • 36. Relevant content •  Deliver the content –  Sharing information is critical to the conversation •  Giving up some control –  Failures are due to tight grips •  Multi-channel strategy –  All channels should work together Christian Idicula //