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Project 8 en

  1. 1. NAME of the PROGRAM/PROJECT RECICLETA RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTION ViitorPlus-Association for sustainable development PARTNERS SOS Children's Villages Bucharest, The Municipality Of Bucharest, Direction, Education, Tourism And Culture SHORT DESCRIPTION: RECICLETA offers practical solutions to urban problems and their impact on the environment, and in the meantime it comes with solutions for social problems and the lack of information of the citizens regarding the selective collecting. Project directions are: -The recycling of small quantities of paper which are not collected by specialized companies that would otherwise go to the landfill; -promoting sustainable transportation by using an environmentally friendly means of transport, cargo tricycles; -reduction of co2 emissions generated from the decomposition of waste to the landfill and their transportation; -providing legal jobs for disadvantages people who run cargo bikes and collect paper from companies and individuals; -promoting volunteering; -increasing the involvement of the population in educational program and selective collecting. PROJECT DESCRIPTION RECICLETA is the only selective collecting service for small quantities of paper (up to 150 kg) in the northern part of the capital with cargo tricycles run by people in need, who, this way, have a legal and stable work The project is unique by picking up small amounts of paper, support a means of
  2. 2. transport that does not pollute, the selective collecting and help people in vulnerable situations to continue to have a job and reintegrate them in the socio-professional area. Beginning in September 2009, the project has started in a pilot phase in an important area of business and residential district of Northern Bucharest (Aurel Vlaicu, Aviators, Floreasca, Dorobanti, Primaverii), starting in 2011 to expand to serve other areas: victoria , Kiseleff, 1 may, The free press. RECICLETA project aims to contribute to reducing greenhouse emissions through the two directions that it addresses :waste paper collecting for recycling and sustainable transport, carbon neutral. Paper collecting service for recycling is addressed mainly to economic agents that generate small amounts of paper (25-100 kg), which do not have a storage space for them, and which are not served by the companies specialized in waste collecting. For collecting companies is not cost-effective to move for amounts smaller than 200 kg of paper, and small quantities of paper arrive at the landfill. RECICLETA responds to this need and serves companies that generate small amounts of waste, to recycle waste and deviate important economic resources from landfill Transport of waste paper is done with cargo tricycles, equipped with a storage space of 150 kg. Waste paper is collected from traders and stored in trailers with a maximum capacity of 2000 kg, located in the area of cargo bikes. When they are full, the transport becomes viable both environmental and economical, the company specialized in waste collection is called , and the paper is transported to the landfill where it will be taken for recycling. The Social side of recicleta follows the socio-professional integration of people in need, who are the runners of cargo bikes and which benefits this way of a legal and stable income. RECICLETA aims to contribute to reducing the effects of climate change by reducing greenhouse gases, through the recycling of paper and deviation at the landfill, save trees from cutting and using a sustainable unpolluting means of transport. RECICLETA also aims to help the vulnerable groups of people by providing them legal and stable employment and allows them to improve their financial situation and social reintegration. So far RECICLETA has got the following results: 240 tons of paper collected for recycling from about 300 companies and it has managed to hire 8 persons in need . Educational programs were staged so far in eight companies with approximately 100 employers participating at educational sessions and 10 schools or kindergartens. Recicleta project was born as a reaction to the current economic context of waste management and waste paper collecting from small companies that are not served by any form of selective collecting, due to the reduced amount of waste they produce. Specialized Collectors move just for quantities exceeding hundreds of pounds, because only thus is it cost- effective for them from an economical point of view. Small quantities reach the landfill. Incidentally, in Romania, only 2% of household waste is recycled. To add a touch of
  3. 3. originality to the project and knowing the tradition of Western countries in terms of sustainable transport, we particularly like the transport of waste to be made with a cargo-bike, means of transport carbon neutral very often used in eastern countries to distribute, catering, courier. The context of Bucharest with an infrastructure built 30 years ago for 20,000 cars and run by over 2 million nowadays, encouraged us even more to promote the idea of sustainable transport. To combine all the principles of sustainable development we have involved in the project people in need who are offered this way a stable and legal work. RECICLETA project was based on a pilot study conducted in 2009, which demonstrated the feasibility of the idea. The project was designed for small businesses, which do not generate enough waste to provide transport from other collectors. The Registered companies will receive a free paper collecting containers,especially designed for the minimum quantity that a cargo-bike can lift -25 kg. WEBSITE CONTACTS FOR INFORMATION Str Ion Nistor, nr 2, apt 1 Telefon: 021 210 20 31/ 0735854168 E-mail: