Minutes of the meeting in craiova


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Minutes of the meeting in craiova

  1. 1. Minutes of the meeting in Craiova, Romania The meeting in Craiova took place between the 22nd and the 26th of April 2014. The schedule for the 24th of April workday was: - a visit of the “Tudor Arghezi” Theoretical Highschool; - presentations: multimedia presentations, an optional course syllabus – Career Education, an example of how the Guidance and counseling school subject is approached in the 10th grade in terms of counseling and career education, an example of how French is approached as a school subject in terms of counseling and career education, the relationship between the school, family and the society as important factors in career guidance and an optional course on counseling and guidance; - a project management activity – Counseling and vocational education in Romania; - an artistic programme; - the participating students attended a workshop at the Children’s Club in Craiova and visited the EXPO SPACE exhibition; - the international conference “Share knowledge and good practices in the educational process”; - a visit of the St. Dumitru cathedral and of other neighbouring churches in Craiova ; - a visit to the Town Hall of Craiova and meeting with local oficialities. - a festive dinner, during which the participants-teachers were presented with the attendance certificates. - all Bulgarian students spent dinner time with other Romanian students and Romanian teachers The international conference”Share knowledge and good practices regarding the use of IT/e- Learning in VET guidance” took place on the 24th of April 2014 at the Dolj County School Inspectorate and it was organized by the Automotive Technological Highschool and by the “Tudor Arghezi” Theoretical Highschool in Craiova. It was attended by teachers and students in Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Latvia and Slovenia. The main objective of this conference was to share examples of good practice in order to promote an innovative, creative approach in the educational field. The conference consisted of four sections: - E-Learning, educational software, multimedia presentations which can be used in the teaching process, in counselling and career guidance; - Vocational counseling and guidance; - Permanent education in the knowledge society. Disseminations of LLP projects and training courses - Creativity and innovation in the teaching process (examples of good practice). The programme was the following: 16.00-16.10 Opening speech- presentation of the sympozium, Mrs. Radu Laura, Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto, Craiova
  2. 2. 16.10-16.20 Mrs. Manafu Georgeta – prezentation of the project Development of Guidance and Conseilling Instruments in Vocational Education 16.20-16.30 VET guidance in Bulgaria Mrs. Pepa Golemanova – „My competences ”, Professional High School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering „Marie Curie” - Bulgaria 16.30-16.40 VET guidance in Romania – „Counseilling programme- Steps to a susccesfull career”. Mrs. Nicoleta Adriana Florea, Mrs. Florenta Avram, County Center of Resources and Educational Asistances 16.40-16.55 VET guidance in Slovenia – Marusa Gorsak – KADIS – Slovenia 17.00-17.10 “Romanian folk dance”- Hora Dance Team, Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto, Craiova 17.10-17.20 VET guidance in Turkey – Mr. Yalçin Yavuz Bellikli 17.20-17.30 Ways of accessing EU funds for schools – Radu Daniela Laura – Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto Craiova 17.30 – 17.40 – VET guidance in Letonia – Agris Ruperts – Profesionalas Iyglitibas Kompetences Centrs „Liepajas Valsts Tehnikums”, Letonia 17.40-17.50 VET guidance in Romania – exemple of good practice, Education and Career guidance- Let’s help thechoose a right career!, Mrs. Diana Bratucu 17.50-18.00 “Oltenian Suit of dances”, Hora Dance Team, Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto, Craiova All the article from the conference were published in: -3 online magazines with ISSN ”Share knowledge and good practices regarding the use of IT/e- Learning in VET guidance”, the first of which consists of the articles published in the first and third sections, the second issue consists of the articles included in the second and fourth sections, whereas the third online magazine consists of the English summaries of the articles. -1 CD book with ISBN which have all the article in Romanian and all summary in English. The schedule for the meeting on the 25th of April was: - a visit of the Automotive Technological Highschool in Craiova, discussions with the teachers and students - discussions with the members of Management department, headmaster and deputys - the students from Bulgaria spent time together with Romanian students in the laboratory of Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto - a project management activity - a cultural programme, including a visit of the Nicolae Romanescu Park, of the Oltenia Museum and of the Arts Museum. It was agreed that the meeting in Latvia would take place between the 7th and the 11th of June 2014. The meetings on the 9th and 10th of June will be attended by all the participants. The meeting in Latvia will focus on the final report.