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Lean IT Summit 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. A company’s hoshin kanri journey: radical business transformation from traditional application services to disruptive innovation Leonardo Mattiazzi, VP EMEA & ASPAC VP of Innovation
  • 2. Quick re-cap applying hoshin kanri in a high growth IT service organization Cesar Gon, CEO Ci&T, Lean IT Europe, Paris, November 2012
  • 3. Current Conditions Goals Gap Analysis Countermeasures
  • 4. Some examples growth enablement Increase maturity level of leaders Goal: 52% improvement Creation of the Technical Training Office Enhancements to Career Plan up Key Person Maturity Level mapping ow ll y fo Leadership training hl ont m Virtual training corporate performance Reduce fixed costs relative to rev Goal: 20% improvement Creation of the Hoshin Office Fixed Costs deep dive p wu o Travel vouchers foll ly nth Travel budgets mo Global relocation process review
  • 5. Types of Countermeasures Kaizen - continuous improvement Kaizen - continuous improvement known processes Kaikaku - radical change maybe new processes Both suppose a known problem with a root cause identified
  • 6. The follow-up plan Annual planning cycles Monthly check & adapt cycles Standardization takes time!
  • 7. How about innovation? Definition of innovation (OECD): “The introduction of a new product or service in the market or of a product or service with significantly improved features” 1 Solving an unknown problem 2 Can not wait a year 3 It is not about standardization
  • 8. What were our drivers? 1 True North 2015: non-linear growth 2 Increased competition: sweet spot threatened by less expensive players
  • 9. What were our drivers? 1 True North 2015 Disrupt some markets... Lead the industry... Change the world...
  • 10. How can “lean” help? “The subject lean and innovation is relatively new…” Dec 2012 Oct 2010 Jan 2007 Oct 2012
  • 11. So what have we done? Disrupt!
  • 12. What tools have we used? one single initiative pivot or die! portfolio based not emulate startups
  • 13. What tools have we used?
  • 14. Results ? starting point Distribution Contract Under Discussion Client basis for new strategy in ASPAC Today POCs Go2Mkt real disruption potential Several Use Cases Identified
  • 15. The process from ? to
  • 16. Soft benefits intensive collaboration and learning 8 communities 100 people n posts / week conversations with top biz executives door opener market knowledge access to business fast decisions speed-nemawashi (no drama!) asymmetrical bets strong bonds with one of the most innovative companies in the world
  • 17. Investments pre-Disrupt! XXXXXXXXX BRL 212k Disrupt! Jan - Aug Prod Dev XXXXXXXXX BRL 257k Go-to-market XXXXXXXXX BRL 290k A lot of executive time and attention Events: 1 Europe 2 USA 1 China (Timex)
  • 18. CI&T Digital Brain Understand your customers’ journey real-time marketing intelligence Deliver content that influences behavior
  • 19. Questions?
  • 20. Leonardo Mattiazzi, LMattiazzi @lmattiazzi