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A Story of Transformation: How Lean & Agile + Nearshore Outsourcing Can Increase Agility



Published in Technology
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  • 1. A story of transformation: 
How Lean & Agile + Nearshorecan increase Agility" Buenos  Aires,  Argen-na    October  11,  2011   Fernando  Ostanelli,  Ci&T   Rafael  Prikladnicki,  PUC-­‐RS  
  • 2.      Fernando  Ostanelli   hDp://     Systems  Analyst   Specialized  in  So5ware  Engineering   MBA  in  Business  Management   15  years  of  experience  in  the  IT  industry    @ostanelli     ExecuCve  manager  at  Ci&T     (  (9+  years)     Manages  delivery  centers  in  Brazil,    ArgenCna  and  China     One  of  the  leaders  of  company’s     global  delivery  strategies.  
  • 3.      Rafael  Prikladnicki     Professor  at  the  Computer  Science  School  at  PUCRS   Master  in  Computer  Science  –  PUCRS  (2003)   PhD  in  Computer  Science  –  PUCRS  (2009)     Director  of  the  Technology  Management  Agency  (AGT/PUCRS)  Coordinator  of  the  Local  Agile  Methods  User  Group  (GUMA-­‐RS)   Coordinator  of  Agile  Brazil  2010     Areas  of  experCse  and  interest:   Distributed  So5ware  Development   Project  Management   So5ware  Process  Improcement   Experimental  So5ware  Engineering   Lean  and  Agile  Methods  for  So5ware  Development  
  • 4. Contexto  How  to  deploy  DSD  prac-ces  within  the  companies  Tool  development  to  support  DSD  Integra-on  of  DSD  and  Agile  Methods  Follow-­‐the-­‐Sun  (FTS)  soTware  development  DSD  educa-on  The  rol  of  Brazil  in  the  global  IT  industry  
  • 5. 2001  Background  history  
  • 6. }!What we do!Nearshore ITO services using"!Agile development methodologies !Lean IT principles! We deliver value to our customers by
 ! Eliminating waste! Improving quality, speed and agility!
  • 7. Lean AgileCMM2/CMM3 CMMI4 CMMI5 RUP 2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   Why  do  you  need  so  much   transforma-on  ???  
  • 8. Before we move on…! … a brief story of how we got here… !
  • 9. 1995…2005  Our  mission  is  to  provide  superior  services,   Ci&T Unified Processhelping  our  clients  solve  their  IT  challenges   and  ensuring  a  long-­‐term  rela8onship  by   honoring  all  of  our  commitments.     Solid  UClity  /  Trusted  Supplier  
  • 10. What do Applica-on   Outsourcing  you do?
  • 11. What do Applica-on   Outsourcing  you do? com m odity
  • 12. Dealing  with  scope  changes   Defense   Nego-a-on   +  
  • 13. 2005  First  try…   …  first  failure  
  • 14. 2006  
  • 15. 2007-­‐2008  
  • 16. 2009   100% " Agile Projects" / @ciandt_br!
  • 17. Applica-on  Outsourcing   m odity com
  • 18. Everybody does Applica-on  Lean  Nearshore  Agile   Outsourcing   m odity com
  • 19.        }LEAN  and  Agility::  Perfect  Match  !         “Applica8on  development  professionals  can  learn  from  Ci&T.  Ci&T  built  out  a  Lean   culture  coupled  with  an  Agile  delivery  model  that  provides  almost  double  the   produc8vity  as  well  as  increases  in  both  quality  and  customer  sa8sfac8on.”    -­‐     Forrester,  2010    
  • 20. }!Lean Cuture! Lean frame in mind! Problem-solving mentality!Business value! More value" Elimination of waste! Value engineering to prioritize according to business! Continuous improvement! Stories! “By  implemen8ng  a  Lean  approach  to  decision-­‐making,  Ci&T  pushed  authority  down   to  the  lowest  possible  level.  This  allows  teams  to  make  decisions  and  the  client  to   appoint  business  decision-­‐makers  who  work  closely  with  the  team.”   by  Dave  West  (Forrester  Research,  Inc.)   July  1,  2010 / @ciandt!
  • 21. Increase  value  and  eliminate  waste  New  ideas  emerge  from  a  set  of  condi8ons  in  wich  old  ideas  no  longer  seem  to  work     (The  machine  that  changed  the  world’)    
  • 22. }!Workplace :: Before!
  • 23. }!Workplace :: After!
  • 24. Why  do  you  need   to  transform  yourself  that  much   ???  
  • 25. (R$  K)   2010  Revenue:  R$  100  M     2011  Forecast:  R$  130+  M   +  agility   LEAN   +  predictability   CMMI  5   reliability   RUP  
  • 26. Real  value  delivery   X  To  deliver  the  story  at   To  deliver  the  story  the  end  of  the  project   and  enable  its  value   during  the  project  
  • 27. business  agility  “Rapid  response  with  op-mal  efficiency,  economy,  energy  and  efficacy!”    Brad  Appleton  
  • 28. Everybody does Applica-on   Agile   Outsourcing   m odity com
  • 29. Global,  mulCcultural,  ....  
  • 30. Global,  mulCcultural,  ....  
  • 31. Applica-on  Lean  Nearshore  Agile   Outsourcing  
  • 32. Yes !How ?
  • 33. Distributed  Agile   +  
  • 34. Distributed  Agile   +  
  • 35. Distributed    Agile  ???  With  this  crazy  context  of  different  Cme-­‐zones  ???  
  • 36. Distributed    Agile  ???   With  this  crazy  context   of  different  Cme-­‐zones  ???  
  • 37. Distributed  Agile   +  Nearshore  
  • 38. Global,  Mul-cultural  Lean   Applica-on  Nearshore   Outsourcing  Agile  
  • 39. Aren’t Agile Methods strongly dependent of 100% face to face communication ? The co o r d in and in ation tegrat of a d io n is tr ib u team te dmore are wa d iffic y ult !!!
  • 40. So…Why do youdistribute ?
  • 41. Use  Agile  Methods!   Use  SCRUM!  Distribute  your  teams  !   Be  Global!  
  • 42. Don’t   Use  Agile  Methods!   Don’t   Use  SCRUM!   Don’t   Distribute  your  teams  !   Don’t   Be  Global!  
  • 43. Unless  you  have   a  REASON  !  
  • 44. }!What are your reasons ?! Ø  Clients: Proximity, Agility, Value! Ø  People: reach new talent sources! Ø  Economy: Global Competitiveness!
  • 45. Whadev t abo u elop t Sho men softwa u dn t proc re ’t th e ada ey b ss ? pted e ?
  • 46. DisCbuted  -­‐  Yes,  Isolated  –  no  more.   “Distance  is  dead”      Professor  Erran  Carmel,  American  University  
  • 47. DisCbuted  -­‐  Yes,  Isolated  –  no  more.   “Distance  is  dead”      Professor  Erran  Carmel,  American  University  
  • 48. }! Telepresence!
  • 49. }! Telepresence!
  • 50. RTSC – Real Time Simulated Collocation“Simulated  co-­‐loca8on  enables  rich  real-­‐8me  collabora8on  between  individuals  at  the  various  sites.  RTSC  is  the  most  interes8ng—and  has  the  greatest  poten8al—for  Brazilian  sites  to  compete  globally”  Does  Time  Zone  Proximity  Maker  for  Brazil?  A  Study  of  the  Brazilian  I.T.  Industry  Industry  Report  of  July  20,  2010    Erran  Carmel,  Kogod  School  of  Business,  American  University,  Washington  DC,  USA  &  Rafael  Prikladnicki,  Computer  Science  School,  PUCRS,  Porto  Alegre,  RS,  Brazil  
  • 51. Founded in 1995!}!Company facts! HQ in Brazil w/ offices in the US, Japan, Europe & China! Global Delivery Centers in Brazil, Argentina and China ! Staff: 1,300+! Annual growth: 40%! Provide high performance teams to our clients! Service Offerings" 
 Application Development & Management! Mobile Solutions! Cloud Computing! Product Engineering! SAP! Business Intelligence! ! / @ciandt!
  • 52. }!Company  facts  ::  some  clients / @ciandt!
  • 53. Pon-ocia  Universidade  Católica  do  Rio  Grande  do  Sul  -­‐  PUCRS  
  • 54. PUCRS  Overview  •  Undergrad  courses          >50  •  Grad  courses  (latu  sensu)      116  •  Grad  courses  (strictu  sensu)    40   –  Master  programs        23   –  Doctorate  programs        17  •  Undergrad  students        26,424  •  Grad  students          5,049  •  Professors            1,678  •  Employees          4,245  
  • 55. Thank  you!