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Test central dana-cici-en


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  • 1. CENTRAL TEST Presentation of the BASC-2 test Teacher Popa Daniela Maria Teacher Manafu Georgeta “Tudor Arghezi” Theoretical High school, Craiova Official site of the producer: • TestCentral (S.C. D&D Consultants Grup S.R.L.) is audited and certified by Business Quality Cert in accordance with the SR EN ISO 9001:2008 standard; Certification field: Scientific solutions of psychological evaluation. Contact: Telephone number: +4 021 230 45 99, +4 021 230 51 50 Fax number: +4 021 230 45 99 E-mail: Address: No. 42, Grigore Moisil Str., sector 2, Bucharest, postal code 023796. Working hours: Monday- Friday, 9:00-18:00 NEED HELP? Call or write to us: tel. +3021 230 45 99 WHAT IS TEST CENTRAL? Testcentral is a consortium of test editors, consultance companies specialized in adapting, standardizing, publishing and distributing psychometrical instruments. Testcentral is a professional project contributing to the development of the Romanian psychology, by focusing on psychodiagnosis and on psychological evaluation.
  • 2. The editing partners which are part of Testcentral are D&D Consultants Grup and O.S. Organizzazioni Speciali Romania. Testcentral has the logistics support and know-how of D&D Research WHAT ARE THE OBJECTIVES OF TEST CENTRAL? 1. The main objective is to administer in Romania, under licence, as many of the internationally acknowledged psychometrical tests 2. All the psychometrical instruments represented by Testcentral in Romania were translated and adapted with support from their authors or owners, standardized under their direct supervision according to the APA and ITC standards, and they are all legally distributed in Romania. 3. All of these instruments are represented in Romania by the companies which are part of Testcentral as sole editor, which means that any use of any of these instruments which does not comply with Testcentral standards and conditions is illegal. 4. Through these instruments, Testcentral ensures the legal protection against their illegal or unprofessional use. WHO ARE THE USERS OF TEST CENTRAL? User certification • These tests may only be licensed by people who are authorized to use them. • Most of these tests are professional ones and they require a psychologist’s license or a certified training to use. • User certification only requires filling in a certification form. • This form must reach the authors not electronically (by email), but as such (by land mail), thus certifying the quality of the person who asks for permission to use the test. CLASSIFICATION OF TEST CENTRAL The APA classification system for psychological tests The prychometrical instruments distributed in Romania by Testcentral comply with all APA and ITC standards, and they are classified according to the A-B-C grid recommended by APA According to the international standards and to the APA regulations, each instrument is designated as A, B or C and each of these types requires a certain type of qualification in order to be acquired. A. Type A instruments B. Type B instruments C. Type C instruments PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION A series of factors are considered when assessing he qualification level for each person, besides their professional training. It is taken into consideration the quality of being a member of a professional organization with intense activity in the field of psychology or counselling, the quality of being employed by a company which has been active in this domain, the candidate’s general testing and psychometrical experience and their purposeful use of the test. Those people who do not have the necessary qualification must be accounted for by a trained psychologist, who shall take full responsibility for the use of these tests.
  • 3. THE BASC-2 TEST The BASC 2 Behavioral and Emotional Screening System is a multidimensional and multimethodical system, used in assessing the behaviour and self image for children and young people between 2 and 25 years old. The BASC-2 test approaches personality in a variety of methods. This test consists of the following assessment methods, which may be used either individually or in any of their possible combinations: • Two assessment scales, one for the teachers (The Teacher Rating Scale, TRS) and one for the parents (The Parent Rating Scale, PRS). Each scale is divided into several age groups. With the help of these scales, various descriptions can be collected regarding the noticeable part of the child’s behaviour. A self-report scale ( Self-Report of Personality, SRP), by means of which the child or the young adult can describe their own emotions or self perceptions. • A structured interview, regarding the history of the behavior of the assessed person (Structured Developmental History, SDH). • An observation sheet which can be used to record and classify the behaviour which was directly noticeable in class (Student Observation System, SOS). WHY CHOOSE THE BASC-2 TEST? BASC-2 was designed to:  Facilitate differential diagnosis;  Educationally classify a series of emotional and behavioral issues which can arise in children;  Design treatment and intervention plans. FEES: BASC-2 Kit for children between 2 and 5 years old Price: € 351.22 BASC-2 Kit for children between 6 and 11 years old Price: € 411.49 BASC-2 Kit for children between 12 and 25 years old Price: € 411.49