Vet guidance spain


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Vet guidance spain

  1. 1. VET/Career guidance system in SPAIN
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONIn Spain there have traditionally been two guidancesubsystems: one for education and the other foremployment. But, there has been a process ofdecentralisation with regard to career guidance, andnow both systems coexist.As a result, guidance is provided by differentinstitutions and organisations of the centralgovernment and of the autonomous communities.
  3. 3. LEGISLATIONLifelong guidance system, as an integrated system, canbe found in all new legislation that is being developedfollowing the Lisbon strategy.In 2002, the Act 5/2002 on Qualifications andVocational Education and Training (VET) markedthe starting point for a number of changes that havetaken place since then.This Act established the existence of an integrated VETsystem, which means that there must also be anintegrated guidance system, including the followingareas to be covered:
  4. 4. • Guidance departments at the Integrated VET schools. These are schools that integrate both education and employment training systems• The new validation of working experience and non formal learning process (July 2009) will result in the creation of a portal between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour. It also represents common training for those in charge of the validation process• A lifelong guidance working group has been created within the National Board on VET which joins education and labour administrations at national and regional level and social partners• A lifelong guidance working group has been established by the Ministry of Education with the autonomous regions• A lifelong guidance platform• Provision of guidance services for open and distance VET• Lifelong guidance tools for guidance counsellors to help them manage the new integrated VET offer.
  5. 5. In the labour sector, employment offices have guidance counsellors whoprovide guidance services. Regarding education, guidance is provided atthree different levels:Pre-primary and primary levelThere are teams of educational and psychological counsellors that supportprimary schools that are located in the same area.Secondary level, including compulsory education, baccalaureate andVETIn secondary schools and vocational schools, there are guidancedepartments in which different kinds of specialist teachers are involved.They are usually directed by a psychologist or a pedagogue.Guidance at universitiesAt universities in Spain there are centres which aim to promote theemployability of students and graduates.
  6. 6. Resources for VET GuidanceAt National (Central Government’s education platform) (Professional Association of Counsellors) (Central Government’s platform for information andcounselling on Vocational Training) (Public Employment Services)At regional (Education platform of the Government of Extremadura) (Professional Association of Counsellors) (Public Employment Services)
  7. 7. Documents used in VET guidance - Good practiceDecide tu useful questionnaires including videos about the professions) de orientación: is a guidance booklet for students finishing the secondary level including acomplete self evaluation questionnaire to be filled, in order to determine theirinterests, abilities, motivation, etc… Once completed, they hand it over to thecounsellor at school for a final interview.