Allen Gunn Innovation and NGO Technology


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Allen Gunn Innovation and NGO Technology

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Allen Gunn Innovation and NGO Technology

  1. 1. e-STAS 2007 Innovation and NGO Technology Allen Gunn Aspiration www. aspirationtech. org gunner@aspirationtech. org 23 de marzo de 2007.Diputacion Provincial, Sevilla These materials are distributed under a Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 ‘K B E Y Y ER . T9?L§ rrrr an ASl’1Rl’l‘l0N
  2. 2. Three Perspectives > Lessons Learned in NGO Tech Innovation >3 Drivers in NGO Tech Innovation >Social Source Commons ‘K aaaa Ell , T99"§‘« aaaa ER Asnsu-mow
  3. 3. Innovation is Double-Edged >“Innovations” can take NGOs backwards > NGOs should strive to retain control of their technological destiny - “Bleeding edge" technology is rarely advisable - There is power in the trailing edge - Less is more >Innovate by letting technology magnify your work, not define it ‘K B E Y Y Ell T99‘? rrrr an ASl'1Rl’l‘| ()N
  4. 4. Power Dynamics in NGO Tech , Too few NGO stakeholders understand technology well The technology-literate hold disproportionate weight in technology decisions Tech values can crowd out mission values A NGOs feel pressure to use innovative tech L Technology is often disempowering for NGOs From funders, peers This drives risk-aversion
  5. 5. Language as Power , ‘Innovation should be discussed in the language of NGO mission and audience Not in the language of whiz-bang tech L Innovation should by driven by “user stories” How will users of new technology benefit” Will the value be enough to get them to use it? Do all stakeholders understand the stories? A Unsustainable innovation is no innovation I 1 l AsI*ii£i-mtm
  6. 6. NGO Innovation Checklist >Questions to ask when introducing new tech - Can we articulate the benefits in simple terms? - Do we feel in control of the process? - Do we understand the tech fundamentals? - Are we considering the full innovation life cycle? - Do we have a plan for addressing failure? - Will this allow us to focus more time on mission? - Have all stakeholders been engaged? - Do they want the innovation? A $335: Asmu-<rioN
  7. 7. 3 Drivers in NGO Innovation > Free and open source software - Properly deployed, offers many new options >Free and open content - New models for sharing knowledge >Open interfaces for accessing data - Freeing “hostage” NGO information ‘K aaaa Ell , T99"§‘« aaaa ER Asmu-<rioN
  8. 8. Social Source Commons L Designed to let NGOs share tech knowledge Inspired by Wikipedia, del. icio. us, flickr Collaborative editing Democratic categorization Open source, open standards L Maps the NGO software landscape Goal: distribution center for software knowledge Connect the unconnected resources l AsPii£i<i"ioN
  9. 9. www. socialsourcecommons. org lawn->&. vuauZa¢$ Uudnn~‘J~dnuU ; ——%Q» Jnuanm q§fl—Qm gI—h—~ Jnua¢m- vaxm-on-yuan - ' v - Social Source Commons ~s ~--~- mmm ! :r_L29.Iz2m mamas: What tools do they use? Here's your answer -. _ 7l'(: w.‘: .. . Jr: -nu E“ 1 «mg New tools ImIIun7v: xu-u $%uf¢m Idiom-hnonhinun-n-um Cl [3 [3 I3 [3 El BETYER TE’? L5. Beirut Aft
  10. 10. www. socialsourcecommons. org W§U! "’UUritU§VQ$ ‘- Q . .wiI~Mw¢u. m~. ..-. ... , Socialsource Commons mum W mmuax mam Alonfionn Faulnueotutlulhulnnv-Bmfiuxuo l2;! !‘l. l2_'KE!222Z£ll Aopvancw-unaalunnauiuun ‘I II: no '-- -. ,r, v,gl, m£»: ,n. -~ . -.. v rlsI~u»1h-r. .. ~. ‘~; r-s'. '.. '.>¢av-um R the Now Iools Istml n1 my contact: $2-nun: _ not: any wvuuuavwun -E PUuIIvoaouo~<oDaInpumvmhItIIa<Inva rnjulnnv-dilly-I-gaufivnn “3‘-C 31$ £- $% l Mtumu-mun-nun; -nu-4|-Q-raqvqp Wt! ll nu‘) @ nan: whun-alpaca all an‘. an-bus. nun. nun». r. .¢. ... .. . , V“" , , 9 mu! --. -i iuru Avnnoemuuianonpnnuiubu Zupup Cumdnkll-Luisa: ,1 mm Ih_vP0-Ior~)V«7-no- vfi we
  11. 11. www. socialsourcecommons. org l - 9‘ cl- , _;u-I-u. . ulnlilun. .. ufiflbm. go-A--o| _Jnun-o. . _, u-10-. .. _; ~u-on-. .. - vwh-1:47-tn -,4! .3 Social Source Commons uimmmhmrmflgwsnminmsn Ir‘ sauna LII! ulnv tun r- r-o- n: no: IV in 'c; ;u» . xr-nu In-it--v , 1:‘ BETYER . TF, ’?L§ Bertha Ag}
  12. 12. The End Thank You! These materials are distributed under a Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAIil<e 2.5 A BETYER _ . _ . T9?L§aer1r: u ASHRMION woruo