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Developers, get off the couch and contribute!


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Published in: Technology
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  • - Good morning - Thank you.Joke: Don’t get up now.This is not an order – just the session name.Truly believer on Drupal Community and the key way to keep the software alive and evolving.
  • I’m Felipe Rubim, I’m a Brazilian, living in the US and now for the first time in Germany;Chief Technology at Ci&T, working on Pre-Sales for large corporation projectsWorking with Drupal – as well - for the past 4 years, in different – but similar – type of projectsOS enthusiast, big fan of DrupalAlso like beer and soccer – which I believe makes this time here special to me too…Quick research:Who is coder/themer/site builderWho is also/only on the Pre-Sales/Sales part Who has/is actually provided/providing services to large organizations using Drupal or other CMS?
  • 1600+ employees300+drupal talents Brasil/Argentina/China development center400+ small/medium and large Drupal 6 and 7 sites developed/maintainedOffering Drupal Services to enterprises/large portals
  • Large community, huge potential to contributions;Majority of fixes or enhancements stay within the organization walls, not coming back to the community
  • I would say “Developers and contributing” or “Developers and giving back”
  • Developers exposed their “guilty feeling”
  • Developers were not motivated
  • Leaderboard
  • Leaderboard
  • After submitting a patch. That’s it?
  • – 2) Focus on the new guys - old dogs are harder to change – 3) Get rid of the “bad vibes” kind of guys
  • As organizations/drupal shops
  • Drupal events, events and more events!
  • As the next Olympic Games are going to BR, so is Drupal.
  • - Good morning - Thank you.Joke: Don’t get up now.This is not an order – just the session name.Truly believer on Drupal Community and the key way to keep the software alive and evolving.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Developers, get off thecouch and contribute! Felipe Rubim DrupalCon Munich – August - 2012
    • 2. Oh, Hallo!• Felipe Rubim• Chief Architect @Ciandt• @frubim•• DO: frubim• Drupal: 4 yrs+
    • 3. Some Context: Ciandt
    • 4. Current percentage of active Drupal userswho actually contribute to Core is hovering around 0.1%. Target: a full 1% in 2014
    • 5. Majority of enhancements, ideas, fixes don’t get back to the community
    • 6. Create ways to have almost all developers contributing somehow
    • 7. Why is thishappening?
    • 8. Developers and contributing back
    • 9. Developers expect support from the organization
    • 10. What prevents developers from contributing
    • 11. Where to start
    • 12. Shy: my code exposed to the rest of the world
    • 13. Language is a bit of a challenge
    • 14. Open Source/Volunteer mindset/habit
    • 15. Customize your company’s “Drupal contribution ladder”
    • 16. The inspiration came from the community itself
    • 17. Being at DrupalCon Denver
    • 18. Having beer, of course!
    • 19. Drupal Ladder initiative
    • 20. Call of Duty addiction!
    • 21. Fun!
    • 22. An idea was born
    • 23. Check the results and continue adapting
    • 24. The results are really good
    • 25. Developers were surprised by how easy it was
    • 26. Side effects: better code
    • 27. More contributions in 4 months than in the past 2 years
    • 28. Lessons Learned and Impressions
    • 29. Just regular “people” are on the other side
    • 30. Enthusiasts (Sergeants) are key to the game (cause believers)
    • 31. It’s not as hard as it sounds…but you have to start!
    • 32. Future
    • 33. Kick it off (but also keep the ball rolling)
    • 34. Core!
    • 35. Open it up to anyone(public location, universities, etc)
    • 36. You see, “contributing", as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!
    • 37. Questions ?
    • 38. Bis Später!
    • 39. Resources•• drupal-contributors
    • 40. Thank you! • Felipe Rubim • • @frubim Please provide feeback at DrupalCon management-large-enterprises-choose-your-battles-and