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Sn1049 5 Vh Sn1049 5 Vh Presentation Transcript

  • RandstadRail HTM Personenvervoer NV Den Haag, 30 September 2009
  • Contents History of RandstadRail - Initiative - Objectives - Development in past decades System integration The works Financial Aspects
  • History of RandstadRail (1) Initiative of public transport companies NS heavy rail operator HTM local PT operator in The Hague region RET local PT operator in Rotterdam region WestNederland regional bus operator
  • History of RandstadRail (2) Objectives Better services in the region of The Hague and Rotterdam - more through connections into cities - excellent accessibility Utilize existing rail infrastructure of: - Railway between The Hague, Zoetermeer and Rotterdam - Metro in Rotterdam - Tram in The Hague System should fit in urban environment - low platforms The Hague - high platforms in Rotterdam metro system Increase of patronage by 70% between 2005 and 2010 From 22 mio passengers to 37 mio passengers per year
  • History of RandstadRail (3) 1988 Start of studies by 4 operators 1995 Proposal of operators accepted by 4 governments: Ministry of Transport, Province of Zuid Holland Municipalities of The Hague and Rotterdam 1995 Elaboration of RandstadRail by the 4 governments. The 4 operators were not allowed to participate because of the future open market and tendering conditions 1995 Consortium of 4 operators start independent elaboration of the RandstadRail project 1999 Governments decide to apoint combination of operators of The Hague (HTM) and Rotterdam (RET) preferred operator for the first concession period (2006 - 2017) 2007 Start of operation
  • System Integration (1) Initial situation: Three different rail systems Operator/network NS RET HTM Track gauge (mm) 1435 1435 1435 Track layout wide intermediate narrow Track segregation auton. auton. mixed Voltage (Vdc) 1500 750 600 Signalling & ATP yes yes no Platform height (mm) 800 1000 300 Vehicles/trains - Length (m) 50-150 60-120 30 - Width (m) 2.90 2.65 2.35
  • Commissioned by: Haaglanden urban district Public transport company for The Hague section: HTM -10-years licence, related to high investments (50 vehicles) Ambitions: *Improvement of efficiency *Considerable passengers growth (from 77.000 to 110.000/day)
  • HTM tram NS Sprinter train RET metro
  • The system Zoetermeerline The Hague Zoetermeer Hofpleinline The RandstadRail project ZoRoline involves the construction of a light rail connection between The Hague and Rotterdam and a high quality bus connection Rotterdam between Rotterdam and Zoetermeer
  • The vehicle bidirectional 5 doors on both sides 2 articulations 90 sitting + 130 standing maximum speed 80 km/hour power supply: 600 and 750 volt 70% low floor 2 wheelchair areas weight: 58 tons length: 38 metres width: 2.65 metres
  • System Integration (2) Final situation: System with 2 branches Track gauge (mm) 1,435 Vehicle width (m) 2.65 Branches: - Hofpleinlijn and Zoetermeerlijn - Common section: LvNOI - Leidschenveen
  • System Integration (3) Branches Hofpleinlijn Zoetermeerlijn Track layout intermediate narrow Track segregation auton. mixed Total line length (km) 23 30 Voltage (Vdc) 750 600/750 *) Signalling & ATP yes yes/no **) Platform height (mm) 1,000 300 Vehicle-Train Length (m) 45-90 37-75 *) In/Outside city; **) auton. infrastructure or tram sections Common section between LvNOI and Leidschenveen: - Splitlevel platforms with two heights: 300 and 1,000 mm - Common signaling and ATP
  • RandstadRail Network o
  • RandstadRail Vehicles HTM low floor RR-vehicles for operation on tram infrastructure in The Hague RET high floor RR-vehicles for operation on metro infrastructure in Rotterdam
  • RandstadRail Infrastructure Projects Adaptation and extension of Infrastructure Renovation and adaption of existing tramlines New connection in The Hague (Apeldoornselaan) Construction of depot and new workshop Construction of tunnel in Hague inner city Construction of 700m long viaduct section Beatrixlaan Swap of heavy and RandstadRail tracks at LvNOI New stations/stops Tunnel between Rotterdam CS and Kleiweg Complete renewal of track and signaling Conversion voltage on heavy rail sections from 1500 to 750 Vdc
  • General plan for RandstadRail Haaglanden: •2003: from design and preparation to implementation •2004 to mid 2006: construction of infrastructure •October 2004: opening of tunnel under The Hague’s main shopping street •March 2006 : first vehicle arrives •July / August 2006: testing and commissioning •September 2007: RandstadRail operates between Zoetermeer and The Hague Central Station and between Rotterdam and The Hague •December 2007: beyond The Hague Central Station , RandstadRail continues towards Loosduinen and De Uithof •2008: connection to the underground network at Rotterdam Central
  • Financial aspects Total costs of project 1,100 Mil. Euro Financed by central government by 80% Financed by local governments by 20%